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"Hot summer bloom. We three girls perform for you. Hello,we are Poppy~🌺"

POPPY (ポピー / Popī) was a three member unit group composed of the following three members: Akimoto Sayaka the 15th ,Yagami Kumi the 5th , and Kobayashi Griselda. The unit participated AKB0048 Unit Taikai SC0126 .


MEMBERS Position
Akimoto Sayaka the 15th Leader, Rapper, Main Dancer
Yagami Kumi the 5th Face of the Group/Center, Lead Vocalist
Imaizumi Yui the 14th Sub-Vocalist,Visual


Genre: (any)POP, Dance Pop

Round 1



On December 7th SC0126, Poppy was formed for a show called AKB0048 Unit Taikai. The group consist of the following members Akimoto Sayaka the 15th, Yagami Kumi the 5th, and Imaizumi Yui the 14th. How the group came to form was Kuumin and Griselda decided to form a unit together, but then wanted another member. Someone who was strong on stage, some how they decided on Sayaka. Luckily, she agreed to be in the group. She love to have a good challenge and compete against the other girls.

During the performance, Kuumin get thrown in the air as part of the performance. The girls had lost in the first round against TakaMiko, but what was important to them is the fans.


  • The name of the group was randomly decided.
  • The groups color are red and orange.
  • Group with only successors.