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Kodama Haruka the 8th
8-daime Kodoma Haruka
General Information
Original Name Matsuto Nami
Nickname(s) Haruppi
Age 18
Birthday December 18th, SC0110
Zodiac Sagittarius (♐︎)
Home Planet Maiamistar
Blood Type A-
Com Alias Robot
Eye Colour Aquamarine
Hair Colour Byzantine blue
Height 5'3
Familial information
Parents Matsuto Amy

Matsuto Ken

Siblings Matsuto Rena
Idol information
Team B
Generation 152nd Generation
Radiance Colour Watermelon Pink
Oshimen Kobayashi Marina the 1st
Social Media Nerdbot
Years Active SC0123-SC0126 (3 years)
Other information
User Chemmiechum
Hex Code #160049
Seiyuu Saki Fujita

"Happy mode on.I'm happy, you're happy, we're all happy. Who am I? (Fans shout: Haruruppi!) Hello, I'm Kodama Haruka the 8th~!" – Haruppi first introduction as successor

Nami Matsuto (マツトナミ) is a member of AKB0048's Team B; she is the co-captain of the group alongside Shimazaki Haruka the 11th who is the current captain of the group. She is one of AKB0048's current successors given the title as Kodama Haruka the 8th(8代目がため兒玉こだまはるか).

She is commonly known as Harrupi (はるっぴ). Another nickname that she has is Harupyo (はるぴょ) ,but it's not used often.) She's most recognize as the daughter of the current holder of IBOT industry .



Nami is a young beautiful woman who is 160.02cm tall. Her natural hair color is Byzantine blue with a heart on her hair. Her hair is naturally wavy; its brought down to her mid-back. Before, she always had her hair in a side-pig tail,but after her succession, she just lets it loose. Her natural eye color is Aquamarine inherited by her mother.

Her skin color is fair skin; luckily she gets tanned rather than getting easily burned when she is in the sun.

Nami's body structure is Inverted triangle shaped. Her weight is usually at 145 pounds

She has poor eyesight with this she'll wear her contacts outside of the dorm, but when she's in the dorm she'll wear her glasses.

Personality :

Before joining AKB0048, Nami was an incredibly shy girl because this she wasn't able to make friends when she was young instead be by herself.

She wasn't taught to defend herself when she was young. This made her into a coward and helpless making her bullies target her even more than they usually do.

Since she was small, Nami would always be serious about everything with technology because that's how she grew up surrounding herself with technology. If you ever have the chance to talk to her, she'll most likely be reading or studying more on robots.

She is a hard worker who strives to succeed at something she wants to obtain. Having straight A's in all her classes likes to be a high achiever.

When Nami was the Flying Get for her second round in AKB0048's 152nd Generation audition. She finally realizes that if she wanted to make it through she would need to make some allies or for anyone else, friends. As she talked more with certain girls at the audition, she came to realize that it's good to make friends so wouldn't be alone and to make herself safe. She will have to get used to it as she is not a social girl.

Nami is clumsy at times and bit awkward.

She is a spoiled child, who can quickly get what she wants with the money if the thing she wants is an object.

Nami cares about others around her. She cares about how they feel, what they need, or if everything is okay.

She focuses on Business. She has another side of her that she does not show with her friends. She can be quite clever. She's quick on her feet and cunning. She can easily persuade someone when she talks about what she wants from them. She is very charismatic and fiery heiress as intelligent and business savvy as her millionaire family.

History :

Life before the Auditions

Nami Matsuto was born on Akibastar this is where she got her love for AKB00048 idol group. She was born into the rich life loving it every moment, not feeling the poor life. She went to a private school in Akibastar called STAR Prep Academy. She was an introvert meaning she's a shy girl unable to know new people. At the age of seven she moved to Maiamistar as her father was about to become the new owner of IBOT Industry given by her grandmother before she had passed away. Life went down hill for Matsuto Nami.Still having no friends and being bullied for the rest of her life in the worst possible ways. Her bullies called her " No Friend Nami," because of not having any friends. This bothered her; feeling very humiliated going by with this nickname for many years. They even made fun of her for being friends with robots telling and laughing at her saying that she can never make any human friends. It made her more isolated not able to tell her father or mother knowing they will never understand her pain that she deals. Adding that her parents are very busy people whom could not spend time with her daughter. Her siblings were busy with their personal life. The only thing she did to feel great is either volleyball or creating robots to pass the time.

When her birthday came around finally turning thirteen. She declared that she will be auditioning for AKB0048's 152nd Generation. It was time for her to decide her own path and what she wanted to do this was her long dream ever since she was four years old. Now she wants it to become a reality, also she didn't want to be in Maiamistar with the people she tortured her for so many years. The song that she chose for her audition is Yume no Kawa (River of Dreams) with the help of her dear friends.She managed to make a good audition video. A month before the second audition, she received an email informing Nami that she has been accepted to the second round of the auditions. With the information she had; Nami went to inform her parents about the amazing news, but her news made her mother very worried and angry knowing her daughter will be wanted by the DES soldiers for supporting Entertainment. This lead into an argument. A day before going to the auditions, Nami lashed out at her parents including her brother that she will go no matter what. With that response her mother sealed in daughter in her room so she would miss the audition. Suddenly the doors were unlocked who did it? No one knew, but with that she took her chance and fled with some clothing.


Nami had arrived to the Flying Get. She was all alone when everyone else began to socialize with one another. The only thing she did is listening to Ginham Check. Finally she decide that it was time to make some allies that could help her pass the second round; she walked toward Shiraki Chiyo and Itano Tomoko introducing herself. She felt very pleased. Later she met Tsubasa Diana. It felt nice talking to people. As training began, she was sent to do Hand to Hand combat training supervised by Akimoto Sayaka the 15th, Taiyamoto Akano, and Hoshikawa Rei. She partnered up with Chiyo to fight against, once she fell to the ground. Later, Tomoko joined the group making it three people. They continued their training going to different areas for training. As the second round came around, she was very frighten and nervous thinking if it was a mistake to even audition or was it foolish to go against her mother's orders? She shakes her head having her confidence back up again. Nami knew she wanted this since she was four, she is not backing out now. With friends Nami had made all of them teamed up to rescue the lost members. With the surprise, it was all a test for the girls. She had passed the audition becoming an official AKB0048 member. Quickly enough, Kashita Akane passed out.

Team History

152nd Generation152nd Generation & Team ATeam ATeam B

  • Joining 152nd Generation (SC0123. 08.21)
  • Promoted to Team A (SC0123. 10.31)
  • Succeeded and subsequently left the 152nd Generation ( SC0125.1.31)
  • Transfer to Team B and became co-captain (SC0126.1 25)

Public Appearances

  • AKBingo
  • Gunslinger girl- Show ended
  • Shrine sisters slam dunk season 19 Ep 1 -EP 32 . This show is the Japanese version of Sister slam dunk. The show is about following their attempts at fulfilling each cast member's dream using a budget of $2,000.
  • Hello Counselor: a talk show with an emphasis on regular people, regardless of age or gender, that aims to help take down communication barriers by sharing stories about life. The program airs every Friday on Entertainment world .Harrupi was one of the counselor that helps people understand how they feel . She stopped after season 20 .

  • Gunslinger girl : Lyra is the character that Harrupi plays as.Lyra is a 14 year old girl assassin. She died ( shot in the head ) in season 2 episode 14;the last return .
  • Protocol Magi :ORIGIN .She plays Abe Kira / Solstice. Her character is rather a sassmaster than a sweet girl .
  • X (Anime Series)/X - Other Self . She voice acts Haruka.

  • Senbatsu Sousenkyo;ranked 21 (UnderGirl)
    • Preliminary votes : 1'967'328
    • Final Votes: 7'392'842

  • 564th Single Jyanken Taikai- Final round.Ranked 3rd. Lost to Takayama Ai .
  • Nivea's sunscreen. - Nami had audition to be on a sun screen commercial as a second debut to the acting world.She and 3 other girls passed the audition and became the spokes model of Nivea sunscreen.
    • Sunny slidewater park -This was during the summer.There had been a new water park open in Akibastar,she wanted to show everyone that she can be an outgoing person so she decided to audition for this and turned out great.She had a one day free pass to that waterpark.
    • trailer for Gunslinger girl
    • Sister slam dunk season 19
    • Eclair : w/Nakahara Monica ,Matsui Rena the 9th,Kodama Haruka the 8th ,Kuramochi Asuka the 13th .During this commercial they contribute Eclair through a one minute song


  • Motomiya Hikari - AKB0048's manager and producer.
  • Takahashi Minami the 7th - Senpai. Captain on Team A.
  • Akimoto Sayaka the 15th- Senpai. She once helped Sayaka in finding herself an apartment that would be slightly close to AKB0048's dorm and that satisfied Sayaka's requirement.
  • Shimazaki Haruka the 11th-Kouhai.
  • Sato Amina the 6th/Kagawa Sayuri- Senpai.
  • Parent

    • Amy Matsuto - Mother. She didn't allowed Nami go the the second audition as she was scared of losing her in the battle against D.E.S and locked her in her room thinking she wouldn't escape.
    • Ken Matsuto - Her father owns a cooperation,based on creating things for the future( Robo inventions,etc ).He was the reason Nami escape from her own room seeing that Nami could truly be someone in the future .To this day her father continues being proud of his own daughter
    • Rena Matsuto -Eldest Sister. Nami would describe her sister as an android and indeed Rena is Nami's favorite sibling. She follows instructions faithfully and makes sure that her task is completed in the right way. She deeply wishes that she could act like her big sister.
    • Shuji Matsuto - Brother.He tried to stop Nami from escaping,but Nami begged him to let her threw as she wanted to follow her dreams .Something inside him decided to let Nami threw . He continues to be worried about her.
    • Yuki Matsuto - Grandmother. passed away the year Nami turned 7 years old



    She could easily create robots,androids,anything that would involve with robotic engineering.Though,it may take many tries for her to fully succeed,she won't stop until it succeeds.Drones are easy for Nami to create.


    Surprisingly. Her singing is great compared to how many years she's been in 00


    In the beginning. Nami kept tripping or rather falling onto the ground.She was a beginner in dancing when she joined 00. Now she's a little bit better in dancing.Still struggling,but getting there.



    Nami greatest strength is using the LAS considering it's mostly technology.



    Hand to hand

    Her weakest strength.


    She loves to stay in character.Easy for her to memories her lines when she's alone and no one to bother her.


    Nami has a very good memory and is able to remember every detailed that has occurred. She can never forget, it's a curse for her.


    • English- Since growing up in Maiamistar. Nami has grown a custom to this language since she arrived to Maiamistar. Aside of that, where she lives the neighbors speak with a British Accent for some reason. She grew custom to the accent.
    • Japanese- Nami was born in Akibastar since then she learned this language as this was an international language.

    Speed Posing

    As required for photo shoots. Nami has learned this technique from Mocchi the 13th and is able to change poses in every second to spend less time on it This is called Rapid Speed Posing. She's able to think of new poses in second after another.



    Trivia :

    • Favorite New Era Song: Fancy
    • Audition Song: Yume no Kawa (1st Attempt)
    • Favorite Songs: One Disco Room by Perfume
    • Favorite Color: SIlver
    • Penlight Colour:  Golden Yellow
    • Favorite Show: Chobits
    • Favorite Season: Winter
    • Favorite Foods: McDonalds is her favorite,but to the public; she'll say Rigatoni with Chorizo and Spicy Chipotle Cream Sauce is her favorite.
    • Favorite Animal: Dolphins
    • Favorite brand : Heather
    • Charm Points: Intelligence
    • Blood Type: AB+
    • Hobbies: Building Robots and Walking/Taking Strolls.
    • Her voice actress is mostly recognized for being the voice of Hatsune Miku.
    • Her Kirara is a pink five tentacle with an antenna on it's head and black eyes.
    • At the beginning of her AKB0048 journey she was very shy and weak girl. Now she's outspoken and says what's on her mind.
    • She has notoriously poor eyesight. When staying at the dorms; she will wear her glasses. When she's doing her idol activities or concerts; she'll be wearing her contact lenses.
    • When speaking in English, she has an English Accent.
    • From a horrible experience. Nami is allergic to Peanuts.
    • She dislikes playing the role of a victim of a bullied person nor discusses about it.
    • She does not trust Sashihara Rino the 11th with her technology.
    • Her family is crazy wealthy. They are Old Money. Her family has been wealthy for many generations.
    • For Nami's birthday(SC0125) present, she received some landscape in Maiamistar. She used that land to build a penthouse apartment complex. On SC0126, she held a charity event on her birthday to raise money for the homeless.
    • She used to be on the volleyball team for two years.
    • SHE hates frozen.
    • She is right handed, but can use chopsticks or Utensils with either hand.
    • She is the best at using the LAS considering it's technology. Making her top 10 in the New Era and 00 History.
    • She attends STAR Academy.
    Current Staff Motomiya Hikari (Manager, Producer), Kuroki Erika (Presenter), Hashimoto Ayumi (Dance Instructor), Akiyama Tamotsu (Janitor), Akamine Kazuto (Vocal Instructor), Shirokami Yuki (Fashion Designer)
    Former Staff Shino Hoshina (Part time worker)
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