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Nagase Yuuri
nagase yuuri
Nagase Yuuri.png
General Information
Nickname(s) Nagachan
Age 15 (as of SC0127)
Birthday February 16th SC0112
Zodiac Aquarius
Home Planet Akibastar
Eye Color Golden orange
Hair Color Light pink to orange
Height 158cm
Familial information
Idol information
Generation 154.5th Generation
Radiance Color #F88C79
Oshimen Sono Chieri
Desired Name Matsui Rena
Social Media @Nagachan
Years Active SC0125-present
(1 year)
Other information
User Eurovisionprecurefan
Hex Code #00FF00
Seiyuu Suwa Nanaka

 "I was born during a sunrise towards a new day here in my hometown. I cannot wait to make people smile! My name is Nagase Yuuri, from Akibastar."


Nagase Yuuri is a 154.5 Generation member. She lives in Akibastar.


Home planet: Akibastar

Personality: A quiet, shy girl who is also helpful and protective, and is also very concered about things. She also is a bit cold-hearted.

Appearance: She has light pink wavy hair that is an ombre and ends in orange, and the wavy hair ends up at her shoulders. She has a hairband accompanying the look and has golden yellow eyes.

Favourite song: 12gatsu no Kangaroo

Desired name: Matsui Rena

Favourite member: Chieri Sono

Height: 158cm


Yuuri was born without her mother. Her father lived in Akibastar for a very long time, so he had no surprise if his daughter will join AKB0048, which she accepted one day, to whilst feeling like that will be a good idea. So she joined the 154.5th Generation.


Unlike Ayaka, Yuuri was barely seen during this fight. After hearing the news of Miyagi's death, Yuuri felt glad she didn't fight the enemies, but she wanted to change the world with music. So, she tries to work harder to be less fearful.

Yuuri tried her best to join Karin for the succession, but she couldn't help being cold hearted. She protected Karin a lot but soon, it will be Karin protecting her, and she felt upset on it. Now, she has calmed down, and then starts to not give up. This wasn't the same for Aoi.


Murasaki Aoi:

Fellow generation-mate. The two are on good terms. Calls her by "Aochan". Unlike Karin's succession, she's looking forward to Aoi's succession.

Nishimura Karin:

Fellow generation-mate. Calls her by "Karichan". Considers to be her rival. When she heard Karin was succeeding, she started to feel cold around her, due to the fact she's disapointed that she's not the first girl from their generation to succeed. But after that, she felt alright. She's aiming to succeed and be alongside her one day.

Koizumi Ayaka:

Fellow-generation mate, and knows a lot about her since they first met. Calls her by "Ayachan"

Tomone Kaoru:

Very scared of her, especially with the haunting phrases she hears from Kaoru.

Nagato Yusuke:

Her only family member, since her mother died whilst giving birth to Yuuri. An Akibastar resident his whole life, he had no surprise that Yuuri wants to be part of AKB0048 as AKB0048 was extremely popular. Yusuke is a teacher at the Star Soldiers School, and considered to be a carefree but cold and timid man. He cares for his daughter, but not very protectively. He believes that everyone has enemies, and wants Yuuri to understand that she has an enemy in DES.


Yuuri's Kirara


Solo Songs:


Group Songs:





  • Her dream within AKB0048 is being in Team A or Team K.
  • Penlight Color: Light pink
  • She's very talented at ice skating.
  • She hates getting hurt, and doesn't want to end performing due to her injuries, as seen in SC0126.
  • Goes to Isagoda Academy.
  • Her dad likes Kojima Haruna.
  • She is known for her soft but distinctive voice.
  • Seen to be a future center.
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