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Riko Tobina
Tobina Riko

General Information
Nickname(s) Shirata Asuka (Online moniker)
Age 18 (current)
Birthday September 9th SC0109
Zodiac Virgo
Home Planet Akibastar
Eye Color Fiery Orange
Hair Color Purple
Height 175 cm (5'9")
Familial information
Idol information
Generation 155th Generation
Radiance Color Orange
Social Media @ShirataAsuka
Years Active SC0126-present
(1 year)
Other information
User Sweetangel823
Hex Code #540177
Seiyuu Park Romi
"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Tobina Riko. Let's get along."

– Riko's self-introduction

Riko Tobina (飛奈とびな理子りこ) is one of the current candidates for AKB0048's 155th generation draft. She is also known by the online moniker Shirata Asuka (白田しらた飛鳥あすか), under which she is famous within anime and cosplay circles for her ability to cosplay both female and male characters equally well.


Riko is rather tall, has fiery red eyes, and dark purple hair with hime-cut bangs. When let down, her hair does usually reach her shoulder blades, but she tends to tie it up - especially when she is working. She normally wear clothing in subdued colours.


Riko is very brash, and isn't one to sugarcoat anything, as she feels it is counterintuitive, but she has a heart of gold. She is dedicated, and doesn't like quitting when something isn't done; she is a bit of a perfectionist, and as such she's very reliable if she sets her mind to do something. Carrying over from her online persona, she does also appear to have troubles speaking about personal things, such as her past or her innermost thoughts.


As she has been doing cosplay for several years, Riko has developed several skills. She is an apt seamstress due to having sown her own costumes for several years, and is also good at handling hair from having worked with wigs so long as well. Another two skills she has developed is make-up. She is skillful at altering her own face using makeup to look more like the character she is trying to portray, as well as acting, both when it comes to altering her own voice to whatever extent is possible, and actual acting.

She is also good at making instant decisions.


Riko has lived on Akibastar all her life, and for the most part, has enjoyed it. She was teased a lot when she was younger, due to her being taller than most her peers. She was very insecure about this fact when she was younger, to the point where she once didn't want to leave her room because of it. She had always been interested in theater, but in the amateur productions she joined, she was never picked for the roles she wanted to do, partly due to her height.

This did, however, change a couple months after she turned 12, and through a friend and her like for anime, discovered cosplay. She wasn't all that into it to start, because she didn't feel confident she could pull off the female characters; because as a girl, she had to be a girl, right?
Her friend, who wanted to cosplay with her, suggested that she'd try to cosplay a male character, and with some backing from other, more experienced, cosplayers, Riko went with her friend to her first anime convention dressed up as Kaito from Vocaloid, and she fell in love with cosplay instantly.

A few years went by with her going to conventions and getting better at what she loved, and then she eventually chose to start a social media account under the name "Shirata Asuka", which slowly grew more and more.

Riko's family was supportive of Riko doing what she wanted, but were firm that she should keep her real life and Shirata Asuna separate, something she agreed with, and has done.


  • Tobina Nozomi - Riko's mother.
  • Tobina Akito - Riko's father.
  • Tobina Kanna - Riko's sister.

  • Kagawa Sayuri - Riko never met her.
  • Yomohiro Haruko - Riko never met her.
  • Yomohiro Kirara - Riko never met her.
  • Kaido Mio - Riko never met her.
  • Tomoe Yuki - Riko never met her.
  • Ashley Snow - Riko never met her.
  • Shino Hoshina - Riko never met her.

  • Etymology

    Tobina is written飛奈とびな in Kanji. とび is the kanji used in the verb for "to fly". means "Crow".

    Riko is written 理子りこ in Kanji. means "Reason". means "Child".

    Her online Moniker, Shirata Asuka (白田しらた飛鳥あすか) is a name she came up with in order to keep her actual name a secret. Shirata (白田しらた) means "White Field", and Asuka (飛鳥あすか) is a unisex name meaning "Flying Bird". Notably the 飛 is the same as in her surname.


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    • "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Tobina Riko. Let's get along." - Riko's self-introduction



    Riko has yet to participate in the Senbatsu Sousenkyo

    Riko has yet to participate in the Jyanken Taikai

    Riko has yet to participate in the Lucky Ranking


    Nothing yet



    • Her reaction time is lower than that of the average 18-year-old.
    • Is famous online for being able to cosplay male characters very well.
      • There are debates going on among fans of her whether or not Shirata Asuka is male or female, as the name is unisex, and she has never spoken out about it.
      • One such character she is known for is Vocaloid's Kaito.
    • She never uses her real name online.
    • She is terrified of bugs.
    • She has big reactions when she isn't actively trying to subdue them.
    • She loves arcade games.
      • Preferably retro games, but she doesn't mind the newer games either.