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Rose no Hibi
Single/Album Rose no Hibi
Kanji Roseの日々
English Days of the Rose
Romaji Rose no Hibi
Center Matsui Rena the 9th
Artist Senbatsu
Lyrics S-Quadruple
Released SC0125.05.10

Rose no Hibi (Roseの日々 Days of the Rose) is AKB0048's 568th major single (570th overall) and it is the 10th single in the new Era. It also acts as Matsui Rena the 9th's graduation single. The voting tickets for the 569th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo are included in this single. The single follows a "looking back and forward" theme.

CD Information


  1. Rose no Hibi (Roseの日々) / Senbatsu
  2. Hanakotoba no Imi (花言葉の忌) / Undergirls
  3. Deatta Hi (出会った日) / 151st Generation
  4. Ashita he no Hansou (明日への搬送) / Team A
  5. Rose no Hibi (Off Vocal)
  6. Hanakotoba no Imi (Off Vocal)
  7. Deatta Hi (Off Vocal)
  8. Ashita he no Hansou (Off Vocal)


  1. Rose no Hibi Music Video
  2. Hanakotoba no Imi Music Video
  3. Deatta Hi Music Video
  4. Ashita he no Hansou Music Video


  1. Rose no Hibi (Roseの日々) / Senbatsu
  2. Yume no Monogatari (夢の物語) / Kenkyuusei
  3. Au Revoir / Matsui Rena the 9th Graduation Song
  4. Aozora he Jump! (青空へJump!) / Team K
  5. Rose no Hibi (Off Vocal)
  6. Yume no Monogatari (Off Vocal)
  7. Au Revoir (Off Vocal)
  8. Aozora he Jump! (Off Vocal)


  1. Rose no Hibi Music Video
  2. Yume no Monogatari Music Video
  3. Au Revoir Music Video
  4. Aozora he Jump! Music Video


  1. Rose no Hibi (Roseの日々) / Senbatsu
  2. Kioku no Calligraphy (記憶のCalligraphy) / 153rd Generation Kenkyuusei
  3. Seishun no Kaze (青春の風) / Successors
  4. Yume no Ressha (夢の列車) / AKB0048
  5. Rose no Hibi (Off Vocal)
  6. Kioku no Calligraphy (Off Vocal)
  7. Seishun no Kaze (Off Vocal)
  8. Yume no Ressha (Off Vocal)


  1. Rose no Hibi Music Video
  2. Kioku no Calligraphy Music Video
  3. Seishun no Kaze Music Video
  4. Yume no Ressha Music Video

  • Rose no Hibi (Roseの日々) / Senbatsu
  • Hanakotoba no Imi (花言葉の忌) / Undergirls
  • Ame no Chitose (雨の千歳) / Matsui Rena the 9th
  • Rose no Hibi (Off Vocal)
  • Hanakotoba no Imi (Off Vocal)
  • Ame no Chitose (Off Vocal)

  • Single Senbatsu

    18 Member Senbatsu. Matsui Rena the 9th Center.

    Successors: Akimoto Sayaka the 15th, Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th, Maeda Atsuko the 19th, Takahashi Minami the 7th, Matsui Rena the 9th, Kuramochi Asuka the 13th, Kodama Haruka the 8thSashihara Rino the 11th, Shimazaki Haruka the 11th, Ikuta Erika the 11th
    151st Generation: Miyabi Honoka, Kashita Miyagi, Masuda Akari
    153rd Generation: Asami Mirai, Murasaki Alisa, Nakahara Monica, Amaya Jia
    153.5th Generation: Hatsune Hikari

    MV Sypnosis

    On a rainy day, several students are entering their school. They happily chat and laugh as they leave their umbrellas in the entrance hall of the school. Friends are greeted and gently hugged as the girls move towards their class room. Two girls, Yui and Atsuko greet their friend Rena who arrives right now. Everything is perfect.

    Somewhere else, Sayaka and Akari are standing in front of a school. Their school uniforms are hidden by a rain coat. A thunderstorm roars above them. The school in front of them is not recognizable. Only the gym is standing. The majority of the stone is black, and a few parts of the building are still burning. Fire fighters are working and several ambulances and the police are present.
    "Impossible…" Sayaka whispers.

    Back in school, it's lunch break. Rena, Yuihan, Atsuko, Paruru, Takamina, Sasshi, Ikuchan, Mocchi and Haruppi are sitting in the indoor garden of the school.
    Paruru speaks up. "Hey, did you all hear the news?".
    "I haven't followed them recently." Haruppi admits.
    "You mean the scandal of this politician?" Atsuko asks.
    "But didn't that happen a few weeks ago already?" Ikuchan thinks loud.
    "It definitely did happen a few weeks ago." Takamina agrees.
    "Which one?" Mocchi wonders.
    "Our sister school burned down completely tonight! Nothing is left. They have nowhere to learn anymore."
    "Oh, really?" Atsuko asks. "That's horrible! Poor students..."
    "On the other hand, " Haruppi replies. "they are far below us on the national ranking."
    The group, with exception of Rena, is laughing. Ever since Paruru had spoken up, Rena has been looking down.
    "But, of course, no one got hurt." Paruru adds.
    "It's not like they go to school." Ikuchan jokes.
    "Did they find the culprit?" Yui wonders.
    "I thought they had been able to restore the security cameras immediately and that the fire just started for no reason?" Takamina tells them.
    "Buuh!" Sasshi grins. "A ghost!"
    "Well, the real news though…" Paruru starts.
    "Oh, come on! Tell us!" Atsuko sighs.
    "They will attend our school until the end of the year."
    "You aren't serious. We're supposed to learn in the same building as them?" Ikuchan sighs. "That's way below our standard."
    "But it does make sense…" Yui admits. "We are their sister school."

    On the other side of the indoor garden, Akarin, Sayaka, Honoka, Rairin, Hikarin, Miyaya, Monica, Alisa and Jia are entering the area through the door. Amazed by the beauty of the garden, they're lest speechless for a moment.
    "Now I know where all the money goes to." Hikarin comments.
    "Exactly…" Monica agrees. "How were the students in your classes?"
    "… Not exactly the example of friendly." Miyagya replies.
    "Same." Rairin sighs.
    "I really wanna' go back. The teachers are so strict!" Honoka complains.
    "But, Sayaka?" Akari steps next to her. "Your childhood best friend is a student here, right?"
    "She can show us everything!" Jia proposes.
    "In which class is she?" Alisa asks.
    "… I haven't spoken to Rena in years." Sayaka replies.

    The girls meet.
    "Sayaka-san… It's been a while." Rena greets Sayaka.
    "Yeah, it has been." Sayaka replies.
    "You know each other?" Acchan asks.
    "I'm surprised. " Takamina agrees.
    "They're childhood friends!" Honoka announces.
    "It's really a coincidence that they meet again like this…" Miyagi agrees.
    "Hey ya'." Akari greets the other girls. "Mind if we join you? We don't really have a plan of anything."
    Even though they aren't happy with it, the girls agree with it.

    "There must be something to bring us closer together…" Rena whispers.

    Over the time, the girls become close friends.
    One day, in March, the girls decide to have a sleep over in school. Of course, the teachers wouldn't allow it, but they're able to get into the school either way. In order to do so, they have to get the key from the caretaker. While the music starts planning, they start their plan. While they work on the key, they also start performing in the flower garden inside. The scene cuts between the key chase, the performance and close ups.

    Eventually, after the first refrain, they were able to get everything necessary items and meet, still in school uniform, in the evening. The girls hurry inside. Eventually deciding on several places to have a party first, they start having fun, eat and dance. They continue the dance of the verses in the self-made disco. During the refrain, they laugh and joke and several characters have close ups. Rena quickly leaves for a few moments, even though the girls stop her, but she then returns. White-grey-ish smoke/fog fills the room. 

    During the bridge after the second refrain, Rena stands in front of the director's office alongside a woman, presumably her mother. They are called in, and the woman pushes her into the room. Rena's face isn't shown. She wears casual clothes.

    Now, the girls stand in a beautiful rose garden, wearing white dresses and their signature flowers. They perform the song, and once again, the girls have close-ups.

    During the final refrain, a short shot of the girls laying on the ground presumably asleep in the grey smoke/fog is shown. A flash illuminates the room for a second. The video then cuts back to the girls' performance on the flower field in white dresses. They almost finish the song, until the sung lines end.

    The next scene is accompanied by the outro. The graduation ceremony is happening in a gym. The school director is calling all students to come and gives them their certificate. He calls all fifteen girls with the exception being Rena. When he calls her, no one stands up and gloomy silence falls over the room.

    The bells ring and a single, rainbow-coloured rose petal flies through the room. Cursive white writing appears on the screen saying "Rose no Hibi".

    The credits roll.


    [Aki/Mat/Mas] Chiisana tsubomi no toki…
    [Aki/Mat/Mas] Mata omoi dasu?
    [Aki/Mat/Mas] Mirai no watashitachi wa
    [Aki/Mat/Mas] Dare ni naru wo nozomu ka?

    [Kas/Mae/Miy/Tak] Yukkuri to, komoebi ga
    [Kas/Mae/Miy/Tak] Atataka no sobi ni bokura wo yousuru
    [Kas/Mae/Miy/Tak] Tsubomi ga hana ni naru
    [Kas/Mae/Miy/Tak] Mugen no sora e saku

    [Asa/Iku/Kas/Mat/Miy/Sas/Shi/Yok] Rose no hibi ([Aki/Hat/Kod/Kur/Mae/Mas/Mur/Nak/Ama/Tak] owaranai)
    [Asa/Iku/Kas/Mat/Miy/Sas/Shi/Yok] Yume wa mada ([Aki/Hat/Kod/Kur/Mae/Mas/Mur/Nak/Ama/Tak] ikite irunda)
    [Aki/Kas/Mae/Mat/Mas/Miy/Tak] Aomuke kawari ni
    [Aki/Kas/Mae/Mat/Mas/Miy/Tak] Mae wo miru
    Soshite itsuka
    Rose ga saku

    [Kod/Kur/Sas/Shi/Yok] Bokura no kakusei no toki
    [Kod/Kur/Sas/Shi/Yok] Ha wo miageru
    [Kod/Kur/Sas/Shi/Yok] Chikaku ni, mada touku ni
    [Kod/Kur/Sas/Shi/Yok] Dono you ni tassuru?

    [Asa/Hat/Iku/Mur/Nak/Ama] Nantoka yume mitai
    [Asa/Hat/Iku/Mur/Nak/Ama] Kokoro no Naka fukaku, shitteita
    [Asa/Hat/Iku/Mur/Nak/Ama] Choudou kimi ni tazuneta
    [Asa/Hat/Iku/Mur/Nak/Ama] Kimi wa tasukete

    [Aki/Hat/Kod/Kur/Mae/Mas/Mur/Nak/Ama/Tak] Rose no yume ([Asa/Iku/Kas/Mat/Miy/Sas/Shi/Yok] shinjirarenai)
    [Aki/Hat/Kod/Kur/Mae/Mas/Mur/Nak/Ama/Tak] Mankai da yo ([Asa/Iku/Kas/Mat/Miy/Sas/Shi/Yok] yousou douri)
    [Kod/Kur/Sas/Shi/YokKimi wo shitte irai zutto/Asa/Hat/Iku/Mur/Nak/Ama] Kimi wo shitte irai zutto
    [Kod/Kur/Sas/Shi/YokKimi wo shitte irai zutto/Asa/Hat/Iku/Mur/Nak/Ama] Jinsei wa oukiku kawatta
    Soshite itsuka
    Rose ga saku

    [Aki/Mat/Mas] Tokidoki
    [Aki/Mat/Mas] Saikou no hana mo
    [Aki/Mat/Mas] Naiteru ya ochiru

    [Kas/Mae/Miy/Tak] Tokidoki
    [Kas/Mae/Miy/Tak] Kumo wa taiyou no hikari wo kuraku
    [Kas/Mae/Miy/Tak] Dan ga inai to kouri

    [Kod/Kur/Sas/Shi/Yok] Tokidoki
    [Kod/Kur/Sas/Shi/Yok] Sora wo miageru
    [Kod/Kur/Sas/Shi/Yok] Mukou wa nani ka

    [Asa/Hat/Iku/Mur/Nak/Ama] Tokidoki
    [Asa/Hat/Iku/Mur/Nak/Ama] Boku wa kidzuita
    [Asa/Hat/Iku/Mur/Nak/Ama] Onaji chikyuu janai nda

    [Asa/Iku/Kas/Mat/Miy/Sas/Shi/Yok] Kounen ga boku no ma no
    [Asa/Iku/Kas/Mat/Miy/Sas/Shi/Yok] Kyori de atte mo
    [Aki/Hat/Kod/Kur/Mae/Mas/Mur/Nak/Ama/Tak] Kimi ni mou ichido au no ni
    [Aki/Hat/Kod/Kur/Mae/Mas/Mur/Nak/Ama/Tak] Nannen mo kakaru koto ga atte mo

    [Aki/Mas] Rose no yume ([Kas/Miy] shinjirarenai)
    [Mae/Tak] Mankai da yo ([Sas/Shi/Yok] yousou douri)
    [Kod/Kur] Kimi wo shitte irai zutto
    [Iku/Asa] Jinsei wa oukiku kawatta
    [Hat/Mur/Nak/Ama] Soshite itsuka
    Rose ga saku

    [Asa/Iku/Kas/Mat/Miy/Sas/Shi/Yok] Rose no hibi ([Aki/Hat/Kod/Kur/Mae/Mas/Mur/Nak/Ama/Tak] owaranai)
    [Asa/Iku/Kas/Mat/Miy/Sas/Shi/Yok] Yume wa mada ([Aki/Hat/Kod/Kur/Mae/Mas/Mur/Nak/Ama/Tak] ikite irunda)
    [Aki/Kas/Mae/Mat/Mas/Miy/Tak] Aomuke kawari ni
    [Aki/Kas/Mae/Mat/Mas/Miy/Tak] Mae wo miru
    Soshite itsuka
    Rose ga saku

    [Aki/Kas/Mas/Mat/Miy/Tak] Ato de tsubomi ga

    [Aki/Kas/Mas/Mat/Miy/Tak] Utsukushii hana ni saita

    Do you still remember the time,
    When we used to be little but?
    Wondering what would
    Become of us in the future?

    Slowly, the light of the sun
    Embraced us with its warmth
    And buts turned into blossoms
    Growing towards the endless sky

    The days of the rose (will never end)
    Dreams are (still alive)
    Facing forward
    Instead of looking back
    And someday,
    The rose will bloom

    When we awoke
    Glaring at those leaves
    Close to us, yet far away
    How could ever reach them?

    Somehow, it seemed like a dream
    Deep in our heart, we knew
    That if we just asked you
    You would lead us a hand

    The dreams of the rose (I can't believe)
    Are in full bloom (As I thought)
    Ever since I know you
    Life has changed a lot
    And someday,
    The rose will bloom

    Even the strongest flowers
    Fall down and cry

    Clouds darken the sun's light
    And we freeze without its warmth

    I look towards the sky
    And wonder what's beyond

    I have to realize
    That we aren't in the same Earth

    Even if light years
    Are the distance between us
    Even if it would take years
    To meet you again

    I know that
    When we look towards the sky
    We can be sure that
    We are under the same sky
    And we grow towards it!

    The days of the rose (will never end)
    Dreams are (still alive)
    Facing forward
    Instead of looking back
    And someday,
    The rose will bloom

    Later on, buts

    Bloomed into beautiful flowers

    まだ 思い出す?


    そして いつか


    何とか 夢みたい

    そして いつか






    そして いつか

    あとで 蕾が



    • The single sold over 52 528 813 units.
    • First A-side Center for Matsui Rena the 9th.
    • First single to include a solo song that isn't a character song.
    • Last single of Matsui Rena the 9th.
    • The A-side is also called RnH for short.
    • Ame no Chitose is Matsui Rena the 9th's first original solo song.
    • After Matsui Rena the 9th's graduation, the song is usually centered by Kodama Haruka the 8th. After Harrupi transferred schools, Tomone Kaoru often takes the position.
    • In the MV and the uniform, every member is assigned a flower by the flower's meaning.
      • Akimoto Sayaka - Lotus - Someone beloved is far away
      • Asami Mirai - Red Poppy - Fun-Loving
      • Hatsune Hikari - Iris - Good News
      • Ikuta Erika - Hydrangea - Pride
      • Kashita Miyagi - White Lily - Purity
      • Kodama Haruka - Erica - Solitude
      • Kuramochi Asuka - Carnation - Fascination
      • Maeda Atsuko - Hyancinth - Sincerity; also a reference to her Protocol Magi :ORIGIN character
      • Masuda Akari - Daisy - Faith
      • Matsui Rena - Rainbow Rose - Infinite Possibilities
      • Miyabi Honoka - Freesia - Childishness
      • Murasaki Alisa - Jasmine - Friendly, Graceful
      • Nakahara Monica - Sunflower - Passion
      • Sashihara Rino - Lavander Heather - Admiration
      • Shimazaki Haruka - Narcissus - Self Esteem
      • Shinoda Mariko - Narcissus - Self-esteem
      • Amaya Jia - Camellia - Admiration
      • Takahashi Minami - Verbena - Cooperative
      • Yokoyama Yui - Red Spider Lily - Lost memories
    • The MV can be interpreted in many ways; a relation to the centre's assigned flower whose meaning is "Infinite possibilities".
      • A possible way to explain Rena missing in the end is that she had to transfer schools (the scene in the office).
      • Another possibility is that the school burned down in the night of the "party" as well since all girls are laying on the ground in grey smoke. The scene freaturing Sayaka and Akarin in the beginning could be taken set after their party and the police cars could be present due the existance of casualities. Rena might didn't survive the fire.
      • In order to make the girls "equal", Rena set a fire in the night of the party (her leaving for a short moment). This was found out later on, explaining her absence, the office scene and the presence of the police.