Naomi Hikawa
Hikawa Naomi
SeriesProtocol Magi :ORIGIN
ActorAshley Snow
Alter EgoNumina
DebutEpisode 1

Naomi Hikawa (氷川ひかわ直美なおみ) is one of the deuteragonists of Protocol Magi :ORIGIN. She is a calm girl who loves music, and has the alter ego Numina.


Naomi has short, bluish black hair, and dark green eyes. Her hair reaches her shoulders, and she wears it down. She prefers to wear earthly colours and never wears fur.

As Numina, her hair is put in a side ponytail on the right side of her head, tied up by a golden butterfly adornment with a green ribbon. It is now also a darkish green colour, and reaches her knees. Her eyes are a calm green. She wears a green Magi uniform with Blue accents. Her jacket is sleeveless and fits sugly around her chest over a light green, offshoulder turtleneck with short, puffy sleeves. Her jacket has a golden butterfly pin. She wears a pair of wrist-gloves with ruffles, a golden heart at the tip, and a green band on both her hands. A dark green metal armour protects her midsection. Her belt consists of a thinner band looped twice, and fastened with the outline of a butterfly wing. The upper part of her skirt is vaguely shaped like butterfly wings as well, underneath which she wears a short, light green skirt. She wears a pair of long, dark green stockings with a light green trim, and the same kind of boots as the other Magi.


Naomi is a morning person, preferring to get up way before the rest of Hanabi in order to sit on her roof and simply play guitar whenever she can in the mornings. She dislikes conflict, and always does her best to avoid them - going as far as apologizing for things she doesn't need to apologize for. She isn't afraid of taking responsibility, and often does whatever she can to help out. She is the type of friend who always has bandaids and such with her.

Her personality does not seem to differ as Numina.

Magi abilities

Being a Magi, Numina has enhanced physical abilities, but aside of this, Numina is also Pneumagenetic, which means that she is capable of controlling the air currents around her, something that she utilizes in a variety of ways. She can use this ability to give herself increased mobility by making the winds boost her in any given direction. She is also capagle of harder attacks, by using the winds to increase the kinetic energies of her fists or legs. These uses are not restricted to her solely - she can use them on others as well. Visually, this Pneumagenesis is represented by green sparkles that flow in the movement of the winds Numina are controlling.


Being raised by a single mom, while not being lacking in the economical department by any means, Naomi has often had to help out at home to take care of herself and her sister Yuki, which has resulted in her being quite independent and capable. For the longest time, she wasn't sure what she wanted to do in her life, but when she discovered music more than just "oh, that's nice", she instantly wished for a guitar on her birthday - something she got and is now one of the skills she tends to polish the most.

The fact that she started helping out at home at an early age started to nurture her caring personality.

She first transformed sometime after Oshiro Hanako, although the specifics are currently unknown.


  • She enjoys sunrises.
  • She has a younger sister named Yuki.
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