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Shiori Nakajima
Nakajima Shiori
Series Protocol Magi :ORIGIN
Actor Takahashi Minami the 7th
Alter Ego Aubade
Power Flyrokinesis
Alignment Magi
Debut Episode 1

Shiori Nakajima (中島なかじましおり) is one of the deuteragonists of Protocol Magi :ORIGIN. She is a studyous girl who is also the leader of the Magi, Aubade.


Shiori has blue hair that she frequently wears in a ponytail. Her eyes are green, and she tends to stray towards neat and modest clothing. Whether visible or not, she always wears a golden pendant with a blue gem for easy access.

As Aubade, her hair reaches her knees and is put into two pigtails instead held up by a pair of ribbons. It is also brighter in colour. Her eyes are also an electric light blue colour. She wears a Blue Magi's uniform; a short, shortsleeved, blue jacket with purple trims over a dark blue armoured bodice and pale, light blue skirt. Over the skirt, she wears another, longer layer in the same colouration as her jacket. She wears the same sort of silver boots (metal, with a purple gem on the front) as all the other Magi, and also wears a pair of dark blue stockings with blue trim. She also has a pair of blue and purple fingerless gloves.


Shiori is a smart, calm and collected girl. She tends to silently analyze situations and speak up once she has a clear grasp of what is going on. She is almost constantly seen reading out of a textbook or notebook at hand. She likes to study a lot, and attends cram school; which she also juggles with her duties as a Magi. As such, she has gotten skillful at managing her time. She is dedicated, and once she sets her mind onto something, she will do everything in her power to make it happen.

As Aubade, other parts of her personality tends to appear closer to the surface. She acts even colder, and is shown to be someone who holds a grudge. She is constantly repriminding and demeaning Mitsu, whenever Mitsu gets too close to a fight. Aubade, having the most experience with her powers of all the Magi, takes the role as their leader, and is usually the one to call out orders and come up with strategies. However, despite acting like an icicle most of the time, she constantly protects Mitsu, and does genuinely care for her friends - Magi or otherwise.

Magi abilities

Aside of the abilities that extend to all Magi - enhanced physical abilities to the point of supernatural levels, Aubade is Flyrokinetic. This means that she is capable of creating forcefields that she utilizes in a variety of ways. Her most common usage of them is to block or divert attacks, but she can create weapons (such as a sword) with her forcefield ability. She can also use her forcefields as steppingstones to increase her agility as well as hinder enemy movement, or straight up cages to restrain enemies. Visually, the forcefields appear as a blue, sparkling ripple, which she normally forms around her hands before using.

Due to having a defensive abilities, Aubade tends to stand back a bit in fights and support her fellow Magi with longrange forcefield manipulation. This also makes it easier for her to see patterns and tendencies of the enemy, allowing for better planning. She is, however, not afraid to jump into the fray, should her immediate assistance be needed.

Aubade is by far the most experienced using her Magi abilities out of the current cast.


Shiori had a good childhood, it being filled with love and devoid of any tragedies that she can remember. She was quickly enrolled into a kindergarten not for the sake of her parents wanting to get back to work, but in order for her to start interacting with kids her age, where she quickly made friends with one Abe Kira. The two girls were very different, with Shiori being silent and timid, and Kira being loud and outgoing, but got along great even so.
After a year or so after meeting Kira, Shiori was introduced to one of her mother's friends' family, and that became her meeting with Mashiro Mitsu, who quickly became the other of Shiori's most treasured friends.

Shiori showed academic promise at a very young age, and her parents were quick to pick up on this, putting her through cram school ever since she started school. Her strongest suits became Science - and specifically Physics, and she has, since she first awakened as a Magi, been trying to explain the phenomenon. So far, she has been unsuccessful.

Her parents are supportive of her being a Magi, as it also serves as a drive for her studies, as well as to develop leadership skills and on the spot decision making.


  • Her name was initially Nakahara, but this was later changed to not conflict with Nakahara Monica.
  • Her hair is frequently compared to a balloon.