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Mayu Shiratama
Shiratama Mayu
General Information
Nickname(s) Mayurin, Shiramayu, Shirarin
Age 14
Birthday May 25th SC0112
Zodiac Gemini
Home Planet Akibastar
Eye Color Blue-green
Hair Color Red with purple and green higlights
Familial information
Idol information
Generation 154.5th Generation
Radiance Color Purple
Oshimen Takahashi Minami
Years Active SC0125-present
(1 year)
Other information
User ShoujoCrazy2504
Hex Code #992345
"Only when everyone's hearts are joined as one, can we form a miracle that writes our destiny"

– Mayu's motivational line

Shiratama Mayu is an understudy in the 154.5th generation. She is an aspiring singer and dancer, and is a great leader but isn't aware of it.




Mayurin is a cheerful girl with loads of energy. She grew up in Akibastar, so she is very familiar with idols. Her favorite member is Takamina. Mayurin loves extremely sweet and spicy things and hates tomatoes(because they're somewhere in between). She believes that all the successors have the souls of the original members and that the successors are a living miracle. Mayurin believes in miracles and magic and always says that being united is the key to making a miracle.


Mayurin grew up in Akibastar, and was initially a very shy girl. As she joined as understudy of the 154.5th generation, she never really spoke with anyone. Because there were so many members, she used to feel a little scared to let her true personality out. Until one day, in a singing lesson, Takamina came to supervise and noticed that Mayurin had a "special voice" that they loved. Soon as people noticed Mayurin she let out her cheerful self and also became a Takamina admirer. Mayurin wishes to succeed either Takamina, Acchan or Yukirin one day.

Participated events

  • Guerilla Live on Baltistar
  • The Aftermath