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Ruby Utau
Utau Rubii

Ruby's Original Stage Outfit
General Information
Nickname(s) Ruby
Age 15
Birthday July 16th SC0111
Zodiac Cancer
Home Planet Circuitstar
Blood Type AB
Com Alias Ruby
Eye Color ruby red
Hair Color ruby red
purple(light purple highlights)
Height 165 cm 5'5"
Weight 57 kg 126 lbs
Familial information
Idol information
Team TBA
Generation 155th Generation
Radiance Color crimson red
Desired Name None
Social Media @UtauRuby30
Years Active SC0122-present
Other information
User Blazewind strike
Hex Code #9b111e
Seiyuu TBA
"Show it to me, your determination."

– Ruby common question to any other person.

Ruby Utau (歌宇うたうルビーるびい) is one of the current candidates of the AKB0048's 155th's generation draft and was previously a solo idol, traveling the universe who was known for steadfast determination.


Ruby as her name makes clear has a preference to the color red with most her clothes. Complimented by her ruby red eyes and hair, though her long curly hair does fade into purple along with having light purple highlights throughout her hair. Explemified by her pale skin to bring out all the red clothes she has.

Her general casual outfit consists of a red button shirt with the sleeves rolled up and gold vest. She also wears black dress pants with a purple skirt over them along with a single black dress glove on her right hand. Additionally, she wears a ruby necklace in the shape of a star in all of her outfits as a reminder to one of the stars that always burned a bright red in the night sky.


Ruby's personality can be summed in two single words, "determined" and "motivated." This has always been the case for her ever since she was a young girl on the planet of Circuitstar, especially when she first saw AKB0048 perform on a computer screen. Original having an intense desire to join them one day idolizing them as her dream. She did this with a happy yet serious-minded way with an open outlook for other people, especially with her childhood friends.

However, after the fall of her homeworld, she lost her optimistic side and became more nihilistic and determined and angry towards the world and people that did nothing to help her home. She remains motived and determined even when she gets older but more to her dream of becoming someone that can free her world and an idol that won't let the past repeat again for herself or anyone else. Ruby wants what's best for everyone she meets and especially idol to lives up to her own set standards as a sign of respect towards the craft and duty.


Ruby through her personal training has acquired an assorted arrange of skills that use in most of her gorilla lives. One of which is her singing voice one she continues to trains almost every day. Another to note would be tactical use of small explosives shaped as rubies she hides in pockets she wears around her leg at almost all time. Using them in both creative and precise ways. Either for last minute escapes, exciting concert pieces or as a weapon. Helping this is her general combat knowledge she integrates into a unique fight that mixes martial arts and her explosive gemstones into a seamless fluid yet dangerous fighting form.


Ruby was born on the planet Circuitstar and at an early age realized who she wanted to be when she first saw an AKB0048 performance on the screen of her computer, a video she quickly showed to one of her few friends, Hibiki Kirari. Using that video as inspiration she made a pact with Kirari that one day they both be members of AKB0048 and soon they would both train and study each of AKB0048 songs, members, and live concerts till they knew them by heart. Eventually, they would make friends with another girl, Hyoshi Shizuka, and she eventually joins in their promise of becoming members.

After Shizuka left Circuitstar, the friendship between Kirari and Ruby began to crumble with it. This was further increase after the fall of her planet gaining an entertainment ban from the DES. A little bit afterward, Ruby ran away from her home to become a solo idol in an attempt to one day free Circuitstar. She continued her train becoming more grueling and intense to enhance her skill set as well as purchasing multiple customs made ruby-like explosives she got on the secondary market.

Over the next few years, Ruby debut and continued to have many gorilla lives, but much to her own disappointed, fail to succeed with her retreating more often than not. Disappointed in herself, she decides to head out to join the 155th generation draft of AKB0048 feeling it could be provided her with a better chance of winning then by herself. Even if she didn't like AKB0048 for how she feels they lack her own burning sense of determination and motivation.

After joining the draft she stayed silent for the most part not wanting to join in with them as she felt she didn't need to relearn moves and songs she already been singing as apart of her own training for many years before, only doing her traditional practice with herself for the most part. Ruby didn't even know who most of the other members were just noting the fact they weren't up to her standard, despite the potential all of them having to be outstanding members in her eyes.

This all accumulated when during one of the drafty concerts where Ruby decided to sit in the audience as she felt they weren't ready to perform with herself. Though after witnessing enough of it she couldn't help but feel the group was disgracing and insult her with how she noticed them lacking the same amount of determination she had looking at them as children on the stage. Taking to the stage she called them out only to lead to confirmation as Ruby challenged their determination. Eventually leading a to them performing together for the first time with Ruby mistakenly going to the center when she shouldn't have.


Utau is written 歌宇うたう in Kanji, with it meaning song in Japanese.

Ruby is written ルビーるびい in Kanji, reference the gemstone of the same name.


  • She original wore different outfit when she was solo idol verse the time she was a member of AKB0048.
    • One of the two other outfits she actually had before joining, the other being her standard causal clothes.
  • Ruby original obtained her custom gemstone explosives from a seller who went by the name T0SHAKA who called them magical in a way, yet all of her own studies all point to it being technology at most.
    • This is a reference to the Fate franchise character Toshaka Rin, who such type of stone as a weapon.