It is the year 0123 by the stellar calendar. The last opening for understudies for AKB0084 was three years ago. There are no successors currently, and basically none understudies. Due to new efforts by the DES to be able to get to the Center Novae, the current manager and producer, Motomiya Hikari, descided to open up auditions in an attempt to re-install AKB0048. After making the required pre-work, for example finding a new dance teacher, as well as combat instructor, she started a recording. Making the announcement, that one way or another, would shake the way things were around a bit, she posted it to all of the remaining fan-sites. Knowing that there were a lot of people who still looked at the fansites, if only because of how 00 used to be, she knew that eventually, the message would reach girls in the right age. She just hoped that they would be willing to take the risk of becoming a new 'first generation', since the way 00 was now, was quite similar of how the very first members of AKB48 had it back on Earth.

As she picked up her hologram-screen sender, she noted that on several of the fansites, the announcement had already gotten a hundred views. 00's future was uncertain, but now, it the road ahead was a lot clearer. At least now, she did have a straw to grab, and from that, you ask? From that, my friend, she could start climbing.