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代目だいめ 高橋たかはし みなみ
Minami Takahashi the 7th
7-daime Takahashi Minami

Casual Summer
General Information
Original Name Takayama Ai
Nickname(s) Takamina
(TakAi, Aicchi)
Age 16 (Current)
13 (SC0123)
Birthday June 7th SC0110
Zodiac Gemini
Home Planet Atamistar
Blood Type A
Com Alias Cooking
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Matte blue
Height 159 cm (5'2")
Familial information
Parents Takayama Mikoto
Takayama Keiichiro
Siblings Takayama Ameko
Idol information
Team Team A
Generation 150th Generation
Radiance Color White
Social Media @Aicchi
Years Active SC0122-present
(4 years)
Other information
User Sweetangel823
Hex Code #32CD32
Seiyuu Komatsu Yuka
"I am Takahashi Minami the 7th, Team A's Captain, also known as Takamina."

– Minami's Stage Introduction Catchphrase

Ai Takayama (高山たかやま あい) is the current Captain of Team A. She is currently a successor, having taken up the name Takahashi Minami the 7th (7代目だいめ 高橋たかはし みなみ). She does also have a soloist career.

Currently, the nickname she is most commonly associated with is Takamina (たかみな), however, prior to succession, she was also referred to as TakAi (TakAi) or Aicchi (あいっち).


Minami considers herself as fairly normal-looking. She is of average stature, albeit perhaps a bit on the shorter side. She has straight, pale blue hair that reaches a little past her shoulderblades when let down, although she normally has it in a ponytail. She has heartshaped lining in her hair and round, green eyes, in which there are also three extra lines that connect to a point.

Before she succeeeded, other than the two strands of hair that fell down infront of her shoulders, Takamina's hair roughly reached to her shoulders. The short hairstyle meant that she also couldn't do a lot of elaborate hairstyles with it, so it was generally left down. After she succeeded, however, she has taken more to keeping her hair back in a ponytail, something she could only do with extensions before, as she had decided to grow her hair a bit. Even though the ponytail is her most common hairstyle now, she does change it up when she feels like it.

While Takamina doesn't neccesarily follow any specific fashion trends, she doesn't have a bad eye for coordination either. She prefers clothes that are within the modern/modest range, but isn't restricted to that in her choices. Being comfortable in the clothes she wears is more often than not the deciding factor when she's shopping for clothes. She tends to stick to a limited palette of two to three colours in her clothes, and has found a certain affinity for pastels. She also tends to prefer simpler designs. Ever since she succeeded, her ribbon collection has grown extensively, and she is rarely seen without one in her hair.


Minami is a caring person, even if that may not be the first thing people notice when they first meet her. While working, she prides herself in keeping a certain level of professionalism, and on her ability to keep a cool head in tense situations. She has worked hard on keeping aware of her surroundings in new places, and rarely does not know where to go should things take a turn for the worse.

With people she is close to though, she enjoys acting more freely and isn't a stranger to playful teasing (both of her and of others). Initially, she didn't really care much for being teased, but over time, she has realized that it isn't that bad - the members who do it never do it in a meanspirited way - so now, when she's being teased, her reactions are more for the sake that that's what others want, and not that she necessarily gets defensive.

In all aspects of her life, Minami is determined and hardworking, and this is also the basis for her self-confidence. She knows that nothing is free, but nothing is unachieavable either. She firmly believes that if she works hard enough she can achieve her goals.

She does also have a very strong moral compass. Even if she doesn't always voice it, she knows what, to her, is right, and what is wrong, and can, at times get a bit stubborn whenever these morals are questioned or contradicted by others.

Initially, Minami was not as well versed when it came to handling a crowd, looking out for and dealing with conflict in a group and knowing how to best deal with others' negative emotions, and while she doesn't consider herself to be a master by any means and that she's still has a lot to learn, ever since she was appointed as Team A's captain upon its formation, Minami has found it to be something she actively focuses on to improve. She feels a sense of responsibility to her members - both individually and as a team - and doesn't want to let them down. She knows that she's not infallible and that she does make mistakes sometimes, but works towards that being as rare an occurrence as she can manage. Her help isn't necessarily entirely noticed all the time however. She has been known to help out WMiya's victims in secret, either by subtly distracting the two pranksters or subtly offer a way out or another, and even if she's not actively helping out, she doesn't want to come across as overbearing, she is almost always actively keeping a look out if she needs to intervene.


If asked what she'd consider her greatest asset as an idol, Takamina would answer that it's her ability to organize her time. She actively works to know herself and her limits, and plans her free time and lesson time accordingly. As a result, she has gotten good at memorizing choreography and lyrics effectively, and rarely has moments where she doesn't have anything to do.

As an idol, she has also learnt to talk to people and in front of crowds. She did initially have a bit of stage fright, but due to experience, she's just as happy on stage as off stage. As Team A's captain, she's also developed leader skills.

Takamina is capable at self defense. Even though the first time she practiced it was during the second round of her auditions, she's regularly worked to improve since then, and is currently an able fighter. She is a decent LAS pilot, despite initially having troubles with it, she has gotten the hang of it. Her real forte is mic-sabers. Due to safety reasons, the management doesn't allow anyone to use more than one micsaber unless their swordsmanship has developed far enough to allow that, and Minami has passed the test for it. She is able to dual wield with ease, and does always have an extra micsaber or two strapped to her leg underneath the uniform during performances.

Being born and bred on Atamistar, being able to swim is mandatory, and Minami is no exception. She has been swimming since she was a young child, and is now at a point where she has stated that she can swim as far as 10km straight if she is careful with her strength, but she is also good at swimming shorter distances at higher speeds. She does continue to swim as much as her schedule allows, and the pool is a rather safe bet to find her if she has the day off. She has no problems being comfortable in any body of water, and is capable of reading underwater currents in order to avoid getting caught in one. She is also able to hold her breath for a long while, as well as tow others back to shore.

To the point of it becoming a running joke, Minami is horrible at cooking. She's so uncoordinated in the kitchen that some members have claimed that it's basically an art at this point. AKBing00! exploits this frequently, whether it's to make fun of her inability in the kitchen, or as part of a muchaburi. Personally, she considers herself as a decent cook, and has no troubles eating whatever she's made, but this is, in general due to the fact that she has rather odd taste buds; She can happily eat some things that others would never put anywhere near their mouth.

As a hobby, she has played piano when she was younger, and is still on an amateur level. She doesn't have as much time for it recently, but this is the reason she got to play a Keytar on Orchestra.


Early life

Minami was born, and grew up on Atamistar, where she lived with her family consisting of her mother and father, and her younger sister, Ameko. Other than normal child plights, Takamina never experienced any real heartache in her life. Her family was loving, she had friends, and it was in general a really carefree childhood.

When her sister came into the picture, Minami was 6 years old. Despite the age gap, the two got along great, spending a lot of time playing together, and fought rarely, also thanks to the age gap. Ameko was the one of the two siblings who first became entranced with idols, and as a consequence, forced Minami to dess-up together and play pretend as idols. Minami never really cared for it all that much, but went along with it in order to entertain her younger sister. Similarly, the thought of actually becoming an idol wasn't one that occurred to her until later.

Minami has been aware of AKB0048 and idols for about as long as she can remember. The group has always been pretty active on Atamistar, whether it'd be for photo shoots or for concerts, but Minami never really paid much attention to them. She was content listening to a song every now and again and being a very casual fan.

Being born on Atamistar, the beach will always be special to Minami, it being where she can be the most at ease. This is also where she got to meet several of AKB0048's members before she herself became a member, due to the gravure shots being held at Atamistar from time to time. Despite this, she didn’t feel like joining AKB0048 for the largest part of her child hood. This, however, changed at the age of 12 years, when she saw her first ever concert live. She later spoke with her family about it, and they encouraged her to try to join, even if they were also a little bit concerned, seeing how the idol group hadn’t been very successful for the past couple years. She used the remaining time until the auditions opened to practise her singing and dancing, and although she wasn’t perfect by any means, she was accepted into the group, and honestly hasn't looked back since.


Minami got the fever of succession a couple days before her succession was announced. Her fever was not an agressive one. She mainly felt a bit sluggish and had a slight fever, and this meant that she was still able to partake in her normal activities.

She was one of the members whose succession was the most wanted by some members, there even being a campaign, "#AiForTakamina" (which Sasshi even added onto the large screen on the succession concert itself), created by some of them. Fans caught onto this as well, and many decided to join the campaign. Her succession concert was named “Ai wo Shinjiteru” as a nod to her own name, her part in Sore wa Yorokobi Desu, as well as the pun in general.

Team History

150th GenerationTeam 00 & 150th GenerationTeam A & 150th GenerationTeam A

Joined the 150th Generation of Trainees (SC0122.11.18)
Promoted to Team 00 (Formation) (SC0123.06.17)
Transferred to Team A (Formation) (SC0123.10.31)
Succeeded and subsequently left the 150th Generation of Trainees (SC0124.02.03)


  • Hatsune Hikari - Kouhai. Minami likes her, partly because how earnest Hikari is with her wishes.
  • Hirate Yurina the 7th - Kouhai. At the start, they were Senpai and Kouhai, however, due to how much time they’ve spent together as Regular Senbatsu and being the current top of AKB0048, they have become quite good friends. Playful banter between the two (often concerning Minami’s taste in food) is common. They are rivals of sorts. They used to be in Team 00 together.
  • Honda Hibiki - Kouhai
  • Hoshikawa Rei - Kenkyuusei from the same generation
  • Hoshimiya Aoi - Kenkyuusei from the same generation
  • Itano Tomoko - Kouhai
  • Ito Hotaru - Kenkyuusei from the same generation
  • Kobayashi Griselda - Kouhai
  • Ryuuzaki Miyoko - They haven't spent a lot of time together, but Miyoko has yet to do anything that would upset Minami.
  • Sashihara Rino the 11th - Kouhai. Minami normally finds her antics amusing, but does at times think that Sasshi takes it a bit too far, and does commonly feel that Hikari-san is right in taking her phone, although she isn't entirely sure why Hikari-san doesn't give them back.
  • Takanashi Yukari - Kenkyuusei from the same generation
  • Tomone Kaoru - Kouhai
  • Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th - Kouhai. They used to be in Team 00 together.

  • Akiba Airi - Kouhai
  • Amaya Jia - Kouhai
  • Asami Mirai - Kouhai.
  • Ayana Elise - Kouhai
  • Harune Diamond - Kenkyuusei from the same generation
  • Kodama Haruka the 8th - Kouhai
  • Maeda Atsuko the 20th - Kouhai
  • Matsui Jurina the 8th - Kouhai. Minami really likes watching her interact with Miyagi. She appreciates Honoka for her tendency to be random, and, as an extension of that, that things are never monotone with Honoka around. It makes everyday life more interesting. They used to be in Team 00 together.
  • Shimazaki Haruka the 11th - Kouhai. Minami and Paruru get along well, although Minami prefers Paruru the way she is offstage, even if she doesn't fault Paruru for it.
  • Watanabe Mayu Type 5 - Minami really likes watching her interact with Honoka. Minami respects Miyagi, and gets along with her well, at least on Minami's part.

  • Nagase Yuuri - Kouhai
  • Koizumi Ayaka - Kouhai
  • Shiratama Mayu - Kouhai
  • Natsuki Hotaru - Kouhai

  • Kumotani Julie - Kouhai
  • Tobina Riko - Kouhai
  • Chiba Miku - Kouhai
  • Mizu Kaguya - Kouhai
  • Lee Hana - Kouhai
  • Chizu Snow - Kouhai
  • Yokoyama Asuna - Kouhai
  • Ogawa Norah - Kouhai
  • Sengawa Kagome - Kouhai
  • Kaname Reina - Kouhai
  • Kawano Namia - Kouhai
  • Tachibana Elisabeth - Kouhai
  • Yozora Yoko - Kouhai
  • Arisugawa Mikoto - Kouhai
  • Amuro Yuhane - Kouhai
  • Angelica Bianchi - Kouhai
  • Hoshizora Himawari - Kouhai

  • Motomiya Hikari - Manager and producer, Minami and Hikari gets along rather well, seeing as they work a lot together. Minami does commonly feel that Hikari is right in taking her phone, although she isn't entirely sure why Hikari doesn't give them back.
  • Hashimoto Ayumi - Ever since Ayumi became the members' dance coach, Takamina has interacted with her regularly (albeit never really outside of the rehearsal room), and does does respect her. Ayumi does also act as Takamina's mother in Protocol Magi :ORIGIN.

  • Ooto Louis - Minami had heard of him before they met, although didn't pay him much attention. She knew he was acclaimed, but not much more than that. She respects him.

  • Takayama Mikoto - Minami's mother. She didn't want Minami to become a member of 00, because of the constant danger she would be in. Even so, she is a big supporter of hers, and urges Minami to chase her dreams.
  • Takayama Keiichiro - Minami’s father. He very much supports both his children in whatever they set their minds to, but is not always very good with expressing this; especially if said whatever happens to be even remotely dangerous. Minami describes him as a bit of a worrywart, but does so fondly.
  • Takayama Ameko - Minami’s 6 years younger sister. At times, much like all siblings, they fight with each other, usually when Minami thinks Ameko is being too clingy and when Ameko feels like Minami isn’t spending enough time with her family. They love each other very much, and according to their mother, Minami has become Ameko’s hero and role model.
  • Minami loves her family very much, and does spend time with them at every given opportunity. She frequently facetimes with them, and keeps active conversations with them via messages. She has a couple people she lightly talks to from time to time from her old class on Atamistar as well, but not as often as she used to before she left for Akibastar.


    Takayama, in japanese is written using the Kanji 高山たかやま. たか ('Taka') translates to “High” and やま ('Yama') translates to “Mountain”.

    Ai, in japanese is written using the Kanji あい. あい ('Ai') translates to “Love”.

    Her name could be translated as "Alpine Love".

    During her time as an idol, Minami has recieved several nicknames, with the most promintent ones from her understudy time being TakAi (TakAi) or Aicchi (あいっち), TakAi being a combination of "Takayama" and "Ai" and Aicchi being derived from her given name. Jurina called her Airicchi (アイリッチあいりっち), a variation on her other nickname.
    Upon succession, she inherited the nickname Takamina (たかみな) along with her new name.
    At times, some members refer to her as Captain, a title she initially wasn't all that comfortable with, but doesn't mind much anymore.


    Hint: Hover over the quotes.

    • "I am Takahashi Minami the 7th, Team A's Captain, also known as Takamina." - Minami's onstage catchphrase
    • "Doing my best even if I fail, I will always look towards the future with a smile, I'm Takayama Ai, understudy of AKB0048's 150th generation!" - Ai's former onstage catchphrase
    • "Everything can change, and change itself is never bad. If the outcome is bad, then it's a learning opportunity, and if the outcome is good, then the outcome is good." - Takamina in the SC0126 Unit Taikai's 2nd round


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    Other Artworks

    Takayama Ai


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    Senbatsu Sousenkyo SC0123
    Early Result: 2nd (791'748 votes)
    Placement: 2nd (Senbatsu) (1'200'849 votes)

    Senbatsu Sousenkyo SC0124
    Early Result: 1st (1'173'412 votes)
    Placement: 2nd (Senbatsu) (2'095'875 votes)

    Senbatsu Sousenkyo SC0125
    Early Result: 5th (1'049'992 votes)
    Placement: 1st (Center) (8'442'411 votes)

    Senbatsu Sousenkyo SC0126
    Early Result: 4th (14'583'920)

    Placement: 2nd (Senbatsu) (32'432'728 votes)

    Janken Taikai SC0123
    Placement - 1st (Center)

    Janken Taikai SC0125
    Placement - 10th - Lost to Asami Mirai (Senbatsu)

    Janken Taikai SC0126

    Placement - 10th - Lost to Hirate Yurina the 9th (Senbatsu)

    • SC0125 - #43



    001 (Eien ni Umarekawaru)
    Nichiyobi no Cooking Show - Center
    A1 (Eien ni Umarekawaru)
    Nichiyobi no Cooking Show - Center

    A2 (Tomorrow never dies)


    • Favourite New Era Song: Roze
    • Audition Song: Yuuhi wo miteiru ka?
    • Favourite Colour: Royal Purple
    • Penlight Colour: White
    • Hobbies: Playing the piano, collecting swimwear, swimming, listening to music
    • Favourite Food: Anything her mother makes, Apples, Mochi Ice Cream
    • Favourite Animal: Owls
    • Charm Point: Eyes
    • Blood Type: A
    • Her Kirara is a blue sphere with detached wings and purple eyes.
    • She doesn't have a lot of time to read fiction, but when she does, she enjoys alternate universe type fiction.
    • She is a semi-proficient piano player.
    • Her sense of taste, according to Hirate Yurina, is too screwed up to be natural.
    • Despite being from Atamistar, she is rather pale, suggesting genes from somewhere else.
    • She enjoys collecting bikini's.
      • As a result, a sizeable portion of her closet is filled with them.
    • In the past, she has been associated with the phrase "Ai wo Shinjiteru" as a pun to her own name and status as a Captain.
      • In reference, her succession concert was named after this.
    • She is one of two Team A members to appear in Running Blind's MV.
      • In the Running Blind PV, her character's name is "AiWoShinjinai", as a reference to "Ai wo Shinjiteru".
    • In the Majisuka Gakuen 00 adaption, Minami plays the character "Love", whose name is a pun to her own
    • Minami shares her original given name with the fake AKB member Kimura Ai.
    • For the release of Kibou no Chronicle, she got hair extentions.
      • Coincidentally, she had her hair in a ponytail, a hairstyle that came to be her most common one after succession.
    • Minami has stated that she does not have a favourite member in 00, as she doesn't feel like she, as captain for a team should favorise.
      • It is unknown if she in fact does have a favourite member and is simply keeping it a secret, or if she actually doesn't have a favourite.
    • She is glad the rest of the 150th generation has finally started to get more recognition among the fans.
    • While she is able to handle large crowds, and isn't going to shy away from the spotlight, she feels the most at home in smaller to moderately sized groups.
    • She goes to therapy regularly for her own ease of mind.
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