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Heaven or Hell (天国か地獄か Tengoku ka jigoku ka?) is the first Episode of Majisuka Gakuen 00.


All Characters appear, althrough most only have cameo appearances.
List to be added.


Everything starts with an explination about the school, followed by the Intro of the Series, Ikiru Chance. The bells of the Majisuka Gakuen were ringing. Various students ran though the corridors of the school. Still, many students were outside. One of them was Shino Hoshina. She was amazed by the clear, white school building. Despite that the young girl had never heard much of the school, she was happy. The school could bring her a better future! But before she knew it, she was the only one who stand on the school ground. "Eh?! W-where are the other students?" The girl asked, sightly afraid.
"At the entrance ceremony.." A voice behind her replied. The new, surprised, student turned to another girl who said: "Hello, you."
The girl was surprised that she hadn't heard the other girl until she spoke: "Eh, hello... Wait.. Is it already starting?" The girl next to her shook her head: "No. Usually, everyone is at least 10 minutes earlier. I'm Inno."
Then introduction screen of Inno appeard.
"..Inno? Thats an.. interesting name."
Inno nooded: "Well, my real name doesn't matter. Everyone at the school here has a nickname which everyone uses. Don't ask why, everyone just does it. Whats your name?"
"I-I don't have one.. Ehm, a nickname, I mean. My real name-"
Inno sighted. "Doesn't matter. Believe me, it's better like this. Get yourself a nickname." The girl turned away.
"W-wait!" Hoshina called. "D-do you know the way to the entrance ceremony?" Inno nooded.
"Yeah. Of cause, I'm A."
"A? Oh, yeah, I remember. The Grades here are not the regular ones, right?" Again, Inno nooded.
"...Follow me. We should meet Tactic soon, with her, it's safer."
"Safer. You're probably one of those who don't know the meaning of 'Majisuka', right?"
"I do, but why?"
"Majisuka. Are you serious enough for beeing a student here? Are you able to survive?"
"W-what do you mean? Survive?"
Inno nodded again. "Believe me. Outside isn't inside. Here at the academy, we don't just play 'perfect students'. You know, every grade has lesser and lesser students. To come through the exams for the next year, you need to know every single book perfectly or you find a way to 'smooth out' your rivals."
"..Smooth out?"
Again, Inno nooded. "Yeah. You know, our school has a high... injury rate. Several students fight against each other to claim the top of the school, to save their places here..." The voice of the girl became a bit sad: "I just made it with the help of my sister, even if she is in K. She is the leader of Team Infinity. The current top of Majijo. Don't go against her, she is awesome."
Hoshina nooded: "Okay.."
"Do you know any material arts? Any idea if you could survive?"
"Before I've entered the school, I had to live on the street." The girl started to think. "I started to lean how to steal various things."
Inno smiled. "Could be useful."

Both girls went to the main building of the school. At least, they wanted too. In the middle of their way, Hoshina stumbled into another girl.
"Eh? Oh, sorry!" The girls excused immediately. "I'm very sorry!"
The other girl turned to the both: "Shut up." She pointed on some other students who went laughing though the corridor, behind them, another student with nosebleeds.
Inno seem to know what happend: "D."
Hoshina looked confused to the other girl: "In?*"
"D. a group like Team Infinity. Let's hope that Tactic finds us."
The three girls steppt away from their last victim. "See there, isn't that Infinity's little baby?" One of the asked.
"Today not with your bodyguard here?" Another one asked.
"C'mon, we don't have much time, go girls!" The third one said.
"As you said, Shinji."
The three other girls stepped straight to Inno, who looked around herself: "...You two. Can you fight? I can't."
"Fight?! Really? Aren't here any teachers?!" The girl was upset.
"Welcome to the Majisuka Gakuen." Inno commented.
"Well, some self-defense things." The girl replied, in a arrogant tone.
"Have fun." Inno replied and stepped back.
The two D. attacked the unknown girl and Hoshina. While Hoshina dodged mostly every attack, the unnamed girl was able to attack by herself. At least, the btoh girls were able to win.
Shinji, who watched the battle without helping her friends, grinned: "Good to know. I'm Shinji, the Co-Leader of D. Whats your name?" She asked the unnamed girl.
Then introduction screen of Shinji appeard. "I'm blue" The other girl says. "I'm Green." The introduction of the two appears.
"My real name shouldn't interesst you. Call me Hime-sama."
Then introduction screen of Hime appeard.
"I'll drop the Sama, Hime. I'm abouve you. What's yours?"
"Eh?! Ehm..." Hoshina nooded: "Call me Starry."
Then introduction screen of Starry appeard.
"Starry? Okay, nice to meet ya'. I'm shure" The girl turned away "We'll meet again, Starry, Hime. Don't use your time to be with Inno, she is weak. It's a miracle that she survived."
With those words, Shinji went away.
Inno nooded: "Maybe. Girls, we should move on. Who knows when those, "She pointed on the girls"Can fight again."
"Wait. Why should I go with you?!" Hime asked upset.
"It's more safe in a group." Inno replied calm.

With the finished Entrance Ceremony, Hime leaves the room, followed by Starry and Inno. She seem to want to sepparate from Starry and Inno.
"You don't need to follow me everywhere I go, you two." Hime commented arrogantly.
"Don't worry, I'm not going to do this. However, I want to speak with you when we've meet Tactic."
"Who is Tactic?" Hime asked.
Tactic is entered the screen, followed by other Team Infinity members.
"I heard you had a problem, Inno." She said.
Inno nooded and stepped behind the leader of Team Infinity: "Yeah. But those two helped me."
"Thank you." Tactic commented.
Sightly suprised, Starry bowed: "Th-Thank you."
"Those two seem to have talent to survive." Inno commented too.
"We will see. You two. I believe, Inno has explained you Our system? Well if, you'll be welcome in Team Infinity as long you keep the rules."

The episode ends with the Ending Song, Ame ga Shuryo.

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