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Lucia Espinoza (ルチアエスピノーザ) is a minor character in AKB0048 universe. She is Akimoto Sayaka the 15th's (half) younger sister.



Lucia's height is appears to be 159cm. She has dark-red as her hair color. Her hair style are always different depending on how she wants to dress today,but as her usual hairstyle she always wears a  clips on the side of her bangs and has the rest of her hair loose. Her eye color is Baby-Blue.

Before meeting her oldest sister. The type of clothing she normally wear would be plain, old clothing. After meeting her she prefers to wear Chic Outgoing looks and at times,Preppy.


Lucia can be very cold-hearted when introducing yourself to her,but that's how she is in order to protect herself from the real world.She'll likely ignore you by pretending you're not around her presence. When you get to know her better she begins to open up and becomes nice little by little.

She tends to be very imaginative when reading her books. At times she'll place herself as the main character just to see what is like to be in their shoes (figuratively). When she's not reading her books. She tends to keep things realistic instead of looking from others perceptive as an example when she encountered AKB0048 members. They tasered her father calling them crazy,because in reality they really are.

She has a leader personality, before meeting Akimoto Sayaka the 15th. She was the one who was usually taking care of her younger sibling while her dad was at work( Protective). She makes sure everything was alright with her siblings and made sure they got out of trouble.

She is able to memories things quicker. When she takes the train is exactly memories the train's map.

She at times can be very selfish. She doesn't like to become a people pleaser,because of this, she's deeply doesn't care about negative comments

She loves to gain knowledge. Most of the books she reads are mostly for studying.


  • Akimoto Sayaka the 15th- Lucia is still getting used to having Sayaka in her life. She and Sayaka are very much different people from personality to preferences, but she likes having a big sister in her life. It's uncanny but nice?

  • Li zixuan- Lucia would sometime get irritated by Zixuan, but yet,she would forgive her because of how adorable she is. Lucia always has to protect Zixuan, because of how she'll get easily manipulated by people. Lucia would always question on how she ever became friends with Zixuan. She is a transfer student who comes from Shanstar



  • Spanish- Home. Lucia mostly spoke Spanish when she was in the house just to talk to her father or siblings.
  • English- School and Planet.The planet where she lived before mostly spoke English.
  • Japanese- School.Japanese is the most dominated language in the galaxy. Lucia started to learn this since the beginning of Pre-K.
  • Chinese- School.Lucia wanted to learn Chinese the moment she met her new friend. She believes it's very tricky.


  • "You guys are nothing,but crazy girls! " -Lucia telling to AKB0048's members (Sayaka's Father)


  • Lucia(ルチア)- The name is originated in Italy. The meaning of the name Lucia is: Graceful Light.
  • Espinoza is written in Katakana エスピノーザ-. The name refers to"thorny", ultimately from Latin spinosus, a derivative of spina meaning "thorn, spine".


  • She shares the same dad with Akimoto Sayaka the 15th along with her siblings:Rico and Kara.
  • She's a Bookaholic. Meaning, she's addicted to reading books.
    • Favorite Novel: Fallen
  • She prefers a Girl Crush/Sexy image instead of Cute/Bubbly. Somehow she makes an exception for Hoshikawa Rei.
  • She loves classical music.
  • She's highly interested in auditioning for an idol program. Reason, in order to feel what is like to be an idol, or audition for a idol competition.
  • Aside of reading books. She loves to take pictures with her Cannon Camer
  • Has a "boyish" fashion sense
  • Is left-handed
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