Erika Kuroki
黒木えりか (くろき えりか)
Kuroki Erika
Age32 (SC123)
35 (SC0125)
Birthday DateSC0091/11/11
Home PlanetAkibastar
Eye Colourblue
Hair Colourbrown-dark red
Former Successor NameOkada Nana the 8th
Former Generation132nd Generation
Favourite SongBokutachi wa Tatakawanai
SeiyuuMasuda Yuki

Erika Kuroki is the current presenter of AKB0048's diffrents shows and events, and also a former 00-member. She used to be Okada Nana the 8th (8代目 岡田奈々), also known as Naachan (なぁちゃん). She also works as teacher for history and music, even though not in a full position.


Erika has brown hair which tends to be in a bit dark red hue and sea blue eyes. Like all granduates of AKB0048, she has diamond-shaped sparkles in her eyes and on her hair.

Personality Edit

Like every Okada Nana, she is very serious. This serious personality didn't change after her granduation. She never liked it, to do things unfinished. Erika is always very official and formal. She mentioned, that her IQ would be 132. when she was younger. She used known for beeing pretty worse in variety shows - yet, she fills the presenter spot of AKBing00! due to the fact that her not-variety personality usually ended up being funny too.



Erika lived as regular girl on Nikkoustar. She lived in the capital of the planet and saw as 11-years old girl her 'first live' of 00. Erika knew already about 00 but this was the first live-performance she saw. Her whole live, she wanted to be a teacher but on this day, she decided to change her dream. She started to learn dancing and singing. When she finally was allowed to auddition, she also was accepted. She joined at the age of 14.

Time as idolEdit


Erika worked hard as kenkyuusei to succeed, despite she didn't knew a name, she wanted to succeed. Erika became the popularest member of her generation, which consisted of 4 members, because of her kindness and seriousness. When she was going to succeed, mostly everyone guessed right: She would succeed Okada Nana's name.


After nine months beeing a kenkyuusei, she had got the fever of succession. She got this fever on a free day in the morning. She retained the fever as a secret to don't worry the other members. In the evening, she collapsed. After she got better, she succeed the name of Okada Nana.

Erika stayed 7 years as successor of AKB0048. She graduated exactly 7 years after her succession. She often mentioned, that she probably would have stay as member but she wanted to granduate 7 years after her succession due to her new name's meaning.

After graduationEdit

After her graduation, she started to work as a teacher on Akibastar until she heard, that Hikari wanted to reform 00. She became the presenter of 00s diffrent shows, despite she still worked as teacher.

While studying, Erika continued to follow 0048 in any wises, her studies allowed. She also often visited local WOTA groups on Naniwastar, as she studied there. She also met a WOTA member named Sakagami Yusuke who originally came from Akibastar. Both got along very well and even after he returned to his home planet, they kept in touch.
After finishing her studies, Erika decided that she'd return to Akibastar. She had plently reasons to do so - but a major reason was the fact that she had fallen a bit in love with Yusuke. She started working as a teacher and started a relationship with him, marrying him at the age of 29.


  • Sashihara Rino the 11th - Whenever Sasshi is doing something in the school's local network, Erika is usually the teacher to take care of it. She has picked up the tendency to use Sasshi as threat to make Hikari take a break.

  • Motomiya Hikari - During their time in 0048, Hikari was Erika's senior, and she admires her for her dedication to 0048. Today, they seem to be on friendly basis, and Erika sometimes tends to just pop into Hikari's office to make sure that she isn't overworking herself.
  • Hashimoto Ayumi - Ayumi used to be her senior when they were in AKB0048. Now, both sometimes meet during their work in 0048. Both have other work aside of 0048.

  • Sakagami Yusuke - Her husband. Yusuke and Erika share lots of interests and eventually became couple and married.
  • Sakagami Yukiko - Her daughter who is four years old.
  • Mashiro Hifumi - Her nice who is ten years old. She currently lives with Erika due to her parents' work.
  • Mashiro Masako - Erika's sister who is the CEO of a famous fashion brand. She works a lot and has little time for her daughter who because of this lives with her aunt, Erika.


  • Kuroki (黒木) can be split in two parts. 黒 means black and 木 means tree.
  • Erika (えりか)'s is unknown.



  • Her Oshimen was the 9th Ichikawa Miori, however, she never wanted to be like her.
  • Her Majisuka Gakuen name was Maji (マジ). In the Majisuka Gakuen season she participled, she played one of the main characters.
    • Her character shortly appears in Majisuka Gakuen 00 as former leader of Team Infinity which can be assumed that this was the result of the previous season.
  • She once, as a new member, stated that she wanted her first boyfriend to be her last. Currently, she's married to her first boyfriend.
  • Despite being married, Erika has continued to use her mother's surname.
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