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" Coming from the faraway Fantasyland, I am the Magus: Nelle-Nelle. Hey, do you believe in Magic?"

– Kagome's self-introduction catchphrase

仙川 籠目せんがわ かごめ
Kagome Sengawa
Sengawa Kagome

Kagome in her Trainee Uniform~
General Information
Nickname(s) Nelle-Nelle (Nelle, Nellie, Nelle-Nelle-sensei, Kago-chan, Psycho Sparrow)
Age 14 (SC0126)
Birthday August 30th SC0112
Zodiac Virgo
Home Planet Sorastar
Blood Type O
Com Alias Stalker
Eye Color Golden Ochre and Grayish Aquamarine (Heterochromatic with Lens)
Ochre (Natural)
Hair Color Light Green (Dyed)
Ebony Black (Natural)
Height 157 cm
Familial information
Parents Sengawa Takumi
Sengawa Sahana
Siblings Sengawa Soujirou
Idol information
Generation 155th Generation
Radiance Color Aurora
Oshimen Eguchi Aimi the 4th
Hoshikawa Rei
Desired Name Doesn’t care
Social Media @Nelle-Nelle
Other information
User Fukouda-san
Hex Code #2303c1
Seiyuu VA: Takahashi Rie
SA: Hayashi Koko

Sengawa Kagome (仙川 籠目せんがわ かごめ) is one of the current candidates for AKB0048's 155th generation draft.

Kagome is well-known to be a Chuunibyou, but also an extremely clumsy girl. She adores fairy tales and proclaims herself as "Nelle-Nelle" (ネル ネル), a Chosen One; a Magus serving the Great Light, allied with dragons and demon hunters, in search of her 'fellow Chosen Ones', and most of all, the one and only disciple of the Fairy Queen of The Land of Eternity : Titania.

Her hometown is "Evergarden", a peaceful place whose tranquility is often threatened by demons. She is a loyal member of the Holy Magus' Brotherhood, a secret organization that works for the peace and extermination of demons around the world. Her main ability is creating miracles, but she can also use the five elements. Her magical device is her wand "Mystical Kaleid Garnet". She made it herself, but she claims it's a gift given to her by The Goddess of Love Freyja to thank her for protecting her kingdom during one of her missions.

She often tries to look cool but is generally ridiculed in the processus. Kagome takes a lot of pride in her "status", her "vast magical powers" and especially in her fantastic beliefs.



Kagome's atypical general appearance tends to attract attention, and that's what she wants. Much like the majority of the inhabitants of Sorastar, her skin is tanned. Her hair is light green-coloured, relatively short (with the usual heart-lining), usually tied in a small French braid passed over her chest. An Ahoge stands on the top of her head, moving according to her moods. There is also a thin braid that crosses the top of her head. She ties her hair in a Odango hairstyle when she finally decides to practice dance or practice sports.

Her most remarkable feature is probably her big heterochromatic eyes, the left eye being golden ochre-coloured and the right eye having an intriguing shade that oscillates between the light blue, green and gray with the usual heart-reflection common to all members of the 00 and a butterfly-reflections in each of them, demonstrating her fantastical personality. She is very proud of these two abnormal characteristics and insists that they are "magical", even claiming that her eyes can read through the hearts and minds of people. In truth, she actually wears a lens and the natural color of her eyes is ochre. She deliberately dyed her hair (originally ebony) and bought lenses (much her mother's chagrin) to better match her "role" as Chosen One. The butterfly-reflections have appeared since the divorce of her parents.

She frequently wears a medical eye patch over her right eye. She claims that this eye patch seals her immense power and that she only removes it in very difficult situations where she needs a lot of magic power. Though in reality, she wears it just for the style.

Kagome always wears a small bird-shaped earring on her left ear, a tribute to her deceased pet bird. She does not seem to be aware of it herself though.

Both her figure and height are slightly frail for her age. Due to her perpetual clumsiness, Kagome gets hurt easily, which causes her to always have at least one bandage on her body, often placed on her knee. However, she claims high and loud that she got them during "dangerous battles against demons". Because of her many falls, her legs are well-toned.

Kagome's dress style is extremely unusual. She doesn't care about current fashion trends and only follows her own whims. Her clothes are flashy the most of the time, with an abundance of fanciful accessories and she isn't really big on wearing makeup. Her wardrobe is filled with fantasy-inspired clothes reminiscent of Wizard-themed RPG or fairy tales illustrated books, of every color of the rainbow.

What's more, she always has her beloved wand at hand.


Kagome is a Chuunibyou, making her extremely eccentric, easy to love or dislike. Being an unpredictable and flamboyant person, she can switches mood very easily for trivial things. She has a wide range of facial expression at her disposal and a tendency to (under the effect of uncontrollable burst of imagination) invent new terms often tacky. She can be chipper, brave, comical and fun as well as she can be chicken-hearted (though she will never admit it), crybaby, impulsive, arrogant, sarcastic, bratty, spoiled, overly curious and selfish, depending of her mood and/or the situation. Kagome tends to be blunt from time to time, even towards Senpais or adults because she thinks only after speaking.

She would do anything to stand out from others. On top of that, she is able to be incredibly stubborn, refusing to admit when she is wrong. She is also clumsy. Very clumsy. Because of her clumsiness and attitude, Kagome can also easily put herself into incredible trouble even if she always finds a creative solution to get by.

She always strives her to appear clever, confident and brilliant. That's why she wants at all costs to hide the fact that she was bullied. She always tries hard to hide her insecurities and weaknesses.

Kagome is completely non-conformist; her behavior, actions, and speech are usually whimsical. Her attention span is excessively short and she quickly walks away from a conversation she finds uninteresting. She displays a standard of unusual aesthetics on "whether something is sparkling or unsparkling" (sparkling being an expression created by herself that she uses instead of "cool").

Kagome usually acts laid-back, unless someone directly insults her beliefs (she gets very defensive as soon as anyone denies the existence of Magic), is challenged or when she has the stage fright. She is convinced that all the supernatural elements pervasive in her overflowing imagination (Magic, spells, Magus, demons, fairies, elves, ghosts, dragons, witches, vampires, maids, etc.) are real and consider herself to be a "Chosen One", to be one of the only humans to be able to "communicate" with them, in addition to have the "privilege" of being a Magus. She strongly believes that with Magic, everyone can be happy.

That's pretty much the only thing she really takes seriously, the only thing she sees as something that gives a meaning to her existence and is worthy of interest. She hates being called "silly" or "crazy" by others because that's how her bullies and her brother called her. While the majority of people she meets think she's crazy, she thinks it's the majority of the population who is silly not to believe her. Essentially, in her eyes, either you are on her side (so you believe in Magic, as well as myths and legends) or you are against her. She also has the bad habit of wanting to "convert" virtually all the people she meets to her magical faith in order to rally them to her cause.

Kagome has no cruel intentions but she thinks that thanks to her "talent" as a Magus, she can easily become a top-idol. In other words, she is capable to be very serious in a situation that she considers important or to approach it casually when she is in a situation she has no interest in. It takes a lot of persuasion to motivate her if she is in her lazy mode. However, if someone manages to push her buttons far enough, Kagome can be devoted, competitive and determined in something that does not concern Magic.

In fact, in the depths of her heart, since the divorce of her parents, of which she believes to be the one and only cause, her mind is more fragile than anyone's. Fragile to the point that she 'flees' and protects herself from reality with her Chuunibyou personality, because she is afraid to face it by accepting it as it is. She is horribly afraid to face all the problems of life. This deep-seated fear in her soul prevents her from properly distinguishing her imagination from reality, and this leads her to compulsively lie without even realizing it. Including and especially to herself, by the way. That's why her previous classmates found her weird and called her crazy. She has always told unrealistic stories invented by herself that she has stubbornly claimed to have lived, making a fool of herself in the process. As children, her classmates obviously did not understand nor sympathize with her hidden unhappiness. It may seem like she is unable to take care of others because of her partial disconnection from reality, but that is partly wrong. Kagome knows how to be caring and compassionate, in her own strange way, although she's still more concerned about being "sparkling". Moreover, her antics can sometimes bright up a gloomy atmosphere.

Kagome lacks of attention and affection. Her Chuunibyou personality is likely also a (desperate) way to attract attention. She is very attention-seeking and hates being ignored, for she's actually rather lonely because of her wacky behavior pushing others away. She just desperately wants to find friends, preferably other "chosen ones". She thinks she will find them with her behavior, and doesn't realize she's pushing away others in the process. Whereas she may seems naive, in truth she doesn't easily trust others, terrified of being bullied again as she was at school. She is "pure-hearted", and it is sometimes this pureness that can hurts others' feelings as she has no filter. She is someone whose heart could easily break if some malevolent person toyed with her feelings. Her logic differs greatly from that which is normally taught as the good one.

She is an ambiverted person, so there are also strange times where she is remarkably more quiet and distant.

Unlike many characters, because of her near total lack of self-awareness, her personality does not change much on stage, as she's not afraid to show the world who she really is, albeit she can be very nervous about how good she performs the choreography.


As expected, the overwhelming majority of Kagome's hobbies are related to occultism. She does not hesitate to take risks to carry out her magical experiments, though these often go wrong. Because of her passion for the supernatural, Kagome is knowledgeable about different mythologies, legends and fairy tales. She also likes to share her knowledge.

Yuyuri taught Kagome how to play Euphonium and Sitar. Kagome knows some melodies, but she is only a beginner. Therefore, she still makes a lot of mistakes.

Yuyuri did almost everything for Kagome, so there are several common terms that Kagome doesn't know, or several "normal" things she does not know how to do, such as cleaning or cooking. If you ever try to give her a broom, don't expect Kagome to understand that it is to clean up because instead of that, she will try to fly with it.

Kagome has a relative ear she discovered while listening to 00's songs.

Despite her usual laziness, she enjoys short-distance running from time to time for pleasure to feel the wind caressing her skin. Kagome is able to run ridiculously fast, however she has very little stamina and slow down or falls quickly. Ironically thanks to her clumsiness, despite her frail appearance, her body is much more robust than one might think because it is used to shocks.

Kagome has an eye for images, and more generally for art. She loves photographing anything she finds "extraordinary". Perhaps coming from her talent as photographer, Kagome can be quite insightful at times, and notice subtle details. Plus, her senses are surprisingly very keen. She also knows a lot about birds because she used to have one and enjoys observing them.

As surprising as it may seems, Kagome actually know the basics of several languages. Her mother language is Japanese. She has an average level in English thanks to school, so she can speak it fluently. She is also able to speak Hindi decently thanks to her mother's teaching, and Yuyuri also taught her some notions of Mandarin Chinese. As a 'Magus', she also learned a few sentences in Latin for the sake of pronouncing spells in the right way.


Kagome was born, and was raised in Sorastar. Her life has started pretty well. She comes from a well-off social class, thanks to the high-ranking work of her father, one of the top executives of a prestigious company. She loved her parents, and her parents loved her in return. Her father always had a somewhat "laissez-faire" mentality towards his children, and raised them in a very easy-going way. Despite her constant arguments with Souji, her older brother, her life was relatively peaceful. She had friends at school. In spite of her laziness (she was sometimes sleeping in class), she managed to get average or even above average grades with minimal effort, and most of the time, her teachers appreciated her good mood and praised her talent for photography. She always loved photographing and "capture" all the extraordinary things she would come across.

Kagome was therefore generally a happy child as her parents. She and her brother were getting almost everything they wanted -some would even call them spoiled-, in fact, they were treated like royalty. That's why Kagome is rather lazy. She rarely had to work hard to get what she wanted. According to her, she did not have to worry about her future because of her father's work. Their mother tried to balance it out somewhat by being firm and acting as the bad cop if needed, to no avail, and Yuyuri couldn't just tell her employees how they should raise their own children, that would be inappropriate of her, even if she was very much considered a member of the family. She even owned a little bird named Popo as a pet. Kagome and her older brother also had a caring governess named Yuyuri who took care of them. Her parents hired her because Kagome's mother was affected with visual impairment. Souji and Kagome were very close to her, and she was also the mediator in their bickering, listening carefully to everyone's arguments. She cared a lot about them, to the point that they considered her a kind of older sister, or aunt. Yuyuri loved ballet and playing Euphonium, and she taught some basics to Kagome. Kagome thought she would always live such an easy life.

Despite this comfortable life, as far back as she can remember, Kagome always thought that the real world was a bit boring. That's why she loved when at night, Yuyuri told her fantasy stories to help her to sleep, especially fairy tales, and inventing stories or some other life. Her favorite story was when she imagined herself as a Magus and living in a huge mystical forest. But before her parents' divorce, all this was nothing more than a hobby.

Unfortunately, the years passed and her parents quarreled more and more, especially about the declining turnover of the family company. They were always arguing for petty reasons. They took less and less care of their children. Because of their negligence, Kagome began to read more and more fairy tales and invent her own world, her imagination gradually encroaching on her perception of reality, while her brother turned into a kind of thug. Yuyuri could no longer stand to see Kagome and her brother suffering in silence, and took the initiative to confront Kagome's parents about their lack of consideration for their own children. This led to a violent argument between them, where she reproached them for neglecting their child because of their problems. Yuyuri finally decided to leave, Kagome tried to hold her back, but Yuyuri simply told her that she had to stay brave. After that, Kagome never saw her again, which made her very sad.

When her parents ended up divorcing, her big brother blamed her, brutally telling her that all the misfortunes that were happening to them were entirely her fault. These words forever marked Kagome's mind and greatly fueled her sadness. Her mother got her custody and her father got her big brother's. Her mother then decided to move away and Kagome had to leave all her friends and all her benchmarks behind her. Popo, whom she loved as much as a true friend, died in a mysterious accident just after her move. Needless to say, she was no longer happy. Her mother used to be a housewife, so she had to work very hard to keep them in decent living conditions, especially in a capitalist planet like Sorastar. Moreover, it was difficult for her to find a job because of her visual impairment. She could not properly take care of her daughter anymore.

All these events were way too much for Kagome, and the global shock of her situation led her to become totally immersed in her imagination. Thus, it is almost naturally that she turned to paranormal and occultism. She wanted to escape the cruel reality, at any price. She drowned in her own lies and took refuge in her own bubble, using her imagination to cope with all the grief her situation brought her.

Being a new pupil in a school that seemed hostile to her, her quirks and her blatant lies incited the other children to retentlessly bully her. She soon became the scapegoat of her class, then the scapegoat of her whole school. Kagome was often mocked, scorned/laughed at and had great difficulty in making friends, so much that she developed a severe school phobia and her mother bitterly decided to buy distance education for her.

In addition, her mother also wanted Kagome to do a sportive activity, believing that it would help her daughter to integrate more. Kagome naively chose ballet because she admired that style of dance that Yuyuri loved to perform. She regrets this choice until now and considers it one of her worst mistakes. Indeed, Kagome was extremely clumsy and lazy (and still is). Her dance teacher was very mean, strict and demanding to her, criticizing her at the slightest wrong step and humiliating her in front of all her "teammates" who did not hesitate to make fun of her. They did not tolerate her Chuunibyou behavior at all.

At the end of year performance, Kagome still wanted to please her family, especially her father who had come just to see her dancing. Alas, her tutus were tampered with by her "teammates" (her dance teacher knew it but she did nothing to stop them) and she fell in front of all the spectators, including her family. When she rose her head, the audience was ruthlessly laughing at her. The humiliated girl ran away before the end of the performance, crying her eyes out and swearing to herself to never try to dance again.

Kagome already knew the 00s thanks to Yuyuri, but became more interested in them while surfing on the Internet. She instantly became a big fan of Aimi, whom she considers her as her fairy godmother and Master : Titania, Fairy Queen of The Land of Eternity. Kagome fervently believes that "Titania" was her Master in a previous life (the one before her parents divorced) and decided to be her "disciple" again. She is not really a fan of the group in general, and just wants to get in to get close of her Oshimen. This is because she is extremely afraid of being disappointed by being too involved in reality and giving her best. Basically, this means that she does not take the idol job seriously and that it's nothing more than a mere hobby for her. She likes the AKB in a casual, so-so way, for fear of suffering. She also views becoming a famous idol as an excellent opportunity to preach her beliefs throughout the galaxy.

Her mother no longer know how to handle her daughter. She is reluctant to tell her the truth about her birth. She thinks Kagome has become that way because, like her big brother, she has been hanging out in the Sorastar's disreputable neighborhoods. She blames herself for that, thinking that she is a bad mother and that she failed to educate her daughter well, especially when Kagome nonchalantly told her that in order to expand her magical faith and meet her Master, she was going to become an idol. Her mother did not stop her because she secretly hoped that becoming an idol would perhaps help Kagome reconnect with reality and become the bright young girl she once was.


  • Asahina Miru - Senpai.

  • Aozora Kokone - Senpai.
  • Honda Hibiki - Senpai.
  • Tsubasa Diana - Senpai.
  • Itano Tomoko - Senpai.
  • Makori Ririka - Senpai.

  • Ryuuzaki Miyoko - Senpai.
  • Nakahara Monica - Senpai.
  • Masaki Amarie - Senpai.
  • Amaya Jia - Senpai.
  • Akiba Airi - Senpai.
  • Hatsune Hikari - Senpai.
  • Ikeda Itsuki - Senpai.

  • Kasumi Yuuna - Senpai.
  • Ayana Elise - Senpai.
  • Kobayashi Griselda - Senpai.
  • MoYoung Marian - Senpai.
  • Itou Haruki - Senpai.
  • Tomone Kaoru - Senpai. Because of her demeanor, she nicknames her Queen of Hearts.
  • Nagase Yuuri - Senpai.
  • Koizumi Ayaka - Senpai.
  • Shiratama Mayu - Senpai.

  • Chiba Miku - Fellow trainee. They have a strange friendship, mostly based on roleplay. But Kagome seems to genuinely like her.
  • Yozora Yoko - Fellow trainee. As Yoko also believes in Magic, the two instantly got along. Kagome greatly enjoys explaining her things about Magic.
  • Mizu Kaguya - Fellow trainee. Kagome seriously believes Kaguya is an undine. They quickly befriended, especially after Kaguya offered an unicorn-shaped toy to her. Similarily to Yoko, she nicknames her Kagu-Claus.
  • Kumotani Julie - Fellow trainee. They were together in the unit A Midsummer Night's Dream. Ironically enough, Kagome finds her weird.
  • Tachibana Elisabeth - Fellow trainee. Due to her bright red hair, Kagome nicknames her Robin.
  • Hoshizora Himawari - Fellow trainee. Kagome wants to taste her pastries (mostly Melonpan).

      • Sengawa Takumi - Her father. He raised her in a very easy-going way, and has always been indulgent with her, spoiling her constantly and giving in to her every whim. They usually get along well and see each other about once a month. He doesn't seem aware of his daughter's mental disorder.
      • Sengawa Sahana - Her mother. She is very saddened by Kagome's mental state and wants her daughter to become as happy as before. When she tries to talk seriously with Kagome, the latter get distracted by something else in a few seconds. Plus, because of her work, she is not often at home and she can barely spend quality time with her daughter.
      • Sengawa Soujirou - Her older brother. For some unknown reason, Soujirou has always been mean and sarcastic to Kagome, persistently belittling her and calling her "Starry-Eyed Nuts", "Loon", "The Lost Cause", or even more wryly, "Psycho Sparrow", as he thinks she is an annoying chatterbox. In retaliation, she decided to nickname him "Lord of Darkness", much to his displeasure. He liked to taunt her in a sneaky way (although he "accidentally" protected her every time she put herself in a seriously dangerous situation). In return, obviously Kagome disliked him and they bickered all the time. As of now, as her parents are divorced, she gets to see him much less and is happy about it. Souji does not seem to like idols very much. He is also a thug who has the secret habit of hanging out in the disreputable neighborhoods of Sorastar. Sometimes Kagome sincerely wishes for their relationship to improve and wonders why he is so evil to her.
      • Mase Yuyuri - Her governess and Sengawa family's previous housekeeper. Yuyuri had been taking care of Kagome since she is a baby. They were very close, and Kagome used to refers to her as "Auntie". The two cherished each other so much that Kagome was absolutely heartbroken when Yuyuri decided to resign, leaving a dejected Kagome behind her. Yuyuri was once a member of 00s, holding the name Eguchi Aimi the 3th.


      "Sengawa" is written as 仙川. 仙 ("Sen") has multiple meanings which are almost all supernatural-related, befitting Kagome's Chuuniyou theme. It comes from the Kanji 仙女 which can be translated as fairy, nymph, celestial maiden, mage, sage, sorcerer/wizard, hermit, supernatural techniques and also comes from 仙境 ("Senkyou") which can be translated as Enchanted land, land of fairies. 川 ("Kawa") can be translated as river, a common suffix in Japanese last names.

      "Kagome" is written as 籠目 and means birdcage in Japanese, likely a nod to Kagome's love for birds.

      "Nelle-Nelle" is written as ネルネル; her Magus alias has no special meaning behind it. Kagome randomly chosen it because she found it has a nice ring to it. Some people sometimes shorten it to "Nelle" (ネル), Chiba Miku often shortening it to "Nellie" (ネリ) and Yozora Yoko calling her "Nelle-Nelle-sensei" (ネルネルせんせい) as a sign of respect. Kumotani Julie refers to her as "Kago-chan" (かごちゃん), which Kagome very much dislikes as she is very adamant about being addressed with her Magus alias. Her older brother Soujirou cruelly calls her "Psycho Sparrow", a nickname she always hated with passion.


      • "Coming from the faraway Fantasyland, I am the Magus : Nelle-Nelle. Hey, do you believe in Magic?" - Kagome's self-introduction catchphrase.
      • "Robins are one of the most beautiful birds that exist. And by the way, birds are undoubtly the freest creatures of the whole world. They can fly wherever they want without anyone forbidding them anything. They can explore a thousand and one far-off lands that no one has discovered yet, contemplating various new landscapes, inhaling new smells... If I could, I would cast a spell to become a huge phoenix and fly by their side, travelling through the Fantasyland and the other eleven universes..." - Kagome expressing her love for birds.





      • Old Era Favourite Songs : Niji no Ressha, Uhho Uhhoho
      • New Era Favourite Song : Sylvan no Densetsu
      • Audition Song: Yumemiru no Youna
      • Charm Points : Eccentricity and eyes
      • Favourite Colours : Cobalt Blue, Neon Green
      • Penlight Colour : Toffee Brown
      • Favourite Flower: Lily of the Valley
      • Favourite Foods: Mangoes, Mango vanilla crepe, Melonpan, Takoyaki, Halwa, Japanese cucumber, Pistachio ice cream, Cocoa powder
        • She claims to love every fruit.
          • She has not eaten chicken or eggs since her pet bird died.
            • She can stand surprisingly well spicy food.
      • Favourite Drinks: Melon cream soda, Guava juice
      • Favourite Animals: Mockingbird, Parrot, Hummingbird, Phoenixes
      • Hobbies: Performing magic tricks, Occultism, Fortune-telling, Bird-watching, Reading fairy tales, Photography, Daydreaming, Dressing herself as a "Magus", Worshiping her Master
      • Special Skill: Her connection and empathy with every species of bird.
        • She can speak to them and understand them, and no one has ever understood how she does it.
      • Her Kirara is fluorescent green-coloured, firefly-shaped and has three eyes, including a tilak (the eye of the soul in Indian culture) above its eyes.
      • She constantly claims to have "exceptionally powerful magical powers" that she is forced to use at least once a day at the risk of dying. She is very confident and proud of her magical abilities. She will challenge anyone who question them.
        • If she does not like someone, she'll curse them out aloud.
      • Kagome is quite handy.
      • Kagome hates school and has a huge school phobia because of the bullying she suffered. Literally, the school is a living Hell created by humans possessed by the most sadistic demons in her eyes. She hates even talking about it.
        • She also afraid of dead fish's eyes.
      • Probably in order to make her "status" as Magus even more credible, Kagome speaks in a rather old-style Japanese dialect, and addresses herself with "Wagahai" (我輩) most of the time.
      • Her favourite fairytale is Alice in Wonderland.
        • While she prefers fairy tales to Magical Girl TV (aside of Star vs. the Forces of Evil and My Little Pony), Kagome has recently taken interest in Protocol Magi :ORIGIN.
      • She does like the song Fantasy a lot, though it's not her favourite one.
      • She has a blog where she tells her "adventures", and recites speeches to encourage people to believe in her beliefs.
      • Kagome owns a "spellbook", containing many "fearsome" magic spells offered by the "Brotherhood of the Magus". In fact, it is a register created by herself of all the spells that she has been able to read in tales and occult books.
        • Even though Kagome claims that her most treasured items are her magic wand and her spellbook, in reality her most treasured items are the Euphonium Yuyuri gave her, the state-of-the-art camera her parents gave her on her birthday when she was a kid, and a family photo with everyone, Yuyuri, her big brother, her parents when they were still married, herself in the middle, sitting on a chair, her chick in her arms.
      • Kagome sleeptalks, it's one of the few times you can hear her talking about her fears and insecurities, albeit she does it incomprehensibly by mumbling a few keywords.
      • Kagome is partly Indian from her mother.
      • Kagome loves playing with snow because it is a very rare phenomenon in Sorastar.
        • The only drawback is that like Paruru, she doesn't stand the cold very well.
      • Her audition number was #3010.
      • Her voice actress has been chosen because she voiced Megumin, a real Arch-Wizard from the anime Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!. Furthermore, Kagome's personality is quite similar to Megumin's.
      • Contrary to popular belief, Kagome doesn't have schizophrenia, and most likely doesn't have bipolar disorder neither. Her mental disorder is more akin to Fantasy Prone Personality and Absorption. Her mental illness undoubtedly takes its origin in her turbulent past.
      • Apparently, somebody headcanons her to be trans. Nothing has been confirmed yet...