Nova's teen top model is a reality competition television show . The show brings aspiring models compete for the title of " Royal teen model "and it gives the contestants to have a chance to start their career in the modeling industry ,or push them even further.The show features models from every nationality . The show limits to 13 to 18. Surprisingly , every contestant on the show

The show is currently on their 15th season .

Rank Constestants Planet Nationality Age
Freja Holmberg Atamistar Swedish
Aiko Kirayumi Manhastar Japanese/American
Miyu Watanabe Summerstar Japanese
Violetta Martinez Spainstar Spanish
Amy Johnson Manhastar American-Japanese
Angelica Amin Sebustar Japanese
Takaematsu Tomoka/Kuramochi Asuka Akibastar/Neptuniastar Austrialian-Japanese

Episodes (season 15)



  • Season 15
    • Angelica is the first ever big girl to compete on the show .
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