The admins reccomend that you follow this page, in case something gets added that might be of major importance to your RP-experience.

Yes, unfortunately, we do need rules to give everyone a as pleasant stay as possible^^



  1. Treat others nicely (aka treat others like you want to be treated.) If you are nice and polite to others, then they will be nice and polite back. Simple as that.


  1. If you upload images, and create them by tracing officcial pictures, please put some effort into it (ie only trace the body features and work from the base created from that). We do not want anyone's picture taken down because of Copyright, right?


  1. Don't get mad if someone else snatches the successor name you wanted for your OC.
  2. Your OC doesn't have to be like the original member she will succeed. I mean, the one everyone thought Mimori would be, was Oshima Mai, not Shinoda Mariko.
  3. If you decide to make a character song for your character, please keep it reasonable. Please focus about the character's past and present. Aspirations are of course allowed, but please do not add in any other names than the one of your character.
  4. Please make sure to check the others' characters before you create your own (ie: so that there are not too many OC's aspiring to become Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko, etc)


  1. Do not do Power Play (PP for short, and it basically mean that you decide what someone else's character is going to do. Even vague Power Play isn't allowed. (ie. say that Roleplayer A own Character A, and Roleplayer B owns Character B, and Roleplayer A writes "Character A watches as Character trips". This doesn't have to be Power Play, but it is if Roleplayer B hasn't written anything about it before.)) Note: Some Roleplayers call this God-modding
  2. Do not God-mod (God-modding basically means, the way I've been taught, that you makes your character a Mary Sue, she or he can't lose any battles (being mentally, physically, or with words), and she can't do anything wrong. Your character has faults, and a "perfect" character is imperfect, while a "imperfect" character is perfect)


  1. If you are going to use officcial images as a base, please redraw the whole image (ie: re-draw all the lines you need (this includes body /and clothes if you are going to have the same clothes as in the original picture), and colour in that new lineart.)
    1. From now on, I can't accept pictures where only parts are redrawn. We do not want any copyright claims, which forces us to take down pictures. (This applies to already posted images as well.)
    2. If you feel like you can't do it, feel free to ask one of the admins who have stated they are up for drawing for others (Currently: Sweetangel823, ) to create a picture for you (keep in mind that depending on how much work they have on their hands already, they might refuse or it might take some time for you to get the picture.)
  2. PLEASE, when adding images that you have drawn yourself, please add a "User:Your-name-here"-category to it.

Failing to follow the rulesEdit

  1. If you fail to follow the rules that are stated here, then you'll get a warning. You are expected to know the rules, and follow them.
  2. If you get two warnings, you'll get a permanent ban.

I will probably add more to this later.