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"I am the girl that dreams her world,this is the moment I share my dreams to you,Aries"

Yokoyama Asuna / yokoyama a syuna
Asuna Yokoyama
横山アスナ / 요코야마 아 슈나
Asuna First step.png
General Information
Age 19
Home Planet Koreastar
Height 5'6
Familial information
Idol information
Generation 155th
Agency World-G Entertainment
Oshimen Lee Hana
Other information
Seiyuu Tamura Yukari

Yokoyama Asuna (横山アスナ/요코야마 아 슈나) was a member of AKB0048's 155th generation

Asuna is also known as Aries(牡羊座/양자리) reason as it's her stage name. She is most recognized for being Top 12 on the show "First steps" in SC0125. She is also formerly recognized for being in a girl group called "Celestial Girls".

Asuna graduated from the idol group after receiving information that her former group would stay permanent after popular demand. Especially how dangerous AKB0048 concerts are.


Asuna is about 5'6.Her skin tone is white .How one can describe her hair is brown,thin,straight hair which it can reach up to her lower back.Originally,her hair was blonde,but she decided to permanently dye her hair brown at the age of fourteen .

Her eyes are the color of lime green

The kind of outfit's you would mostly see her wearing relaxing and feminine.

For her age,she'd seem to have less weight for a girl of her age, her body shape is like a toothpick,very skinny.As the standard beauty of Koreans.Her hips are seemingly curvy.


She kept her image since Celestial Girls was formed. She's feminine and girly.When she's on stage performing she seems elegant as her gestures shows on stage.


She has a sweet and friendly personality. She's very outgoing and likes to see the world with her own eyes .She likes to treat everyone as an equal rather than her feeling higher than someone. Everyone expects her to be elegant or quite .In reality,she loves to act silly and stupid, I mean, she's still a kid, let her have some fun.

When it comes to the position of main vocal, she won’t want to lose it to anyone, you could say that she's a bit selfish


Asuna was born in Akibastar,but at age 3 she and her family moved to Koreastar as her mother didn't quite feel right living in Akibastar.At the age of 6, Asuna loved cooking more than anything in the world. Her main focus was to become a world class chef.She had learned the basic cooking skills from her mother as her mother owns a bakery in Seoul.When Asuna was just about 8 years old her older sister Sakura left the family home to pursue her dreams in being a singer. She didn't know what to do,but immediately knew that if her unnie sister left to pursue her dreams in singing then she should pursue her dreams in being a chef. She enrolled in the Institute of Royal Cuisine, but as all student, she had to audition to be enrolled,most failed enrolling as they have high expectations, but unlike others. Asuna passed. From then on she continued her dreams in being a chef.


She eldest sister was becoming a rising star. She envied her sister. She always wondered what it must feel like to reach that kind of fame. Asuna's cooking skills grew better over the years as she was in the Institute. On August 22nd, Asuna heard that there was a reality TV show, First Steps that being brought back which was an idol survival show. She knew that this was her chance. Many people were shocked when she arrived to where the show would take place seeing as her eldest sister is quite famous,they questioned what would she bring to the table(show). After two months, Asuna was the highest girl who was always top 10 in the show.She gave everything she had to be on top 10,she made many friends and rivals on the show especially a new best friend she now has who's from Sebustar. When the final episode came,things took a plot twist. Many other girls improved a lot and Asuna went down from the last three episodes. When the results came, Asuna appeared to be Top 12. This outraged some fans,but Asuna quickly stated on social media that threatening and hurting the members will never solve anything and dislikes people who do that.

On that day she went to AKB0048's concert that was being held on Koreastar. Her sister thought the idea of bringing her to watch their concert to cheer her up and it did,though something inside her felt that it wasn't over her,but the beginning her her life.


It was announced (and heard by fans) that the girls who were ranked from 12-20 would have a chance to debut,but in another girl group. They would still be signed under World-G Entertainment,but they would have a 5 month contract and the girls who were most fan-favorite would have the opportunity to be in the group. On Jan 25th,the girls debuted as Celestial Girls. The girls took a rise in fame and popularity. Asuna knew what it felt like to be a singer and idol (not that much). When May came around. The girls had to say good bye to everything as their 5 month contract had ended as all goodbye concerts they had to say Good Bye,but was it there last under the spotlight ? Asuna didn't know what to do after,until she heard that there was an audition for AKB0048's 155th Generation. She took the chance the second she read it. She only hopes that she is given a second chance.She loved singing the same level as cooking.


Tobina Riko - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Kumotani Julie - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Chiba Miku - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Mizu Kaguya - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Lee Hana - Fellow Kenkyuusei. Asuna was surprise that another Korean girl had made it on 00. She was happy that she wasn't alone.

Chizu Snow - Fellow Kenkyuusei. Asuna finds her to be very talkative and doesn't know when to stop.She almost got a headache from her.

Ogawa Norah - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Kamiyama Mako - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Sengawa Kagome - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Kaname Reina - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Kawano Namia - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Yozora Yoko - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Arisugawa Mikoto - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Amuro Yuhane - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Angelica Bianchi - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

  • Yokoyama Goro -Father.
    • Yokoyama So-yi-Mother.
    • Yokoyama Sakura- Big Sister.Asuna would sometimes envy her big sister,because how far she has gotten in her career.At times she would deeply miss her as idols would rarely see their own family,though she's(Sakura) is always there for her family and Asuna loves that she hasn't forgotten about them.
    • Yokoyama Kyung-ok-Sister.
    • Yokoyama Ran-Sister.

  • Gi Crystal-Aquarius.
  • Shum Ga-in- Gemini.
  • Sugimoto Afu- Scorpio.
  • Arai Masu - Pisces.
  • Kweon Hideyo -Libra.
  • Choy Nari-Capricorn.
  • Hoang Chun-ja -Taurus.
  • Nomura Demiyah -Cancer.
  • Janssen Sophie- Sagittarius.
  • Tanaka Eriko- Leo.
  • Morita Dai- Virgo.

  • Chun Mi-kyung-She feels overjoyed that her best friend was able to join SHINE and extremely overjoyed she was ranked.Though she's a little jealous that she,Mi-kyung,is part of the group,and not her(Asuna).

  • Barahona Ryuu-Asuna considers him a very close friend. They met when Sakura introduced her group,SG8.They've been close ever since. Asuna considers Ryuu as a brother. She was so happy that Jin and Ryuu became an official couple. She was saddened that Ryuu-san was forced to leave SG8,but they continue to see eachother when they have the chance.

  • Achievements




    • GLOW- front girl(Opening MV)
    • Illuminate-team cover
    • あなたのような/Like you/너 같이
    • "Oh" -selected
    • Pick me-team cover
    • 私はすきです。/I like that/나는 그것을 좋아한다.- Blue team
    • New face -selected
    • Emoji-selected
    • 希望の星/Rising star/떠오르는 별-Center/selected
    • Mind Your Own Business -solo
    • Vally -Team Blue
    • Flavor - Team Blue
    • Run Run Runby BTS ALL
    • 私である/It is I/나다 - TOP 20

    February 25th SC0126

    • Zodiac Secret-MV- Front Girl
    • Celestial Girls
    • Symphony-MV
    • LaLa Land
    • H.A.P.P.Y
    • Destiny
    • Fallen in Love
    • Miracles do come true-cover
    • Mi Boom Boom
    Downpour of Dreams-Farewell single


    • Asuna(Pronounced: AH- Soo- Nah) .It's written 明日奈, it means "future" "tomorrow" "clear day" "pure sun".
    • Yokoyama- 横 (yoko) "side," "next to" and 山 (yama) "mountain .


    • " A new chapter awaits for everyone "

    Celestial Girls 🌟

    Celestial Girls( Korean :천상의 소녀들Japanese: 天体女の子) is a twelve member girl group created by World-G Entertainment . They were formed through NSN Network survival reality show "First Steps ",though these girls are contestants who didn't make the top 11. Three girls who had been eliminated were chosen back from being a fan favorite. They officially debuted on January 25th SC0126 and ended on May 11th SC0126, but after popular demand, the idol group became permanent.

    The girls stage names are consisted by the Zodiac symbols.The story begins how twelve mysterious, powerful comets hits Applestar or Kelper 5b before the planet was even populated by humans discovering who they are.None of the girls( in the story) remember who they or what they were until they unlock their powers .

    Genre : J-pop,A-Pop,K-pop,Balled



    • Audition Song: Full Moon
    • Hobbies: Cooking,Yoga,singing
    • Penlight Colour: Purple
    • Charm points: Lips
    • Favorite foods: Pork Bulgog
    • Favorite colors: Chocolate brown
    • Hobbies: Cooking,Yoga,singing
    • Bloodtype : AB-
    • School: Institute of Royal Cuisine (Currently enrolled)
    • She became a member of AKB0048 at the age of 17.
    • First appeared in 0048 on Koreastar
    • She half Japanese( from her father) and half Korean(Mother)
    • She loves to do tarot cards for fun. Ask her and you'll be told.
    • She was the main vocalist and center of her former group
    • She loves to cook. In fact, she is learning as she inspires to be a chef herself.
    • She loves to wear bows.
    • The younger sister of Yokoyama Sakura from SG8
    • Read about 20 books a month in primary school, and recommends books to her fans
    • It is known that Asuna stashes food in her bed and eats them after she wakes up.
    • Was a finalist on "First steps " season two, ranked 12.
    • During the AKB0048 155th Generation draft. Her audition number was 3155.
    155th Generation
    Current Members Amuro Yuhane, Arisugawa Mikoto, Chiba Miku, Kamiyama Mako, Kaname Reina, Kawano Namia, Kumotani Julie, Mizu Kaguya, Ogawa Norah, Sengawa Kagome, Tachibana Elisabeth, Tobina Riko, Utau Ruby, Yozora Yoko, Yukino Hajime, Yutaka Binatsu
    Promoted to Successors None
    Graduates Lee Hana, Yokoyama Asuna, Angelica Bianchi, Hoshizora Himawari, Chizu Snow, Mana Kotoko