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大音 ルーイー
Louis Ooto
Ooto Ruuii
General Information
Age 23
Gender Male
Home Planet Kazakhstar
Oshimen Miyabi Honoka
Familial information
Other information
Seiyuu Suzumura Kenichi

Louis Ooto (大音 ルーイー) is a minor character and Ikuta Erika the 11th's older brother. He is also an active actor and quite popular. He's also known as Lou-Lou (ルー・ルー) by Honoka and Miyagi.


Louis has got brown hair and brown eyes. He prefers a formal clothing style and neatly styled hair, but he has been seen with different styles. He is described to be handsome. Louis is well reared and educated. He has good manners and is generally friendly and calm. He is a faithful and supporting person. Only a few things make him angry and furious, for example his younger brother.


During his childhood, Louis had always been surrounded by music, thanks to his mother, and the film industry. His father travelled a lot, but both got along well when they were both on the same planet. Louis picked up acting very early, attending a acting school at home before being - not without the help of his father - casted for his first TV show. He rose and eventually became a fairly famous actor.

He had been casted as male lead for the pilot project Yousei no Mori in SC0123 which sadly did not achieve a great success and afterwards was dropped. He encountered AKB0048's Kashita Miyagi with whom he became friends. Until then, AKB0048 had somewhat been existing for him, but after the moderate success of the group in the last years, he didn't pay much attention to the group. Miyagi brought the attention back to the group, and to her best friend, Miyabi Honoka, who became his favourite member thanks to her upbeat personality.

During SC0124, Louis' younger sister, Ooto Melody, joined AKB0048 as member of the 153rd Generation. Being his younger sister helped her initial popularity - she even managed to rank highly in the election - but also created haters for her. Stating by herself that she wanted to be an idol on her own and not thanks to her brother's prestige or her parents' work. Louis' fans were outraged - she didn't seem to appreciate her brother's help - but the situation soon calmed down.

In the beginning of SC0125, he met with the members of AKB0048 after they wanted to visit Melody, his younger sister. Following several misunderstandings and funny moments, he helped the girls to find Melody, just like he later on helped her to return to Akibastar. During the year, he also was casted to play a minor character in the group's newest drama, Protocol Magi :ORIGIN. He met with the girls again later on on Koreastar in the end of the year.


  • Ooto Mila - His mother. Mila and Louis work together very well and care for each other. However, Louis is a grown up and nowadays capable of living on his own.
  • Ooto Kazuto - Louis and Kazuto get along very well and spend lots of time with travelling and work together.
  • Ikuta Erika the 11th -Louis gets along with his sister a lot. Despite the age gap of nine years, they're closer than both are to Justin.
  • Ooto Justin - His younger brother who often is a source of embrassment for him. He doesn't understand how he can be that childish sometimes and hopes that he'll grow up eventually.

  • Kashita Miyagi - Having once worked with Miyagi while the filming of a horror movie, Miyagi is the member, Louis knows longest, aside of his sister. He gets along well with Miyagi and is quite a fan as well. While maintaining a professional relationship in public, it can't be denied that Louis is quite a fanboy.
  • Miyabi Honoka - Louis met Honoka first when 0048 came to Kazakhstar to visit his sister. Louis immediately fell for Honoka's puppy-dog-eyes. Just like in Miyagi's case, he is quite a fan of her but tries to maintain a cool image. Aside of Lou-Lou, she also calls him Mr. Cupcake because of Louis giving Honoka cupcakes..

  • Career

    Louis is described as a famous actor with a great prestige.


    Ooto is written as 大音.
    大 ("O") can be translated as big or large and 音 ("Oto") as sound. 大音 can also be translated as loud.

    Louis is written in Katakana as ルーイー.


    • First Minor Character to get a page.