Anna Aoyama
Aoyama Anna
SeriesProtocol Magi :ORIGIN
ActorAkimoto Sayaka the 15th
Alter EgoNimbus
PowerTime Dilation
DebutEpisode 1

Anna Aoyama (青山あおやま杏奈あんな) is one of the deuteragonists of Protocol Magi :ORIGIN. She is an athletic girl with a heart of gold, and has the alter ego Nimbus.


Anna has dark brown hair that she ties into a side ponytail on the right side of her head. Her eyes are a sky blue.

As Nimbus, her hair is longer and is put into a ponytail that separates into three different sections. It is tied by an orange gem attached to two white rings and ruffles. Her hair is also a bright yellow colour, much like her eyes. She wears a yellow Magi uniform; an off-shoulder with puffy sleeves and straps over her shoulders short jacket with orange trims over a brown armoured bodice and pale yellow skirt. She has a longer, second layer to her skirt in the same colouration as her jacket. She has an orange belt with an orange gem and two white rings as buckle. She wears a pair of long socks in the same pale yellow colouration as her skirt aside for one strip that is the same colour as the main part of her jacket. She wears the same kind of boots as the other Magi, but with a yellow gem.


Anna is confident and has a strong sense of justice. She is very competitive, and does, at times, tend to boast her victories a lot. She has troubles getting to trusting new people, and is very loyal to the people she considers her close friends. She likes seeking the thrill. She has an odd love for bad puns at the most inappropriate times.

Her personality as a Magi doesn't appear to change all that much.

Magi abilities

As a Magi, Nimbus has enhanced physicality, which allows her to do much of the same superhuman feats that her fellow Magi can, such as jumping very far, or punch a Shade the size of a small house away. Notably, she wasn't very good at controlling these abilities during her first transformation.

Nimbus also has the ability of Time Dilation, which means that for short periods, she is capable of slowing down time of everything around her, something that she can utilize to get past an enemy's guard, strike with more force (as she can move faster), etcetera. She is, however very new to her abilities as a Magi, and as such, it is possible that this ability may grow and improve.


Anna wasn't very outgoing as a child, and made very few friends, which resulted in her feeling rather lonely a lot of the time. As a result, she tended to become very overbearing and clingy towards the few she had - to a point where several of them didn't want to be with her anymore.

She eventually realized why people kept leaving her, and while it made her depressed for a while, she eventually made ways to improve on the overbearing parts of her personality, and she did get more friends as a result, but she couldn't quite find herself trusting them all that much.

She eventually got in touch with Mitsu's group of friends, and despite her best efforts, they wormed her way into her heart and decided to stay there.


  • Anna is the origin of the Banana joke.
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