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SYM Entertainment (SYM 엔터테인먼트/SYMエンターテインメント) is an entertainment company that is established in Koreastar. The company is located in Seoul,Koreastar

  • Owner/Founder:Sung Youngmin
  • Type: Public
  • Industry : Entertainment
  • Headquarters :NY,Seoul,Koreastar
  • Key people :Sung Youngmin (CEO)


This company operates as a talent agency ( Singers,Actors,Models,Comedians,etc) , record label,event management,concert production, a clothing line,and music publishing house. The company was founded and created in SC100 by Sung Youngmin. The company is more focused on Korestar,but slowly is focusing to debut artist in other planets. The company appearance is more old style than futuristic like most companies.

The company has gained Ashley Snow as an artist.


  • Asia Entertainment
  • World-G Entertainment
  • Tomodachi Entertainment
  • Savvy Entertainment
  • RTV Entertianment
  • Watanabe Pro
  • Sony Records
  • Tencent
  • Asiapop-Con : Every year they would preform in the convention, for this convention.
  • GKE Network
  • NSN Network

Known employers


  • SYM Entertainment shares a dance studio with Morning Star Entertainment on Koreastar.
  • The company was inspired/reincarnated by SM Entertainment
  • Known for artist being cute and relationship (Boyfriend/Girlfriend) image