World-G Entertainment is an Asian-American talent agency with it's offices in Applestar,Koreastar,Shanstar,and  Maiamistar. World-G has over 300 agents representing clients in television, music performances, motion picture, book publishing, digital, commercial,Voice acting, content finance, media rights, and brand partnership.The company also operates as a record label, music production company, event management,concert production,and even music publishing house.
Owner/Founder: Tyler Fitzgerald
Type: Private
Main Headquarters : Applestar
Industry : Entertainment


Literary Agency

Key people : Tyler Fitzgerald (CEO)

Susan Miller (Co-president(Applestar),Chairman)

Lee Seo-yun ( Director(Koreastar division))

Kwion Simon (Co-president(Koreastar division)

Zhou Chang ( Director(Shanstar division))

Yang Bolin(Co-president,(Shanstar division))  

Jeremy Santos ( Director( Maiamistar division))

Olivia Bell(Co-president,( Maiamistar division)

Family Name: Word-G Family


World-G Entertainment was founded in SC099 by a man name Tyler Fitzgerald. By SC105, World-G debuted their first group called Execon. There first boy band,which quickly broke mainstream at that time. Soon more and more artist debuted under the agency in Applestar. The agency found success.

Known employers


  • Asia Entertainment
  • Sony Records
  • Savvy Entertainment
  • GKE Network
  • RTV Entertianment


  • World-G stands for World-Globe Entertainment
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