AKB0048 Roleplay Wiki
Single/Album Kinou no Teki wa Mirai no Nakama
Kanji メルティング
English Melting
Romaji merutiingu
Center Ryuuzaki Miyoko, Masuda Akari
Artist Selected Members
Lyrics S-Quadruple

Melting is a coupling song of Kinou no Teki wa Mirai no Nakama.

Participling Members

24 members. Masuda Akari & Ryuuzaki Miyoko WCenter.

Successors: Akimoto Sayaka the 15th, Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th, Maeda Atsuko the 19th, Takahashi Minami the 7th, Kuramochi Asuka the 13th, Sashihara Rino the 11th, Shimazaki Haruka the 11th, Kodama Haruka the 8th, Ikuta Erika the 11th, Eguchi Aimi the 4th
151st Generation: Miyabi Honoka, Kashita Miyagi, Masuda Akari
153rd Generation Asami Mirai, Ryuuzaki Miyoko, Nakahara Monica
153.5th Generation: Hatsune Hikari 
154th Generation: Kasumi Yuuna, Ayana Elise, Kobayashi Griselda, MoYoung Marian, Takaine Miyako, Itou HarukiTomone Kaoru


[Mas/Ryu/Tak] Byou no nagare
[Mas/Ryu/Tak] Owari no nai kawa wo kazotte
[Mas/Ryu/Tak] Tokidoki jibun jishin ni tayuneru
[Mas/Ryu/Tak] Itsuka kawaru darou ka?

[Aki/Kas/Mae/Miy] Tada hitotsu no negai wo tsukuruou
[Aki/Kas/Mae/Miy] Jitsugen sa seru koto wo yakusoku suru
[Aki/Kas/Mae/Miy] Jinsei wa utsukushii to iwareru
[Aki/Kas/Mae/Miy] Ichido sukoshi nikkou wo abiru…

[Hat/Sas/Shi/Yok] Konoyo ni mukatte "Bye Bye" to iwasete
[Hat/Sas/Shi/Yok] Hashitte betsu no jinsei wo ikiyou
[Egu/Kod/Kur/Iku] Kawaranai sonzai no keimushou ni kakatta
[Egu/Kod/Kur/Iku] Taiyou no atataka-sa wo kanjitai

[Asa/Aya/MoY/Nak/Tom] Reeito sonzai to henkyok shite iru
[Asa/Aya/MoY/Nak/Tom] Ichido sora wo ichibetsu shite
[Kas/Kob/Ito/Tak] Ichido taiyou no ippon no kousen
[Kas/Kob/Ito/Tak] Heart Beat nano ka?

Koutta jikan no keumushou wo hanareru
Kesshite sunde inakererunara
Eien wo nozonde inai
Koudaina aozora dake denaku
Sekai no subete no iro
Mitai (jibun no me de)

[Hat/Sas/Shi/Yok] Jikan wa owaranai
[Hat/Sas/Shi/Yok] Jikan no kawa wa tsueni kouritsu
[Hat/Sas/Shi/Yok] Samusa wa tochi ni ochita
[Hat/Sas/Shi/Yok] Nozonde inakatta jinsei

[Egu/Kod/Kur/Iku] Kakurega no yume ga umareru
[Egu/Kod/Kur/Iku] Kaze wo ou tori ga iru koto wo shite iru
[Egu/Kod/Kur/Iku] Bukiyouna SUTEPPU de zenshi shi
[Egu/Kod/Kur/Iku] Mochiron, anata ga jiyuu wo kanjitara…

[Asa/Aya/MoY/Nak/Tom] Kako no jinsei ni mukatte "Sayonara" to sakebu
[Asa/Aya/MoY/Nak/Tom] Ichido dake CHANSU wo tsukande nigeru
[Asa/Aya/MoY/Nak/Tom] Subete wo kowashite kamo to shire
[Asa/Aya/MoY/Nak/Tom] Sukunakutomo watashi ga sunde ireba

[Kas/Kob/Ito/Tak] Beating pulse to watashi wa odoroki
[Kas/Kob/Ito/Tak] Itsuka taiyou ga watashi no yuujin ni naru
[Kas/Kob/Ito/Tak] Itsuka hyouga ga tokeru
[Kas/Kob/Ito/Tak] Kore wa FANTAJII desu ka?

Yume mitekita koudaina sora de
Touketsu shinai
Taiyou ga atatameta hayai kaze
Chiheisen he ude wo hirogeru
Kokyuu shita (kanzen ni jiyuu ni)

[Mas/Ryu] Tokeru made eien ni toru kamo
[Aki/Kas/Mae/Mas/Miy/Ryu/Tak] Kono hi made nozomisu
[Aki/Hat/Kas/Mae/Mas/Miy/Sas/Shi/Ryu/Tak/Yok] Kibou wa iki tsuzukeru kara
[Aki/Hat/Kas/Mae/Mas/Miy/Sas/Shi/Ryu/Tak/Yok] Koutta jikan no keimosho de

[Egu/Kod/Kur/Iku] Jibun no jinsei wo ikitai
[Asa/Aya/Egu/Kod/Kur/Iku/MoY/Nak/Tom] Jibun no me de mitai
[Asa/Aya/Egu/Kas/Kob/Kod/Kur/Iku/Ito/MoY/Nak/Tak/Tom] Kanzen ni jiyuu ni kokyuu shitai
[Asa/Aya/Egu/Kas/Kob/Kod/Kur/Iku/Ito/MoY/Nak/Tak/Tom] Daremo ga omoukoto wo kikitai

[Mas/Ryu] Ikitai
koutta jikan no keumushou wo hanareru
Kesshite sunde inakererunara
Eien wo nozonde inai
Koudaina aozora dake denaku
Sekai no subete no iro
Mitai ([Mas/Ryu] jibun no me de)

The seconds flow
Through the never-ending river of time
Sometimes I ask myself
Will this ever change?

Let me make a single wish
And promise me to let it come true
This life is said to be beautiful,
But once you catch a bit of sunlight…

Let me say "Bye Bye" towards this world
Let me run and live another life
Caught in a prison of never-changing existence
I want to feel the warmth of the sun

A frozen existence and I'm polarized
Once a single glimpse of the sky
Once a single ray of the sun
Is this a Heart Beat?

I want to live
Leaving the prison of frozen time
I don't want eternity,
If I never lived
Not only the vast blue sky,
But all colours in the world,
I want to see (with my own eyes)

Hours are never-ending
The river of time is always frozen
Coldness has fallen over the lands
A life that I never wanted

A hermit dream is born
Knowing that there are birds that chase the wind
Moving forward with clumsy steps,
Of course, once you feel freedom…

Shouting "Good-bye" towards my past life
I grab a single chance, and run away
Knowing that it might destroy everything I had,
But if, at least, I lived

A beating pulse and I am amazed
Someday the sun will be my friend
Someday the glacier will melt
Is this a Fantasy?

I want to live
In the vast skies of which I dreamed
I don't freeze
The fast winds warmed by the sun
As I spread my arms towards the horizon
I want to breathe (fully and free)

It might take forever until it melts
But until this day, I will hope
Because hope keeps me alive
In this prison of frozen time

I want to live my own life
I want to see with my own eyes
I want to breathe fully and free
I want to hear what everyone thinks

I want to live
Leaving the prison of frozen time
I don't want eternity,
If I never lived
Not only the vast blue sky,
But all colours in the world,
I want to see (with my own eyes)



この世に向かって「Bye Bye」と言わせて

Heart Beatなのか?





Beating pulseと私は驚き





MV Synopsis

Miyoko stands on the top of a glacier and looks down at the frozen wasteland. She shivers because of the cold and turns around, revealing a large house - made of ice. She shakes her head and starts walking.

The screen turns black. White letters appear and write the words "I won't go back." (戻らない。). For a moment, Akarin is shown standing in the same place as Miyoko did before, but unlike Miyoko, she heads off away from the frozen palace. The next frame is Miyoko singing the first strophe without music playing in the background.

The the camera shows the winter landscape. Miyoko walks over a large mountain. Her footsteps can be seen far behind her until suddenly, Five girls run to her, panting because of running quickly - Mocchi, Iku, Aimi, Rairin and Monica. All of them seem unhappy in the cold.

"What are you doing here?" Monica asks.
"… I wanted to see them." Miyoko replies after waiting for a moment.
"Who?" Aimi asks confused.
"We don't exactly get many visitors here." Iku notes.
Mocchi nods. "No one visits this place. It's at the end of the world."
Miyoko sighs. "…So you really don't remember?"
All girls are confused and about to speak up.

The screen freezes, before the video seems to rewind. It now seems to be morning, and the girls sit in their ice house, drinking hot tea. One of the door opens and Akarin, Sasshi and Takamina walk in. "New people arrived!" She announces; and the 154th Generation and Hikarin follow them. The girls introduce themselves while Miyoko is completely confused. Everyone else seems to consider the situation as completely normal.

"What.…is happening? Senpai?" Miyoko asks. "What are you doing here? Why are they-" Once again, the screen freezes. The video now seems to fast forward. The girls are outside the building, having a snowball fight.

"Aimi! To me!" Monica calls, waiting for to join her. She then attacks Iku and Mocchi on the other side who both aren't happy about the cold surprise. Miyoko once again is surprised. She hides behind a tree to avoid a snowball.

"What am I doing here?" She asks. "I was leaving… And then…"

The 154th Generation girls are joining them alongside Hikarin.
"Good morning~!" Hikarin calls.
Ikuchan stops. "Oh, Honoka-chan!"
"What…?" Miyoko asks confused. "You're Hikarin." No one listens.
"Can we join you~?" Zelda asks.
Mocchi nods. "Of course, Miyaya." Miyoko is even more perplex.
"Yuihan and me will sit out this one." Elise says, pointing to Marian who nods. "I agree with Paruru."
"Is it too cold for you?" Haruki asks.
"Likely, Sasshi." Yuuna replies to her.
"But Acchan-" Haruki speaks to Yuuna.
"Just let them be." Tomomo tells them.
"Sure, captain." Yuuna comments.
"Yossha!" Miko calls out. "I'll definitly win!"
"Sure, Sayaka-senpai!" Rairin calls out.

Miyoko has given up. "Eh, guys?" She steps into the middle of the garden. "What are you doing? Where is everyone else?"
"Everyone else?" Aimi asks. "What do you mean?"
"Takamina-san, Sayaka-san, Honoka-chan, Miyagi-san, Acchan, Sasshi, Paruru-san, Akarin and Yuihan - where are they, and why are you using their names?"
"Here…?" Tomomo slowly replies. "Are you alright, Miyo? We are here, perfectly fine."
"No… No!" Miyoko quickly shakes her head. "You're Tomomo! Tomone Kaoru, the best in the universe and so on. You constantly declare that you are better than anyone else."
"What?" Yuuna asks. "Takamina wouldn't do that."
"And her name is, well, Takamina. Takahashi Minami. Not Tomone Kaoru. She's a girl." Haruki adds. "Are you okay, Miyo? Did you not sleep well?"
"or fall onto your head?" Marian adds.
"Where's Akarin? Who of you is Akarin?" Miyoko then asks.
"Akarin?" Hikarin asks. "I don't know any Akarin… Are you sure that you're okay?"
"Yes…" Miyoko mumbles. "I… just got to take a second off. I'll be back." With those words, she runs off. The screen freezes again and rewinds until becoming dark.

The song's instrumental starts to play while Miyoko speaks. Once again, the scenery is shown.
"As long as we can remember, we have been here. Not once, anything had changed. All time seemed frozen and nothing changed. Never someone left, and never anyone came. Until the day, when Akarin introduced those eight new girls to us. I was incredibly happy - something changed." In black and white, the moment of the girls introducing themselves repeats itself. "We had incredibly much fun, and eventually, Akarin asked the eight how they came here. With a ship, they said. So I went out to look for it. This place, and we too, had never changed but when those girls came, I wanted a change. Akarin had gone before me. She had run off to see the ship, and I followed her. And then… I don't know what happened."

The scene cuts once the intro is finished and the first lines are to be sung. The members stand in the middle of the frozen castle. Everything is made of ice and the light is reflected while the first lines are song. Once the second verse starts, Miyoko finds herself back on the hill, now alone.

"Miyo… Just come home. I am sure that we can help you somehow." Haruki says.
"No… There is something wrong… Something is missing!" Miyoko calls out. "I just don't know what anymore…"

The next strophe is sung while the girls, worried about Miyoko, are shown. None of them dares to approach her though. The third and fourth verse is performed in the dance version.

In the following strophe, Miyoko tries to run away in desperation but each time finds herself back in the house with time being turned back. In a corner of the room, she starts crying. The camera moves to Hikarin who seems to be there to cheer her up, but Miyoko doesn't listen. In the ice wall, a silhouette - the real Sasshi - is shown. Hikarin notices the ghost and cries out in fear. Miyoko looks up to what made Hikarin freak out. Sasshi waves, and now is accompanied by Takamina, Yuihan, Acchan, Honoka, Paruru, Miyagi and Sayaka. Sasshi seems to be saying something, but Miyoko can't hear it. She reaches out for them, but only touches the ice.

From this point on, the reflections of the other, missing members - all expect Akarin. The other girls are visibly scared by them, but Miyoko uses them to explain who really is who. The girls don't believe her though. Eventually, Miyoko is once again alone in a room after the others left in disbelief. She stands in front of an empty wall when Akarin's reflection appears. Akarin's hand seems to touch the ice, and Miyoko touches the ice at the same point.
The music stops. "Warmth?!" Miyoko whispers. Akarin smiles in sad happiness before fading away.

Miyoko runs outside, shouting the first phrase of the refrain. "I want to live!" before the music sets in. All members stand in front of the building, now wearing their uniforms, and perform the song. There are several duo shots - Akarin and Miyo, Miyagi and Honoka, Takamina and Sayaka, Acchan and Sasshi, Yui and Paruru. The snow blows up when the refrain ends. Miyoko starts running while singing her solo phrase in the end of the refrain.

She, once again, doesn’t get far. Her own memories of the missing girls start to fade as well, and she desperately holds on her own small memories. She breaks down into the deep snow while a blizzard starts blowing around her. At the house, the other girls are worried about her since she is still outside. The blizzard becomes stronger and stronger, and eventually she is caught in it, unable to move in the snow. Miyoko still cries, but seems to be about to pass out when the blizzard suddenly stops around her. It stills roars, but a small space seems to be unaffected. The music stops to play after the seconds strophe after the first refrain.


Akarin stands in front of her. Miyoko slowly looks up.
"It's me."
"You're alive!"
"We all are. And we found a way out of this prison of time."
"But...how?" Miyoko asks, but Akarin simply points to the frozen palace.

The music continues to play and now, the other missing girls travel to the palace in the blizzard. They manage to convince the other girls that the blizzard is endangering the palace too and that they aren't safe. They eventually come while Akarin and Miyoko watch the whole scene from the distance. They eventually join on their way to their ship. The girls step over a certain point of distance from the palace during the phrase "Is this a fantasy?" and suddenly start to remember.

Together, the girls perform in front of the ship. The blizzard stopped and it's snowing a little bit. Hikarin and Harrupi, Monica and Mocchi, Aimi and Rairin, Zelda and Ikuchan, Marian and Elise, Yuuna and Tomomo, Haruki and Miko have duo shots.

The sun comes out from behind the clouds and while the younger girls are confused, the previously missing girls genuly enjoy themselves. During her solo phrase, Akarin is shown laughing happily.

The girls look back at the frozen castle that now starts to collapse in itself while the next verses follow. Miyoko looks up to the sky and to the bright sun, and Akarin next to her smiles. All girls stand together, watching the palace collapsing, and Takamina claims that they are finally free from the frozen prison. Akarin corrects her; they are free of the whole past. They turns around and move towards the ship. Each member shortly gets a solo shot before they start running upon the phrase "I want to live". With Miyo at the front, the girls run in the vague formation of the song towards the ship. The song eventually ends, and the girls finally reach the ship. They board it and fly away, towards the sun. The song's title, "Melting", and "AKB0048" is shown over the image of the blue sky, the sun and the now small space ship.


  • In the music video, following members believe to be other members.
    • Kasumi Yuuna - Acchan
    • Ayana Elise - Paruru
    • MoYoung Marian - Yuihan
    • Kobayashi Griselda - Miyaya
    • Takaine Miyako - Sayaka
    • Tomone Kaoru - Takamina
    • Hatsune Hikari - Honoka
  • Out of unknown reasons, Akarin is missing in the MV from the point on, where she watches the castle collapsing with Miyoko. In the first scene, she is still present, but after correcting Takamina, she is gone.
  • It's a popular rumour that the only reason why Sasshi was the first member to be shown in the ice is because it was easiest to edit her into the video.