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RisingQ is one of units participating in Unit Taikai SC0126. It consists of Hikami YumekoHoshikawa Rei, Itano TomorinIto Hotaru and Samuikaze Ran.

From left to right: Tomorin, Hotaru, Rei, Yumeko and Ran



Forming the Unit

At Unit Taikai SC0126

In the first round RisingQ won against Pentagram.

In the second round they lost against Team Nerds.


Unit Taikai Performances


  • Q in the name stands for Quintet.
  • The original idea of Yumeko, Rei, Hotaru and Rin forming a unit existed in SC0123. However back then it was just something they thought would be interesting and they never expected it would really happen.
    • At that time Ran wasn't planned to be part of the unit as she wasn't as close to the other girls yet. 
    • Original name for the group was Clover.
  • The group has a different center for every performance.