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スイートエンジェル823 Suiitoenjeru823
Nickname(s) Original Member-Master

Oshima Yuko the 1st

Nickname(s) Angel, Yuko/Korisu
Age 21
Birthday Date July 25th
Home Country Sweden
Favourite AKB Song Kaze wa Fuiteiru
Oshimen Iwata Karen
Takahashi Minami
AKB0048-Oshi Motomiya Nagisa/Maeda Atsuko the 14th


I'm the founder of this wikia, and I generally go by Angel. I am currently doing my best to get things going again, but have had a lot of IRL stuff to deal with, so I appreciate your patience. If you have any questions, you can always message me either here, or on discord!

About me

I am a 21-years-old girl from Sweden. I'm currently in college, though my major is currently undecided. Feel free to refer to me as Angel or some other nickname!

I draw digitally as a hobby, and you'll find many of my images here on this wikia, but I do also exist on other platforms - even if I haven't really posted anything anywhere in a while.

My characters

I have quite a few characters that I primarily use. The first one I created is Takahashi Minami the 7th, one of the current successors and the Captain of Team A. She's a hardworking allrounder who cares immensely about the people around her and is never afraid to lend a helping hand should it be needed.I also have Matsui Jurina the 8th, a current successor and member of Team B. If you spot someone that looks like a rainbow barfed all over them with a cupcake in hand and very likely up to a prank or another, it's most likely her.

Shimazaki Haruka the 11th has as sharp perception as her tounge. She's not afraid to speak her mind and she's known to be very harsh, but when you get to know her, she's a real sweetheart. Ryuuzaki Miyoko is one of my current trainee characters. Being from a very restrictive planet, she's sometimes still has fish out of water moments, but has developed a liking towards anything entertainment related since she fled her home planet.

Another of my successors is Eguchi Aimi the 4th. She's a gentle soul with a heart of gold who never falters in etiquette. She speaks exclusively in formal speech patterns, and is aspiring to become a model. Tobina Riko is headstrong and brash, but has a strong moral compass. She's also known in the cosplay community under the moniker Shirata Asuka. The final character I have that is a member of the idol group is Kumotani Julie. She's one of the more eccentric characters you'll find, something that stems from her chronic airheadness and tendency to wander. She's a sweet girl though and surprisingly loyal.

And finally, Motomiya Hikari is the current producer and manager for AKB0048. She's extremely hardworking, even to the point where she has to be blackmailed to take time off. She cares immensely about all of the girls under her care, but is just as likely to offer teasing quips as she is to succeed on her tasks as manager.

My To Do list

General Stuff

  • Update templates n' stuff (started - songs, planets, NavBoxes)
  • Getting started page
  • Plot until the 151st gen joins


  • HnU (0% / 0%)
  • SW - (100% / 100% / 100% / 20%)
  • GC - (100% / 45% / 45% / 0%)
  • DT - (64% / 0% / 0% / 0%)
  • KnM - (100% / 100% / 100% / 100%)
  • V - (100% / 22% / 22% / 22%)
  • MS - (45% / 0% / 0% / 0%)
  • P - (100% / 0% / 0% / 0%) 
  • L - (100% / 0% / 0% / 0%)

Known Drawing Projects

  • Ogawa Norah by Chem (rough sketch)
  • Chiba Miku by Milly
  • Nakahara Monica by Chem