Hikari Motomiya
本宮もとみや ひかり
Motomiya Hikari
Hikari NEW Headshot
JobManager and Producer
Age35 (SC0125)
Birthday DateOctober 7th SC0090
Home PlanetAkibastar
Height157.5 cm (5'2")
Weight78.9 kg (174 lb)
Eye ColourPink
Hair ColourPurple-ish pink
Former Successor NameIwata Karen the 14th
Former Generation131st Generation
SeiyuuUeda Kana

"Hm. We might actually be able to do it this thing."

Hikari is the current manager and producer for AKB0048, and also a former 00-member. She used to be Iwata Karen the 14th (14代目だいめ 岩田いわた 華怜かれん), also known as Karen (カレンかれん) and Datemusume (伊達娘だてむすめ).


Hikari has pink, relatively long hair with a darker pink ombre, and dark pink eyes. She does normally have her hair in a low bun at the base of her head. She has diamond-shapes in both her eyes and hair, indicating that she's a 00-graduate. She is commonly seen wearing a purple business-woman's (almost resembling a flight attendants') attire with a yellow tie.


Hikari has a somewhat mysterious personality. It is hard to actually figure out her intentions unless she states it, and even if she does, she is normally really vauge about it. She does never give out more information than she has to, and because of this, some people have come to call her a bit of a sadist, which was the primary reason she was speculated to become Mariko when she was going to succeed.

She is known to be extremely dedicated to AKB0048, and some people have started to wonder how she manages to get everything she does done. The truth is that she often forgets to take care of herself while she works - and she's not a stranger to insane amounts of overtime. 



Growing up, Hikari was surrounded by 00 even more than any normal Akibastar resident, since her mother was the manager of 00. She got to meet all the members on a regular basis, as she did often follow her mother to work, and she was for the most time doted (not to mention she was rather manipulaitve, despite being young; She knew what to say and do to make them fawn over her) on by the members as they found her adorable. She doesn't know who her father is, but her mother earned more than enough money to sustain them both.

Time as an idolEdit


As the daughter of the manager of 00, Hikari knew from the start that she whould have to audition for 00 (not that she didn't want to). She did rather easily pass both audition rounds, given that she was raised up in the way 00 worked (at the time, she was 13). Because of this, she did also very quickly adapt to the dance lessons, and learned the choreography easily (at least for all the songs, except new ones.). When people speculated around who she was going to succeed, most guessed Shinoda Mariko.


After being a Kenkyuusei for one and a half year, she got ill with a very intense fever, which turned out to be the fever of succession, as she succeeded the name of Iwata Karen shortly after she got better.

She stayed as a Successor longer than most of the other successors, some of them even succeeding after she did, and graduating before she did. Her career as an idol ended almost 9 years after it had started; Her second final concert was her 22nd birthday one.

After graduationEdit

After she graduated, she had several different jobs on Akibastar over the course of a year. None of them was really related to 00, and she didn't really feel for any of the jobs, which is why she changed relatively often. Finally, she realized that she loved 00, and joined the staff for 00, where she worked for three years in different positions, and after that, she finally got to take over her mother's title, when she resigned.

00 had begun losing popularity already on her mother's time, and that trend didn't change at the start of Hikari's time. After a while, 00 was forced to close the auditions because of lack of auditioneers.



Motomiya (本宮): '' means 'Base', and '宮' means 'Shrine'.

Hikari (光): "Hikari" means Light.


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  • Hm. We might actually be able to do this thing.
  • Ah, my bad, Shiraki Chiyo - Team K.


Iwata Karen the 14thEdit


  • She originally wanted to succeed Oshima Mai.
    • She did also have a period in time when she tried to act as similarily as possible to the original member.
  • She was part of the 131st generation.
  • Hikari's voice actor is Ueda Kana.
    • Notable characters this seiyuu has acted is Sara (Mermaid Melody) and Yagami Hayate (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's/StrikerS)
  • She does actually have a really bad eyesight.
    • She uses contact lenses instead of glasses because she doesn't appreciate glasses on herself.
  • She actually prefers having documents on paper than as digital data - which is why she actually has a lot of paper in her office - but she is aware that it is a bit impractical, so she does frequently use her pad as well. 
  • She also prefers to have a really clean work space; she isn't a neatfreak, but she likes having her surroundings organized.
  • She has a side of herself that she only shows around the members that she works the most with (Team Captains and Co-Captains to an extent) when she's not quite as guarded with her words.
  • She is fluent in several languages.
    • Known examples are English, Chinese and Korean.
  • She's married to her job.
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