" Come on, everyone throw red roses on my way ! Who should you cheer ? (Public : Tomomo !) Yes ! Now, make room for the Great Empress of Roses, Tomone Kaoru ! "

– Kaoru's Stage Introduction Catchphrase

Kaoru Tomone
共寝 薫

 (トモネ カオル)

Tomone Kaoru
Kaoru w. bracelet
Nickname(s)Tomomo, Tomo, Queen of Misfortune, Kacchan, Loudy
Com AliasMiss Goat
TeamTeam K
Generation154th Generation
Age15 (SC0126)
Radiance ColourPlatinum
Birthday DateNovember 4th (SC0111)
Home PlanetWinostar
Height159 cm
Eye ColourPale Amber
Hair ColourAshen Blond
Favourite songBlue Rose
Kibou ni Tsuite
OshimenOshima Yuko the 9th
Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th
Desired NameOshima Yuko the 13th
Social media@Tomomo
AgencyMorning Star Entertainment
SeiyuuTange Sakura

Kaoru Tomone (共寝 薫 Tomone Kaoru) is a understudy of the 154th generation of AKB0048 and part of Team K.

Kaoru is well-known for her overbearing vainglorious haughtiness, her close relationship with her amnesic childhood best friend Yuihan, and above all, her obsession succeeding Oshima Yuko.

She is known as Tomomo (ともも). Kaoru is also known by the nickname Queen of Misfortune by the general public because of her permanent misfortune.

Kaoru also began a soloist career and strives to become a talented actress.


Kaoru is a fair-skinned, average-sized girl. She has medium-length ashen blond hair that is almost always held in a high messy bun, secured by chopsticks. Strangely, it includes a rebellious platinum blonde strand of hair, probably coming from her mother. Her hair is usually quite straight, but it can get pretty wavy under certain circumstances (like when she wakes up in the morning).
Her eyes are pale oranged amber-coloured. Much like any 00 member, Kaoru has got heart-shaped light reflections, in both her eyes and her hair.
Her apppearence is notable for her slight scar on her cheek she got while deliberately trying to caress a stray cat.
In her childhood, her best friend Yahiru gave her a lucky charm. Kaoru is always seen wearing this amulet on her wrist no matter what.

She adopts pompous, amused or annoyed facial expressions.

Tomomo is naturally confident about her looks. Having inherited the good fashion sense of her mother, she takes great care of her wardrobe and dress style. She is even picky about it, being always seen wearing trendy clothes. They often include modish shirts, jackets, skirts, high waist shorts, pleated waist cigarette trousers, jumpsuits, wedge sandals, small heel boots, little berets and even some jewelry. She enjoys them, but also finds that wearing them too much on your body ruin their general beauty and rarity.

Tomomo constantly makes sure to wear brand clothes or clothes that she has sewn herself. There's systematically crimson colour somewhere on what she's wearing.
In everyday casual life, she tends to prefer pants, leggings and shorts over skirts and dress because they give her that nice free feel to move around and perform any move she want to do.

On dance practices, she wears a scarlet haltered ruffled off-shoulder top, dark navy blue shorts held by purple laces and a pair of red and blue trainers.

She frequently put a bit of makeup on her face but is very careful about not put a lot because she considers she doesn't need it to be gorgeous and doesn't see the point of put makeup excessively. She's also fond of polishing her nails, as well as manicure.

In public, Kaoru generally does not make much effort to disguise herself and to blend in the crowd (she just wears sunglasses), for obvious reasons.

Whereas it's not striking, Kaoru has started to lose weight. She does not go on a diet, but she lost weight because of the rigorous practicing she imposes to herself.


Tomomo is openly conceited, ambitious and competitive, especially towards anyone who challenge her. Her assertive behavior tends to continually disconcert the people who meet her for the first time.
She is a Kamidere, for better and for worse. This is demonstrated by her solid conviction of being undeniably perfect (and therefore 'the best of the best') at all levels, shamelessly showing a large ego that challenge the size of the Universe. She holds a great delusion of grandeur and believes herself superior to everyone else, firmly thinking that everyone should adore and admire her. She loves talking non-stop about her feats. Albeit, fellow members tend to don't take her behavior seriously.

She is also extremely bold and over-confident; even hot-blooded; and does not hesitate to engage in heated debate with anyone, always defending her point, almost never thinking about dropping it like a hot potato. To her, few people are worthy of being in the presence of her 'splendor', unless you prove her misjudging you, which is mostly not an easy task since she is an extraordinarily headstrong person who does not easily change her mind. At the same time, she also can have a few wise words.

Thereby, as she feels she has always to be perfect, she is confident of being able to do everything on her own and refuses to admit when she needs help or let the others help her. She tries hard to maintain her proud, arrogant façade, and she assures everyone she is fine when she's clearly not. Needless to say, her pride is something difficult to mitigate.

As such, she obviously fancies, relishes to being center of attention and "supervising" others, much to their annoyance. Completely in love with the sound of her own voice, Tomomo comes off as a particularly out-spoken if not sharp-tongued teenager who enjoys giving her opinion and talking about her mind, absolutely not afraid telling people the hard truth; no matter how crude her words can be, which can make her look quite antagonistic or downright careless. She is very straightforward about what she wants and will do 'whatever it takes' (at least that's what she claims) to get it. Besides, Tomomo is not exactly a patient person. When she wants something, she expects it to get it right now and here and she will spare no time to get it.
So to say, because of her inability to be aware of the feelings of those around her: Kaoru has always been horrible at dealing with emotional stuffs. She is not good at expressing affection, solacing someone and such, which obviously does not help to build positive relationships with her pairs. In fact, her determination to maintain appearances keeps her from revealing any feelings of compassion. So, even when trying to show some benevolance, she cannot help but inevitably fall into her vain, high and mighty demeanor.

On the other hand, her typical self-centered behavior is somewhat lightened when she is talking to people she regards as friends (such as Yuihan and Sasshi among others). She behaves generally more warmly around them and will not hesitate to defend them if she deems it necessary. Despite she's not exactly honest about theses friendships, she treasures (and cares about) them a lot.

Plus, Tomomo is not the girl who is used to (and hates) losing. If she loses, she will find every possible excuse -even the most ludicrous ones- to justify her defeat. She is always set through thick and thin to reach her goal: triumph.
She wasn't used to enjoying rivalry as in her eyes; no one had the right to pretend to be at her levet, nor the right to share the same, high ambitions as her. However, she has grown to appreciate rivalry and challenging spirit, as evidenced by her recent interactions with Hikarin and Techi.
She hates being bored. She is constantly seeks out for entertainment.

Kaoru insn't fond of authority. As she thinks herself above everyone, she can behave in a rude way with anyone, including adults, Senpai, or anyone else representing a figure of authority. She may be unruly and hates to follow rules set up by adults who don't benefit her.

Similar to Miyoko, Kaoru also stands out by her 'bad-luck magnet' function. If a ball is lost, it will fall on her head. If there is a needle on the ground, Kaoru is the one who will walk on it. Her bad luck is such that it has sometimes earned her the nickname of "Queen of Misfortune". However, out of sheer pride, Tomomo fiercely denies this fact.

Kaoru is both a victim of a superiority and inferiority complex. She does not want to be better than anyone, she is afraid of being less than anyone. She is reluctant to admit that someone can be superior to her, but at the same time she is obsessed with that same thought. Because of her father's influence, Kaoru feels like if she is not the best, she would have no value anymore. That's what she fears the most. She has vigorous need to be seen as important and to be approved, claiming that she is a better idol than everyone else, and so shouldn't be seen as anything less than the greatest by people.
In truth, Tomomo is mindful about, and respects the qualities of each of her fellow members, but her deep-seated God-complex prevents her from both admitting or showing it.

When it comes to her past, Kaoru acts very coldly. She can even get in a rage if she thinks anyone is talking rubbish about Winostar.
Other than her self-importance, one of Kaoru's notable traits is that she seems to have a complete disinterest in romance and appears to have (most of the time) rather low esteem for men in general, thinking they are nothing but obstacles to her objectives.

Although she maintains her Kamidere personality onstage, she is significantly more bubbly and pleasant towards the audience.

Howerer, recently after suffering several attacks to her pride, Kaoru got frustrated and became even more wry-mouthed than usual. She spent most of her time practicing, believing she had slacken off far too much.



Kaoru was born and raised in Winostar. She lived a rather comfortable life on the material plan with her father, an active economist and her mother, a famous stylist known throughout the galaxy, if you except her supernatural bad luck. She has always had bad luck and for example, when she tried to stroke a stray cat, this one scratched her violently.

She has always been a good student but didn't see the value of having good grades if she didn't know what she wanted to do as a job later.

Yet, her life was a completely different history on the emotional plan.

She felt misunderstood by her parents who spent very little time with her.

Her father has a winning mentality, which he instilled to her in her early childhood. Obviously, Tomomo has never had a healthy fatherly love. Since she was a child, her father always repeated to her that if she was not the best/less than perfect, she would have no value, whether in his eyes, or in anyone's eyes, and she wouldn't be worthy of love. This education heavily influenced Kaoru's mindset (and made her what she is today). This has put a lot of pressure on her, as she strived all the time to achieve absolute excellence in all areas. So much so that she unconsciously started parroting him and his ideals and developed herself into a haughty, arrogant little girl who was looking down at anyone. Because of this attitude, she had few friends in her childhood, if no one, until meeting Yahiru.

In addition to that, Winostar is a planet where robots and computers decide everything. Everybody is treated equally. Whether it's a matter of a right job, a appropriate meal, the right kind of study for everyone... Due to this, Kaoru felt apathetic, empty of will, without any free will. Kaoru felt as if she were suffocated, being a chained bird. She didn't feel like she lived her life and was fed up of everything.

Kaoru didn't hate Entertainment, she just had never been interested in it. In fact, she didn't care about it. That's why her little world totally changed when one day she made her first friend she met at school, Akagi Yahiru; who introduced her to the group AKB0048 (Entertainment was previously tolerated in Winostar, small concerts were even organized). For the first time, Kaoru had the impression to breathe, to live her life, she felt her heart beat with passion. She had finally found a meaning to her existence. They got very close after this event.

When the two friends learned that the auditions were open, they jumped at the opportunity. Kaoru wanted to succeed Yuko and Yahiru wanted to succeed Yuihan. Nonetheless, at the time, Kaoru was below the minimum age (she was only 11 years old) and Yahiru wanted them to fulfill their dream together so she intended to wait until Kaoru turn 12 years old.

However, Winostar's governement, seeing that more and more young girls were turning away from robotic advice and preferring to follow their passion, began to repress the entertainment severely, on the pretext that the government computer told them that entertainment was harmful to the good development of people. The government did not want people to realize that they were manipulated and began a rebellion.

During a clandestine concert, her friend was tragically killed by the DES while trying to protect Kaoru from a shot. While she was dying, Kaoru promised her to realize their dream by overcoming the obstacles that would prevent her from accomplishing their goal by becoming a Successor in order to offer hope to and illuminate the lives of others, as the 00 did with them. Thanks to this, her friend died serenely and Kaoru ran away from DES troups with tears in her eyes. Needless to say, she felt deeply guilty of what had happened to her only friend.

Kaoru was still 11 years old, so she had to wait 1 year. At age 12 and 13, Kaoru evidently tried to register for the 152nd and 153rd generation auditions, but Winostar's authorities censored all the informations about them. These years of waiting have been extremly difficult and frustrating for Kaoru.

One year later, despite Winostar's censorship efforts, information about the 154th generation auditions reached some of Winostar's population, as well as Kaoru who wanted to take this opportunity at any price.

Of course, her parents; especially her father- categorically refused that their daughter participate to the auditions, but Kaoru disobey them and decided to run away anyway, more determined than ever to do everything to make the wish of her friend and she become reality.


In this state of mind, she auditioned with the song she saw as a perfect description of herself: Theater no Megami. She succeded to pass both rounds.

After many adventures, along with Yuuna, Marian, Miyako, Elise, Griselda and Haruki, Kaoru officially joined the AKB0048 154th Generation. She debuted with Genzai wa Fantasy janai, but she didn't center it, which annoyed her a bit.

On the first day of classes at Infinity Academy, Kaoru had a slight crush on Ryuu, but she quickly realized that their relationship was impossible. She also named her new rival : Hatsune Hikari.

During October, she attented the Sucession of one of her Senpai, which made her wonder how her own Sucession concert would be.

Kaoru also discovered that Yahiru - her best childhood friend; survived and became Yuihan, which brought her a lot of joy. She got much more closer to Yuihan after this event.

In November, one of her Senpai, whom she considered one of her main rivals, succeeded, and Kaoru wondered again: Would she change if she became a Successor?
It was a prospect that both excited her and frightened her, not that she would admit it.
Akarin and Hikarin were also chosen to be her buddies, although she insisted she did not need them.

In December, at Koreastar, she met the graduated member Ashley, along with Ryuu, and witnessed the epic scene where Miyagi punched Erika's big brother Justin.
It has been announced that it will be one of the Centers of the next year upcoming single: Masshiro na Mirai wo Irodzukeru. Kaoru took a lot of pride in that. Especially since she fell in love with her first centered song: Arrival.

The rest of the end of the year went off without too much trouble.


At the beginning of the year, two girls joined the 154.5 generation: Karin Nishimura and Aoi Murasaki. Although Kaoru was suspicious of them at first, she soon grew to like Karin. She despises Aoi, though.

Kaoru participated in Jyanken Taikai for the first time. She was somewhat disappointed to be ranked "just" at the 3rd position, even if this rank was enough to be one of front girls of the single.
Just before Kaetai Mirai was released, her generation fellow member Miyako became Minegishi Minami on the 7th, leaving the rest of the girls. This frustrated Kaoru, who always thought she would be the first girl of her generation to become a Successor. Following this, a Team Shuffle took place and Kaoru was promoted to Team K, the same Team as Hikarin.

On April 14, Kaoru released her first solo single 「LET IT BURN」, and of course, she took a lot of pride in it.

However, she fell from the top, discovering that she wasn't be the one who center Sekiranun no Geijutsu. She expected to center songs as much as possible. Her pride has taken a hit, as in her eyes, being Center means unquestionably being the best. She wondered if she had slacken off too much. She wondered if she had become imperfect. - Not to mention that her relationship with Karin got damaged.
Deeply afraid of theses possibilities, she began to train much more than allowed, to the point of making several sleepless nights. Of course, she keeps it secret from everyone and nobody suspects it because externally, Kaoru still seems like her usual overconfident herself, inwardly secretly doubting herself.

While Miyagi was comatose, Kaoru felt concerned albeit Miyagi was not exactly her favorite person. Although she didn't voice it, she was also worried about Honoka's mental health and sympathized with her, having experienced such a situation after Yahiru's "death" a few years earlier.
Even though things seemed to be went bad, luckily everything worked out and MiyaMiya became Successors.
Kaoru was secretly relieved during their Succession concert, but she concealed this by claiming to be offended by Jurina's joke.

After the start of Sousenkyou Senbatsu, even if the Internet is not her cup of tea, Kaoru made the decision to be more active on her SNS account, in order to communicate more with her fans.
By discovering that she is ranked 1re in the Preliminary Results, Kaoru's self-esteem stabilized. She has even boasted about it, affirming it was predictable, although in deep down she remains wary.

Team HistoryEdit

154th Generation154th Generation & Team K


Tomomo is obviously the type to boast of her skills.

Tomomo is comfortable singing and dancing, although she has a clear preference for singing. More precisely, her greatest asset is she has excellent voice control and can switch from a weak tone to a powerful one easily. Her voice is great enough for her to start a solo career shortly after entering 00. She is also fine with live singing. She has some facilities to learn and memorize a song and choreography in a decent way. Plus, Kaoru knows a few Flamenco movements she taught by herself.

She is athletic and in excellent physical condition. She is far from harmless and experiences a series of self-defense movements that she combines with the use of Micsaber. Indeed, she has practiced fencing for five years and is very skilled at swordsmanship, whether in offensive or defensive movements, albeit she is habitually more offensive-oriented. She's a nimble fencer too, being able to execute several acrobatic prowess, even while dueling. Unsurprisingly, she's not above taunting her opponents. According to her, she won the Junior Fencing Tournament five consecutive times. Recently, she began to want to learn how to wielde two Micsaber at the same time.

Tomomo is not particularly good at sniping. She has some good reflexes but that's it.

She is quite competent at the LAS. She integrated the bases naturally. Unfortunately, her deep disgust for the robots prevents her from using this gift to its full potential.

She is a very bad liar. What makes her a horrible actress, she is incapable of acting like another person and sooner or later, her true personality will reveal itself. Kaoru tries to make efforts to improve, and has more ease to acting in horror Drama or a character with a personality similar to her own. Thanks to some persistence, Kaoru has grown to appreciate acting, albeit it still happens her to forget she is acting, which can be quite problematic during the shoot.

She is a pseudo-harpist who can occasionally begin to play harp to relax. Strange fact : she doesn't like when you look at her when she does (except Yahiru) and prefers to be alone.

Tomomo is a talented seamstress and fashion designer, for it is one of the only things she learned from her mother by watching her working. Because of this, she has a good sense of fashion.


  • Aozora Kokone - Senpai.
  • Asahina Miru - Senpai.
  • Eguchi Aimi the 4th - Senpai. Tomomo has a mixed opinion about Aimi. She doesn't dislike her, but she remains perplexed about the reason for such politeness. Nevertheless, Tomomo was sincerely happy when she became Aimi. Tomomo is also disturbed that Aimi can figure out her actions and words as easily when they are not that close, but started to somewhat appreciate it.
  • Hikami Yumeko - Senpai.
  • Ikeda Itsuki - Senpai.
  • Ikuta Erika the 11th - Senpai.
  • Itano Tomorin - Senpai.
  • Itou Haruki - Fellow Kenkyuusei.
  • Makori Ririka - Senpai. Tomomo does not show it, but she actually sometimes enjoys when someone openly defies her (self-proclaimed) unequalled superiority.
  • Masaki Amarie - Senpai.
  • Minegeshi Minami the 7th - Fellow Kenkyuusei. Kaoru is upset that Mii-chan is the first girl to succeed in their generation.
  • MoYoung Marian - Fellow Kenyuusei. Kaoru thinks she is strange. She doesn't really understand the reason behind her loyalty to Elise. Naturally having a "Leader" spirit and loves to show-off, Kaoru had a hard time accepting that Marian was the first to Center in their generation. But she quickly pulls herself together and tells herself that she would be next time. Since the Accident, Kaoru is slightly uncomfortable around Marian.
  • Nakahara Monica - Senpai.
  • Taiyamoto Akano - Senpai.
  • Takahashi Minami the 7th - Senpai. Kaoru seems to respect Takamina as a Leader.
  • Yagami Kumi the 5th - Fellow Kenkyuusei. Tomomo has developed an aversion to Kumin as she tought she had a bad influence on Karen. Although recently, the tensions between them seem to have eased somewhat.

  • Akimoto Sayaka the 15th - Senpai and Captain of Team K. Kaoru really enjoys roast her. Like many members, she calls her Gorilla.
  • Hatsune Hikari - Senpai and fellow member of Team K. At first, Kaoru had a puzzling opinion about Hikari, though she had already noticed that she seemed to have some interest in Yuko. It's only at the start of the school year that they have really interacted for the first time. During their discussion, Kaoru did not realize that she hurt Hikari's feelings, because she wanted to keep her promise at all costs. Finally, Kaoru announced her proudly as her main rival. Kaoru slowly began to respect her. They can still sometimes argue, though, but nothing too serious. But their relationship has generally greatly improved.
  • Hirate Yurina the 7th - Senpai and co-captain of Team K. Since her succession, Kaoru seems to have somewhat mitigated her rivalry with her. She also feels a strange feeling when she interacting with Techi. They usually get along well.
  • Honda Hibiki - Senpai and fellow Team K member.
  • Hoshikawa Rei - Senpai and fellow Team K member.
  • Hoshimiya Aoi - Senpai and fellow Team K member.
  • Itano Tomoko - Senpai and fellow Team K member.
  • Ito Hotaru - Senpai and fellow Team K member.
  • Kobayashi Griselda - Fellow Kenkyuusei and fellow member of Team K. Kaoru was surprised by Griselda skills' as an opera singer. Although she thinks she's still a better singer.
  • Ryuuzaki Miyoko - Senpai and fellow member of Team K. Their only common point is their constant misfortune. Tomomo miraculously agreed to take some video gaming lessons from her.
  • Sashihara Rino the 11th - Senpai and fellow member of Team K. During her time in 00, Tomomo grew to likes her. Although she is still annoyed by her teasing, she really enjoys her presence. Even if she tends to roasting Sasshi, basically, Tomomo respects her. Sasshi actually has a big influence on her. But, of course, she would admit it for nothing in the world.
  • Takanashi Yukari - Senpai and fellow Team K member.
  • Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th - Senpai and fellow member of Team K. Surprisingly, Tomomo holds Yuihan in esteem. She is never rude with her. Yet nobody known why. After discovering Yui was actually Yahiru, Kaoru tries to pick up the pieces of their friendship. Tomomo always sees Yuihan's opinion above those of others and she is literally the only person who can stop Tomomo when she went too far. She considers that Yuihan has already fulfilled part of their dream; and thus wants to sing alongside her as Yuko. They are also together in the unit Muses Écarlates. See KaYu.

  • Akiba Airi - Senpai.
  • Amaya Jia - Senpai.
  • Asami Mirai - Senpai. Kaoru likes her, because they often have the same opinion.
  • Ayana Elise - Fellow Kenkyuusei. Kaoru suspected her of hiding something about her origin. After Elise revealed to everyone her true identity, Kaoru began to no longer suspect her of anything. She even tried to "comfort" her in her own way, when Elise told them the whole truth about her royal blood.
  • Mion Espoir - Senpai.
  • Harune Diamond - Senpai.
  • Iwata Karen the 15th - Fellow Kenkyuusei. The first time they met, Kaoru was skeptical and mistrustful of Karen. Eventually, as time went on, Kaoru noticed Karen's admiration for her and in return, Kaoru improved her opinion of her and came to think of her as something close to a friend. But she has trouble expressing it, which is why they currently are a little on ice. But things fortunately got better after Tomomo tried to express her true feelings for once.
  • Kodama Haruka the 8th - Senpai. Kaoru doesn't hate Haruppi, but she blames her for her passion for computers and robots. To Kaoru, robots are killing machines without feelings.
  • Kuramochi Asuka the 13th - Senpai.
  • Maeda Atsuko the 20th - Fellow Kenkyuusei. Kaoru thinks Yuuna is interesting. Secretly, she would like to know more about her. She nicknamed her "Pinku no Kami" (meaning pink hair). Kaoru was a little stunned by how Yuuna fought her verbally during the Jyanken, and that only amplified her interest in her. Kaoru does not understand Yuuna very well, as in her eyes it is impossible for anyone to have no self-esteem. Despite that, Kaoru grow to love teasing her.
  • Matsui Jurina the 8th - Senpai. A mixed, strange feeling with both camaraderie and the desire for murder her. Kaoru is as attracted to one as to the other. She nicknames her "Jurina-Prankster".
  • Shimazaki Haruka the 11th - Senpai. Kaoru feels a sense of rivalry with Hime-mode Paruru. She can't stay in the same room as her without beginning to debate about anything and everything. Paruru is basically the kind of person that Kaoru hates because she thinks they seem too "phony". Although, after some private talk with Paruru, maybe her opinion about her is slowly beginning to change. Kaoru is also secretly jealous of the strong friendship between Paruru and Yuihan. They are also together in the unit Muses Écarlates. See ParuTomo.
  • Watanabe Mayu Type 5 - Senpai. Kaoru had a bad feeling towards Mayuyu because she looks very similar to Winostar's robots. Tomomo has a zig-zag feeling towards Mayuyu. While she holds some respect for her, and was even a little affected by her "death," Tomomo is still Tomomo. Even if she does not care about Mayuyu's split personality (altough she somewhat finds it hypocrite), she dislikes anyone who constantly pretending to be superior to her, a fact which often causes arguments between the both. But it would be a lie to say that Tomomo does not like to taunt her Senpai.

  • Ooto Louis - After the description of him that Jurina made her, Kaoru decided to nickname him "Candy Crush". She wants to test his sweets.
  • Barahona Ryuu - Ryuu is the first boy she called "friend" because she always thought boys were nothing but a waste of time. Despite that, Tomomo had a crush on him. She nickname him "Boy".
  • Masuda Satoshi - Kaoru likes Satoshi, and gets along well with him. She would have liked to have a little brother like him. What she likes most about him is his quick wit. She wants him to become someone "whom he can be proud of". She likes to call him "Kid". She's also teasing about his "relationship" with Yuuchan.

  • Tomone Shougo - Kaoru's father. Like her mother, he was often absent and demanding with his daughter. He didn't try to understand her, and was never able to do it. Kaoru never really liked her parents because she couldn't know the definition of the word "parents" without the love they were supposed to give her. Besides, for her, she never had any parents. Moreover, he has a great influence on her and she is actually a little afraid of him. Kaoru wants to show her parents that they were wrong to criticize her choice.
  • Tomone Mirina - Kaoru's mother. She was often detached with her daughter, didn't go home often, or very late, when Kaoru was already asleep. She didn't hesitate to hardly criticize Kaoru's personal choices. In fact, all this was only a facade to make Kaoru stronger mentally. She cares about Kaoru. When she discovered that Kaoru had run away, she was proud that Kaoru had finally found her own way. Her mother is not very good at expressing her feelings.

The least we can say is that her relationship with her parents is very complicated for the most.

  • Akagi Yahiru - Kaoru's only childhood best friend. They have not always been, for Kaoru believed that Yahiru was stupid at their first meeting and engaged in futile hobbies. All her prejudices disappeared instantly when she first attended a concert of 00. They became very close, to the point that she was like a sister to Kaoru. Kaoru knew that Yahiru had a family and lived with them, but she was never able to meet them. After her death, Kaoru felt very sad and did everything to become a Kenkyuusei to honor her promise.


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Kaoru (薫):

This first name has no special meaning. Although mixed, Kaoru absolutely hates being called by her first name because he is too "masculine" for her and will ignore or scold anyone calling her by her first name.

Because of her first name, she is often confused with a boy. She greatly prefers to be called by her surname or her nickname.

Tomone (共寝):

Like with her first name, her surname has no precise meaning. It can however be translated as sleeping together, and the reason for such a name is unknown.

Due to the fact that Kaoru absolutely hates being called by her first name because she despises it and that calling by her last name sounded too "formal", Yahiru was the first one to propose nicknaming her Tomomo (ともも), which she sometimes shortened to Tomo (とお).

Loudy is the nickname that Ryuu gave her, a direct reference to her loud and boast personality. Kaoru secretly likes it.

Kacchan (かっちゃん) is a nickname created by Honoka, the 00s' official Nicknamer, that Kaoru has had a hard time accepting, however she tolerated it if it is accompanied by her first nickname. After Honoka defeated her at the Jyanken, Kaoru finally accepted the nickname.


  • "Come on, everyone throw red roses on my way ! Who should you cheer ? (Public : Tomomo !) Yes ! Now, make room for the Great Empress of Roses, Tomone Kaoru !" - Kaoru's Stage Introduction Catchphrase.
  • "I don't just want to succeed Yuko Oshima. I will succeed Yuko Oshima. That's the difference between me and all those who want to do the same. I am Tomone Kaoru, understudy of AKB0048's 154th generation and next Yuko !" - Kaoru's Catchphrase.
  • "For me, every idol has an aura of her own, and an understudy will succeed the successor which has an aura compatible with her own." - Kaoru explaining her theory about the Succession phenomenon at Mirai's Succession concert.


  • Favourite New Era Song : Arrival
  • Audition Song : Theater no Megami
  • Non 00 Related Favourite Songs : KISS OF DEATH (Mika Nakashima x Hyde), DDU-DU DDU-DU (BLACKPINK).
  • Favourite Colours : Crimson and Golden
  • Penlight Colour : Crimson
  • Favourite Word : Victory (勝利)
  • Favourite Drinks: Lemonade, Sweet Sunrise
  • Favourite Foods : Coffee Éclair, Tomato basil
    • She always manages to have some Éclairs at hand.
  • Favourite Animals : Frogs, Lions
  • Favourite Flower : Red roses
  • Favourite Seasons : Summer, Spring
  • Mottos: "From where I’m sitting, I am the centre of the Universe." "I don't care what you think unless it is about me."
  • Charm Point : Her haughty smile
  • Blood Type : AB
  • Horoscope : Scorpio
  • Special Skill : Boasting
  • Hobbies : Singing, practicing fencing and self-defense, drawing fashion sketches, graphic design and sewing clothes, debating, playing the harp
  • She knows how to play the harp, even though, to her it is just a hobby.
  • She commonly refers herself as "Kono Watashi" (この 私).
  • Kaoru has her own Kirara. It is key-shaped and pastel silver-coloured. Ironically, the key is supposed to be a lucky object while Kaoru is very unlucky.
    • She has a second ace-shaped Kirara, burning orange coloured with four eyes.
  • Kaoru speaks fluently the three official languages of Winostar : Japanese, French and English.
    • She has a habit of saying words in French when she is in an intense mood.
  • She tends to uses nicknames only when she is annoyed by someone or when she "appreciates" someone.
  • She is a closet fan of Hunger Games and Let It Glow, a parody based on Let It Go.
  • Mostly because of her father's influence, she is a bit narcissistic and has proved potentially afflicted by Borderline Personality Disorder, describing a simple rustle of wind as a "flop of applause." And Yahiru's death only aggravated her sanity because she thought she became alone again and felt guilty. Nonetheless, after meeting her friend now Yui and having won the SC0126 SSK, she overall seems to be more stable.
  • Kaoru is also afflicted by Ailurophobia, she considers cats as evil creatures. This is actually because she had a very bad unlucky experience with one of the them who left her that scar as a 'souvenir'.
  • Kaoru hates robots. This is related to her past.
    • Although she is not fond of the Internet, Kaoru has newly decided to become more active on her social media because it is a way to be closer to her fans.
  • When Kaoru will be older, in order to "rescue" Winostar she intends to become a Revolutionary Leader.
  • She shares her voice actress with Saber Red alias Nero, a Servant of the Fate franchise who has many similarities with Tomomo :
    • They are both arrogant but really kind-hearted and wish happiness to their loved ones.
    • They are both very gifted swordswomen.
    • They love the crimson color.
    • They love red roses that symbolize their passion.
    • They adore an "art" which requires to stage, the theater for one of them, the concerts for the other.
    • And finally, they have for a hairstyle a bun.
  • Some theories would like Tomomo to be also the female counterpart of Bakugou Katsuki, a main character of the anime and manga Boku no Hero Academia.