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Yukino Hajime
Yukino hajime
General Information
Nickname(s) Hajime-San
Age 14
Birthday December 22
Zodiac Sagittarius
Home Planet Guangstar
Blood Type A
Com Alias Snow
Eye Color periwinkle
Hair Color pale blue
Height 170cm
Weight 58kg
Familial information
Parents Yukino Ibuki (Father)

Yukino Yukiko (Mother)

Siblings Yukino Shiro (Older Sister)
Idol information
Generation 155
Radiance Color Indigo white (Aijiro)
Agency None
Oshimen Miyazawa Sae the 10th

Shimazaki Haruka the 11th

Social Media @Hajime-San
Other information
User Sailorsuntiktiok
Hex Code #ebf6f7
Seiyuu Sora Tokui

"The first snow is falling from the sky......"

– Hajime

Yukino Hajime (雪乃はじめ) is a member of AKB0048's 155th generation. She is also known as Hajime-San (始めーさん) .


She has porcelain colored skin, she has short pale blue hair at ear length, she has periwinkle colored eyes. She is 170cm tall.


She is referred to as a Dandere, a quiet and silent person. However, she will suddenly become talkative and sweet when someone who she thinks is her friend spends time with her. She’s very passionate about AKB0048. She’s also very intelligent. She becomes stronger and more confident as the series progresses.


Her strong point at singing, her vocal range is mezzo. She's not bad at dancing, She has little exprience at it. She can defend herself, but it isn't as good as the others self defence. Hajime likes Mahō Shōjo anime, but her favorite is Revolutionary Girl Utena and Sailor Moon


Binatsu Yutaka - Childhood friend

Ogawa Norah - Close friend. Hajime and Binastu met in the AKB0048 auditions


Yukino (雪乃)- It means "The snow's"

Hajime (はじめ)- It means "beginning"

If putted together, it means "The snow's beginning"


None is known



To Be Added


  • Favourite New Era Song: monochrome world
  • Penlight Colour: Indigo white
  • Favourite Food: Ice Cream
  • Favourite Animal: Penguin
  • Charm Point: Personality
  • Blood Type: A