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マ氷 リリカ
Makori Ririka
Makori Ririka
General Information
Nickname(s) Makiri
Age 12 (SC0123)

15 (currently)

Birthday 3rd August SC0111
Home Planet Twostar
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Orange
Height 159cm
Familial information
Idol information
Team Team A
Generation 152nd
Radiance Color Light green
Social Media @FlowerMakiri
Other information

"I'm the brightest flower, the 152nd generation understudy Makori Ririka - for short Makiri!" - Ririka's catchphrase.

Makori Ririka is understudy of 152nd generation. She is also known under nickname Makiri, which she made up herself.


She has orange hair which she puts in two ponytails. She has green eyes and heart shaped shine in them as well as in her hair. When she originally arrived on Akibastar she mostly owned cheap clothes in white, brown or black colour but she loved to wear cute dresses the most even though she only owned one back then. Even though she has more clothes now that dress is still her favorite. It's orange and green and despite having more dressess now it's still her favorite outfit.. It was made by her grandmother when she was her age and Ririka used to wear it for all special occassions.


Ririka is very self confident and appears to be very strong and always happy. She likes to think that she acts very cute as Makiri, however she often seems arrogant and as someone who believes is perfect at everything. She loves to have fun and always seems excited about everything.

However all of this is actually her character Makiri that she made to make life easier for kids with whom she lived in the forest as well as to give herself courage and confidence. She believed the group of kids needed someone much stronger than her to lead them and help them survive without their parents. In reality Ririka is quite shy and not very self confident person. She often doubts herself and is worried about kids with whom she used to live in the forest. She also has a short temper and is quick to anger, especially when it comes to DES as she helds big hatred towards them because of her parents' death that only grows everytime she hears something bad happened to someone because of them.

When talking to young kids Ririka instinctively switches to "older sister mode" as she is used to taking care of young children.

Ririka's "Makiri" personality isn't an "off-stage/on-stage thing" like with some of the other members. Ririka takes the role of her character pretty much everyone. She hides her true personallity from other members however she sometimes shows it when something big happens. So far the only members who know her real self are Honda Hibiki and Tsubasa Diana.


Early life

Ririka was born on Twostar, planet that is known for being very divided by DGTO and AEPS supporters. Part of the planet is under very strict entertainment ban while the other part isn't under ban at all and the two parts are often fighting against each other. Ririka was born in country called Kiamin, where entertainment wasn't banned but it was on the border with many countries with strictest entertainment ban. When Ririka was young she had no idea about dangerous battles that were happening in Kiamin and she always played with kids who lived in same street and had fun. Her parents however taught her how to get food from forest when she was very young and they also taught her basic defense skills. At that time she had no idea how much she would need them.

Change in Her Country

Battles on Kiamin became even worse and even children started to notice something was wrong. DES force became stronger and many families with close bonds to entertainment started to move away because they were scared of them taking over Kiamin. One night when Ririka was 9 her parents woke her up and told her to run away to the forest with other kids from the street and wait for them there. 7 kids did as they were told while their parents who were all part of WOTA stayed behind and fought DES. None of them returned and kids soon learned that Kiamin was put under entertainment ban and some of their parents where dead (including Ririka's) while others were arrested.

Birth of Makiri

Kids were now alone in the forest. They couldn't return to their homes so they decided to travel in forest to find somewhere to live. Ririka being the eldest was the one who usually went looking for food and acted as older sister for the others even though she was very young herself. When they were walking for days barely finding enough food and water all of them were tired and worried not sure if they'll be able to survive. Ririka was very worried about feeding others but realised that she has to be strong as she is the eldest. She started to tell them stories about super girl called Makiri who was singing like idols from AKB0048 and was strong and not afraid of anyone. She was brave, strong and self-confident. The character was something that Ririka wanted to become one day. She named her Makiri with mixing her surname and name in hope that she'll one day become like that. Other kids loved stories very much and Ririka eventually ended up always acting like Makiri and prented to be strong so others won't worry, even though she was always very worried herself. After doing it for years it became a natural and reflex role even though she deep inside always stayed a scared little girl who had no idea how she'll survive another day.

Life in Forest

Ririka and other kids spend almost two years living in travelling from the forest somehow succeeding in finding enough food and shelters during the bad weather. During that time Ririka continued to be an older sister (or sometimes even parent) figure to them and considered all 6 of them as her family. The kids were lucky to be taught survival skills by their parents who were worried that they might get in a situation where they'll need them. Living in forest made Ririka's survival and defence skills even improve. Those two years were really harsh for 7 kids but they never gave up hope that one day they'll find a home again.

Finding home

After spending almost two years in the forest the kids who have travelled quite far from home end up meeting an old woman Fujiwara Kasumi living in a house at the edge of the forest who soon realises that they must be in big trouble and helps them. She however seemed very shocked when she first saw Rirka and called her Sonoko as she reminded her of her younger sister. Eventually they find out that Kasumi is sister of Ririka's grandmother who died after giving birth to Ririka's father and got separated from her sister before that. Kasumi decides to take care of all seven kids despite it being a very challenging thing especially for someone who is not very young. She also gave Ririka a dress that used to belong to her grandmother which immediately became Ririka's favorite piece of clothing.

The kids were very happy living with Kasumi even though her house was very small for 8 people. After almost 2 years they finally found a place they could call home again.

AKB0048 and going to auditions

Ririka was since young age huge fan of 00 and loved listening to her music. While she couldn't listen to them when she lived in the forest she still used to sing their songs with her siblings and her character Makiri was a person who sang like idols from 00. When they started to live with Kasumi 00 song became something they listened to daily again and Ririka's dream of joining them became even bigger than before.

Auditions for 152nd generation

Team History

152nd Generation152nd Generation & Team K152nd Generation & Team A

Joined the 152nd Generation of Trainees (SC0123.08.21)
Transferred to Team K (SC0123.10.31)
Transferred to Team A (SC0126.01.25)


Due to her living in forest and training with parents when she was young, Ririka has very good defense and surviving skills. She can easily find food and is very good at using bow and arrow. She is very knowledgeable about diffrent animals and plants. She is quite good at using micsabers but she isn't very confident with riffles because they make her nervous (mainly because her parent's were killed by them). Her singing and dancing skills are good but she isn't as confident with them as with her defence skills.


Fujiwara Kasumi - Her grandmother's older sister. She took care of Ririka and other children after she found them in the forest.

Hino Kohaku - The second eldest of 7 kids. He realised that Makiri is Ririka's way of trying to stay strong for others. He is the one who convinced Ririka that others will be fine even if she leaves them to join 00.

Todo Agathe - The third eldest of 7 kids. She admires Ririka a lot and wants to be a good older sister like her.

Hino Yuzuru - The middle kid of 7 kids.

Todo Sae - The third youngest of 7 kids.

Nakamura Hikaru - The second youngest of 7 kids.

Hino Michiru - The youngest of 7 kids.

Makori Sonoko - Ririka's grandmother. Ririka newer knew her as she died when her father was born however she is very interested in stories she heard about her from her parents and Kasumi. Ririka's favorite dress used to belong to her grandmother.

Inoue Megumi - Sempai.

Takanashi Yukari - Sempai.

Hoshimiya Aoi - Sempai.

Hoshikawa Rei - Sempai.

Ito Hotaru - Sempai. Two of them seem to get along quite well and often team up to joke about something.

Hikami Yumeko - Sempai.

Itano Tomorin - Sempai.

Samuikaze Ran - Sempai.

Harune Diamond - Sempai.

Taiyamoto Akano - Sempai.

Asahina Miru - Sempai.

Itano Tomoko - Fellow Kenkyuusei. They spend a lot of time together as they are roommates. They participated in the Unit Taikai as part of the same unit.

Aozora Kokone - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Honda Hibiki - Fellow Kenkyuusei. Two of them aruged a lot when they met for the first time and it seemed that they just couldn't get along but eventually they grew to be much closer and Ririka even considers Hibiki as an older sister figure. They participated in Unit Taikai as part of same unit. (See TsuBiKa)

Tsubasa Diana - Fellow Kenkyuusei. Two of them became close friends as they are roommares and both like little sisters to Hibiki. Ririka calls her DiaWing. They participated in Unit Taikai as part of same unit. (See TsuBiKa)

Ryuuzaki Miyoko - Kouhai.

Nakahara Monica - Kouhai.

Masaki Amarie - Kouhai.

Amaya Jia - Kouhai.

Akiba Airi - Kouhai.

Hatsune Hikari - Kouhai.

Ikeda Itsuki - Kouhai.

Kasumi Yuuna - Kouhai.

Ayana Elise - Kouhai.

Kobayashi Griselda - Kouhai.

MoYoung Marian - Kouhai.

Itou Haruki - Kouhai.

Tomone Kaoru - Kouhai. Ririka is often annoyed by her arrogant personality but is at the same time also amused by it and often purpously tries to pick fights with her.

Nishimura Karin - Kouhai.

Murasaki Aoi - Kouhai.

Nagase Yuuri - Kouhai.

Koizumi Ayaka - Kouhai.

Shiratama Mayu - Kouhai.

Natsuki Hotaru - Kouhai.

LaLa Rue - Kouhai.

Tobina Riko - Kouhai.

Kumotani Julie - Kouhai.

Chiba Miku - Kouhai.

Mizu Kaguya - Kouhai.

Lee Hana - Kouhai.

Chizu Snow - Kouhai.

Yokoyama Asuna - Kouhai.

Ogawa Norah - Kouhai.

Kamiyama Mako - Kouhai.

Sengawa Kagome - Kouhai.

Kaname Reina - Kouhai.

Kawano Namia - Kouhai.

Tachibana Elisabeth - Kouhai.

Yozora Yoko - Kouhai. Ririka is slightly overwhelmed by how much Yoko admires her but refuses to show that and always says she loves attention she is getting from her which is to some degree true. She is determined to stay someone Yoko can admire and thinks of her as another little sister.

Arisugawa Mikoto - Kouhai.

Amuro Yuhane - Kouhai.

Angelica Bianchi - Kouhai.

Akimoto Sayaka the 15th - Sempai

Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th - Kouhai.

Takahashi Minami the 7th - Sempai

Kuramochi Asuka the 13th - Kouhai.

Sashihara Rino the 11th - Fellow kenkyusei before her succession.

Shimazaki Haruka the 11th - Fellow kenkyusei before her succession.

Kodama Haruka the 8th - Fellow kenkyusei before her succession.

Ikuta Erika the 11th - Kouhai.

Eguchi Aimi the 4th - Kouhai.

Hirate Yurina the 7th - Sempai.

Nakai Rika the 15th - Kouhai.

Minegishi Minami the 7th - Kouhai.

Matsui Jurina the 8th - Sempai.

Watanabe Mayu Type 5 - Sempai.

Kagawa Sayuri - Sempai.

Shibuya Komari - Sempai.

Shino Hoshina - Sempai sometimes also considered as member of same generation.

Ashley Snow - Sempai.

Suzuno Natsuki - Sempai.

Suzuno Sakura - Sempai.

Motomiya Hikari - AKB0048's manager and producer.

Kuroki Erika - AKB0048's presenter.

Hashimoto Ayumi - AKB0048's dance teacher.

Akiyama Tamotsu - AKB0048 dorms' janitor.

Akamine Kazuto - AKB0048's vocal instructor.

Shirokami Yuki - AKB00480's designer.


"I'm the brightest flower, the 152nd generation understudy Makori Ririka - for short Makiri!" - Ririka's catchphrase.

"The next succession concert will definitely be mine!" - Ririka at every succession concert.

"Everyone! It's nice too meet you! I'm the most shining flower, Makori Ririka, for short Makiri. I'll definitely pass this audition and become 00's biggest star!" - Ririka saying her catchphrase in the middle of dinning room at auditions for 152nd generation.

"I'm planning to work as hard as I can and even harder to reach my dream." - to Ito Hotaru at lunch at auditions for 152nd generation

"It's things that we love that makes us shine." - at auditions for 152nd generation.

She felt like using the vocabulary of Hoshikawa Rei - she felt like if this were a story it would be the one where the author clearly prefered one team and would use any plot device so the things ended up working the way they wanted them too - so that a certain team would win. - Ririka's thoughts during the first concert of Unit Taikai.



  • SC0125 - #31

  • Songs


    • Character song: Twin Flower Masquerade
    • Her kirara is shaped like a lime-coloured flower.
    • She always carries a micsaber with her.
    • She plays with her ponytail when she is nervous or lost in her thoughts.
    • Her voice actress was chosen because of her role of Kurisu Kokone from Aikatsu!
      • Same voice actress also voices many characters from Pretty Rhythm series.