SeriesMajisuka Gakuen 00
ActorMiyabi Honoka
DebutEpisode 01 (Cameo)

Niji (ニジ) is a character in Majisuka Gakuen 00. She is portrayed by Miyabi Honoka and a student of grade A. Her real name is Miyabi Honoka (雅  ほのか).


Niji is one of the characters who has accessorized her school uniform the most. She has a short-puffysleeved shirt with lace at the ends. She wears a choker with similar lace, and has a shorter skirt with puffy-looking lace underneath. She has a golden chain around her hip, wih different cheerful symbols, each in a colour of the rainbow (ie: a lucky clover, a flower, a star, a heart, and a smiley). She does also have bracelets with beads in the order of the rainbow's colours. She wears long, white socks, and has the normal school uniform shoes, but does also wear a smiliar, but smaller, chain to the one around her hip on her left leg. She does also not wear the usual Majisuka Gakuen scarf, but rather an original one, which - unsurprisingly - also is in the colour of the rainbow.

Part of her hair is put in a side-ponytail on her right side of her head. She has coloured streaks in her hair - again, amplifying her nickname.


Not much is known about Niji. She is a spunky, upbeat and happy girl who miraculously managed to get through the first two grades without joining a team. She is surprisingly young.


  • Her name comes from the Japanese word for "rainbow".
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