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LaLa Rue
Rue Rara
General Information
Nickname(s) LaLa
Age 12
Birthday _____ SC0114
Eye Colour Bright Blue
Hair Colour Orange
Familial information
Parents Mother
Father (deceased)
Siblings 5 older brothers
Idol information
Generation 154.5th Generation
Oshimen Shinonome Sonata
Years Active SC0125-SC0126
(1 year)
Other information
User LaLa Rue
Hex Code #459923

Hi there I'm LaLa Rue I hope to make you all smile thank you very much.

Name: LaLa Rue (Goes by LaLa)


Home planet: HarmonyStar

Personality: LaLa is very Energetic always have been she is a very talk able she always follows her heart. She loves to sing and dance she always wear a bunny pin that her dad grave her before he pass. she is never sacred to try new things. she is always the first one out of bed and dancing she is very sweet.

Public: she always wears a dress even when its cold outside she loved dress since she was little you will never see her in pants or pj pants she puts her hair up when going outside but when home she has it done with her bunny pin in it she dose not like dark colors she has always like bright colors because she see herself being the center and shinning.

Appearance: She has middle Orange hair and Bright blue eyes. she is always wearing a bunny pin in her hair just like her idol Sonata Shinonome (not a bunny hat but a bunny pin) she is a girly girl always wearing summer dresses and bright colors she is very short.

History: Pre-AKB LaLa is the youngest in her family she has 5 older brothers working for the DES they all hate interment they all trained and got in they have chase after AKB for years now they are always away never to visit her or her mother. LaLa's mother works for the DES to but on her plant so LaLa is always home alone. when she was 5 her father told her about a wonderful idol group who came to see there fans he told her stores in secret not to be heard from the other family members. she loved to hear stores from him about this idol superhero group every night he would sing to her one of there songs to make her fall asleep her father was a store owner which sold guns to the DES one day when he was working he had a heart attack and died LaLa was only 9 when her mother told her. she cried every night then after his wake she found a box full of SD cards and a letter telling her to listening to them to put them into her phone she realize this was the song she use to fall asleep to from her dad she cried after words she look them up and it was a idol group called AKB0048 she fell in love with them. She wanted to become one a AKB member she practice when her mother was not home until one day it was her 12 birthday her older came home to find her singing he was mad told there mother and she would not be celebrating her birthday that year her mother put up cameras in her room a lock on the window and door. She was so mad but then her phone rang a message saying to audition for the 154.5 Generation she was very happy but didn't let the camera see so for her audition tape she went into a shed during school recorded herself singing and dancing she sent it hoping for a reply weeks later she was sent ticket's to come for the 2ed audition she was so happy she seek like a duck during class after would she ran home to pack away from the cameras view when it was time to go she pick the lock on her window she wrote a note and showed it to the camera saying

im doing this to chase my dreams thank you

with that said she wave at the camera out her window on to the ground running to the ship before take off she was running with joy touching her bunny pin her father grave her and telling him in heaven look dad I made it.