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Tachibana Elisabeth
Tachibana Erizabesu
General Information
Nickname(s) Ella, Ellie, Lisa, Lizzy, Elisaberg, Lizzyberg, Elisa, Robin
Age 14
Birthday 5th October SC0112
Home Planet Corrustar
Com Alias Typo
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Height 145cm
Familial information
Idol information
Generation 155th Generation
Radiance Color Green
Oshimen Hirate Yurina the 7th
Social Media @NewElla
Other information

Tachibana Elisabeth, more commonly known as Tachibana Ella or any of her other nicknames is one of current candidates for AKB0048's 155th generation.


Elisabeth has long vavy red hair and green eyes. She is short for her age and often mistaken to be few years younger than she really is. She has pale skin.

Due to coming from very rich family she mostly owns expensive and elegant clothes (mostly skirts and dresses) but doesn't really like to wear them, she prefers comfortable and simple clothes.


Ella is a quiet and polite girl who is unsure on how to casually talk to others or show her emotions as she never had real friends. She grew up away from a lot of information that is completely common to other members and because of that she often has trouble following their conversations. For those two reasons she has very low self-confidence. She is very nervous when talking to others and always worriew that she'll say something wrong.

However once Ella becomes more comfortable around people she is with she shows more relaxed side of her. She doesn't worry that much about asking questions that would show her lack of technology and media knowledge and she is not as worried about saying what's on her mind.

Ella is used to following the rules due to the way she was raised by her father but is also very curious and sometimes shows a rebellious side even though she usually tries to avoid conflict. She likes to learn new things and believes that having knowledge from various topics and points of view is very important. In fact she considers learning and getting new experience to be the meaning of life and every single new thing that happens around her is something she considers to be "another interesting new experience". She doesn't really have a filter for what information is important and relevant and what is unnecessary to remember - she believes every single detail is important for understanding of the universe.


You could say that Elisa's biggest hobby is learning new things. Gaining new experience and trying as many new things as possible is her dream and every new little thing she experiences makes her very excited. She considers every single thing she does as something new to experience. Reading a book - means learning new things from it. Watching anime - means learning more about what animation looks like. Watching movie - means learning more about acting and experiencing new story. In short words even things that are considered completely everyday stuff and hobbies are to Elisabeth simply new experiences and opportunities to learn.


Ella was taught self-defence since she was young so she knows some material arts. While she enjoys singing and dancing she has to practice them a lot as she didn't have much chance to do so on her home planet that is under entertainment ban.

Ella has very little knowledge of things related to technology such as cell-phones and computers as she was never allowed to use them when she was growing up. Due to that she needs to ask for help from other members as she doesn't really understand how they work and it takes her very long to learn how to use them. She also doesn't understand many references to pop-culture as she never had contact with those things until leaving her home to join AKB0048.

Ella is quite intelligent and loves to learn so she does well at school. She remembers new things quickly and believes that knolwedge is the biggest power any human can have. That is mostly because she lived her childhood sheltered from a lot of information and believes that lack of information is what makes people easier to control.


Life Before 00

Ella grew up with her father and older half-brother as her mother died soon after her birth. Due to her father being one of the most influential people on Currostar Ella always lived life full of everything however she never felt much love from her father or brother. She lived in the biggest and one of the richest cities of the planet - Yumemachi - where most of the people who have high influence on Currostar (and usually also with DES and DGTO) live. She was trained to act like an obedient young lady who had to do everything as her father says. The only contact with people her age were other kids from families like hers but she couldn't consider any of them as friend. Due to Currostar being one of planets under entertainment ban Ella never heard music or knew about other forms of entertainment. She never used computers, cell-phones or any other technology either (she knew about TV but the only thing that was ever playing on it were news). She considered her life quite boring but it was the only life she knew and she never imagined that it could ever be more interesting.

However despite usually being quite obedient and listening to her father Ella was always very curious girl. She always read as many books as she could find and liked to look around the town to find something interesting. One day when she was 10 she got very close to a fence about which her father had warned her - telling her she should never go to the other side. There she met a boy in his late teens/early twenties who was dressed unlike anything she ever saw before. He wasn't wearing fancy clothes like all the other people she has ever seen, instead he wore some very old and dirty clothes. Never seeing something like that in her life Ella was very interested. The man was very kind to her and made her promise she wouldn't tell anyone that she saw him. Ella agreed and eventually ended up meeting with that man a lot learning that his name is Hinata. He told her that behind the fence people who are poor and barely have enough food to survive live and also showed her videos of AKB0048. That was the first time she heard music and Ella was amazed by it. From Hinata she eventually learned what the real state of Currostar is - there is a small part of people that are very rich and hold all power why everyone else lives in huge poverty. However when Ella listened to his story despite knowing that their lives are terrible she always thought that there were many treasures they had that Currostar elite didn't posses. They had families and friends and they could listen to music in secret. Ella continued meeting with Hinata for about 3 years and he would often show her AKB0048 songs or give her books that were banned. He also often mentioned his younger sister who was a big fan of 00 as well and wanted to become member one day. Ella loved the fact that she was learning more about world around her but hated that her family was one of supporters of DGTO tolitarian regime. Ella had to make sure that her father or brother never figured that out about her meetings with Hinata.

Ella's meetings with Hinata ended in April SC0126 when an attack on the entertainment-hide out happened. DES attacked WOTA supporters that lived near Ella's city and Hinata was one of many people that died in the attack. It was then that Ella found out that her father wasn't only supporter of DGTO but was one of the most influential people within it and was the one who order the attack (as well as many other DES attacks on other planets): Ella at that time decided that she'll one day escape that life and attend the auditions as well.

Shortly after that she was able to find out about 155th generation auditions and secretly filmed herself singing and sent application. She was very happy to learn that she passed but was in front of new problem - she had to escape from home without her father and brother noticing. The date of her flight to auditions was the day that she had to attend a big party and she realised it would be the easiest to escape while she pretended she had to go to toilet. However she couldn't have to big bag with her so she could only take small neccessary things with her and no extra clothes - she had to leave in the dress she wore for the party - something she disliked knowing that dress will atract a lot of attention. Ella successfully escaped from the party and got to auditions however her dissapearance was noticed and reported quickly meaning Ella is still in fear that someone could find her and she'd be forced to return home.


Before auditions started Ella met many girls who were taking auditions as well. Ella was unsure on how to join their conversation due to being completely unused to spending time with people her age and was worried what they'll think of her since she doesn't know much about things like media and entertainment. She avoided mentioning her surname worried that others would connect it with her father. She was shocked to learn that Mikoto, one of the girls taking auditions, was from Corrustar as well and was worried what she'll think if she found out who her father was.

It was revealed that first thing they'll have to do is introuction that'll be put on offical site. Ella was very worried about what she should say as she believed she was nothing special compared to all other introductions she heard before that. As her name was called and she started her introduction she was very nervous at first and couldn't even say hello properly but then as she though of herself she suddenly realised the best way to say her introduction was to be honest and herself. She spoke of her love of learning, belief that knowledge is the biggest power and how she thought that joining AKB0048 will let her have much more experiences.

While girls were waiting for everyone to finish their introductions Kaguya decided to watch anime and some of the other girls joined in. That was the first time Ella heard of anime and she was curious to learn more about it. She had some trouble distingushing between what is real and what not after hearing Kagome talk about magic and being a magus. Her first impression was that magic is real but it's existence is hidden from people on Corrustar but after seeing reactions of other auditioneers she realised that wasn't the case.

At first she mostly listened to others and didn't speak much but eventually she started to speak more and asked many questions about things she didn't know. Due to being used to a quiet environment she found the other girls quite overwhelming, especially Yoko.

As AKB0048 member


Elisabeth continued her quest of learning as many new things as possible and also worked hard at her idol job.

In December she participated in the Unit Taikai alongside Yoko as unit Hime Caramel. They won against Mako in the first round, however they lost against TakaMiko in the second round with. However, as there was only 1% difference wasn't disappointed. She was actually amazed that two newbies got almost as many votes as captain and co-captain of Team A.


Inoue Megumi - Sempai.

Takanashi Yukari - Sempai.

Hoshimiya Aoi - Sempai.

Hoshikawa Rei - Sempai.

Ito Hotaru - Sempai.

Hikami Yumeko - Sempai.

Itano Tomorin - Sempai.

Samuikaze Ran - Sempai.

Harune Diamond - Sempai.

Taiyamoto Akano -Sempai.

Asahina Miru - Sempai.

Itano Tomoko - Sempai.

Aozora Kokone - Sempai.

Honda Hibiki - Sempai.

Tsubasa Diana - Sempai.

Makori Ririka - Sempai.

Ryuuzaki Miyoko - Sempai.

Nakahara Monica - Sempai.

Masaki Amarie - Sempai.

Amaya Jia - Sempai.

Akiba Airi - Sempai.

Hatsune Hikari - Sempai.

Ikeda Itsuki - Sempai.

Ayana Elise - Sempai.

MoYoung Marian - Sempai.

Itou Haruki - Sempai.

Tomone Kaoru - Sempai.

Nagase Yuuri - Sempai.

Koizumi Ayaka - Sempai.

Shiratama Mayu - Sempai.

Natsuki Hotaru - Sempai.

LaLa Rue - Sempai.

Tobina Riko - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Kumotani Julie - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Chiba Miku - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Mizu Kaguya - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Lee Hana - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Chizu Snow - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Yokoyama Asuna - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Ogawa Norah - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Kamiyama Mako - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Sengawa Kagome - Fellow Kenkyuusei. Elisabeth is slightly confused about her fantasy beliefs but is interested in learning about different magical creatures from her.

Kaname Reina - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Kawano Namia - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Yozora Yoko - Fellow Kenkyuusei. Ella finds it hard to keep up with her cheerful and overly-excited personality but at the same time finds her interesting. She wasn't sure she liked being called Ellie-chan by her but never really complained about it out loud and eventually got used ti it. They eventually became very close friends and participated in the Unit Taikai as Hime Caramel. (YoElla)

Arisugawa Mikoto - Fellow Kenkyuusei. They have complicated relationship because they come from same planet but have very different backgrounds.

Amuro Yuhane - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Angelica Bianchi - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Akimoto Sayaka the 15th - Sempai.

Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th - Sempai.

Takahashi Minami the 7th - Sempai.

Kuramochi Asuka the 13th - Sempai.

Sashihara Rino the 11th - Sempai.

Shimazaki Haruka the 11th - Sempai.

Kodama Haruka the 8th - Sempai.

Ikuta Erika the 11th - Sempai.

Eguchi Aimi the 4th - Sempai.

Hirate Yurina the 7th - Sempai. Ella is a big fan of her because she came from a planet that hates AKB0048 but eventually became a popular member of the group. Her story gives her hope that she could one day become a member of the group as well despite her family background.

Nakai Rika the 15th - Sempai.

Minegishi Minami the 7th - Sempai.

Matsui Jurina the 8th - Sempai.

Watanabe Mayu Type 5 - Sempai.

Iwata Karen the 15th - Sempai.

Yagami Kumi the 5th - Sempai.

Imaizumi Yui the 14th - Sempai.

Maeda Atsuko the 20th - Sempai.

Motomiya Hikari - AKB0048 manager and producer.

Kuroki Erika - AKB0048 presenter.

Hashimoto Ayumi - AKB0048 dance teacher.

Akiyama Tamotsu - AKB0048 dorms' janitor.

Akamine Kazuto - AKB0048's vocal instructor.

Shirokami Yuki - AKB00480's designer.

Tachibana Hiroki - Ella's half brother. Two of them were never really close as Hiroki was never really kind to his sister. Now he is very angry that Elisabeth left her home to join AKB0048.

Tachibana Eichiro - Ella's father. He never seeemed to care much about his daughter but he raised her as someone who should be obedient lady who does everything the way he orders her too. As he is one of more influential people of DGTO he is strongly against Elisabeth joining AKB0048.

Arisugawa Hinata - The person who told Ella about AKB0048. He was the one who gave Elisabeth nickname Ella and the first person she considered friend who was in a way like an older brother to her (much more than her actual brother) She was devastated to learn of his death and even more after she learned that her father ordered the attack in which he died.


"This is going to be another new experience!" - Ella's catchphrase.

"Knowledge is the biggest power someone can have." - In her introduction at auditions.

"I don't want to be controlled. I want to experience as many things as I can, read many different books and look at things from various perspectives to build my own opinion by myself." - In her introduction at auditions.





  • Favorite Song and Audition Song: Hoshi no Mugoukawa
  • Elisabeth prefers to be called by any of her nicknames rather than her full name as she considers it moving on from her life before she joined 00.
    • She originally introduced herself to fellow auditioneers just as "Ella".
  • Ella doesn't like telling others her surname as she is afraid they would connect it with her father.
  • Ella's kirara is shaped as light bulb.
    • That is probably symbol of her wish for gaining knowledge.
  • Her audition number was 3182.
  • According to 16 Personalities Test Ella's personality type is INFP-T.
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