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Koizumi Ayaka
koizumi ayaka
General Information
Nickname(s) KoiAya
Age 13 (as of SC0127)
Birthday Feburary 15th SC0114
Zodiac Aquarius
Home Planet Diamondstar
Eye Color Teal
Hair Color Emerald green
Height 149cm
Familial information
Parents Koizumi Ayumi
Siblings Koizumi Atsuhiro
Koizumi Akiro
Idol information
Generation 154.5th Generation
Radiance Color Emerald green
Oshimen Hirate Yurina
Social Media @KoiAya127
Years Active SC0125-present
(1 year)
Other information
User Eurovisionprecurefan
Hex Code #C5C720
Seiyuu Miyama Karen

"Rareriroru Ranbow~! I'm the next shining star! My name is Koizumi Ayaka, call me Ayan!."


Koizumi Ayaka is a 154.5th Generation member. She was from Diamondstar but moved to Akibastar after passing the audition.


Home planet: Diamondstar

Personality: Energetic (supremely), always postive, cheerful but is sensitive, and very strong at showing her emotions, especially when she’s really sad.

Appearance: She has emerald green hair tied in a right side ponytail and teal eyes.

Favourite song: Aikatta

Desired member: Anyone~

Favourite member: Hirate Yuuna-chan~

Height: 149cm



Ayaka was inspired by AKB0048 for a long time, as she often watches them, alongside her childhood friend Orin. But then, Orin ignored her due to the fact that entertainment is illegal. But that didn't stop her. She found the auditions for 154th generation, and tried to, but she didn't want to upset her mother. She tried to ask her mother, but her mother's health condition became much worse. So she asked her and her mother agreed, but when she came, it was too late. So with Karin and Aoi, she went to the ship.


Ayaka joined Aoi for fighting the enemies, and killed some of the robots that the enemies prepared. But she then later disappeared, due to her getting a small rifle in her leg, making her skin in her leg crack, and breaking some bones. She ended up going to hospital, and wasn't seen until the Miyabi Honoka succession concert. She then had a hiatus, and even missed her first ever Senbatsu Sousenkyo. But then she heard of her friend and generation mate Karin's succession, and then came back to AKB0048 in order to support her friend. Ayaka was often seen supporting others towards the end of the year, and her New Year's goal was to "make everyone, the fans and the members smile, no matter if she succeeds or not."


Nishimura Karin:

Childhood friend, as they know each other through their mothers. Very close since during and after the audition.

Murasaki Aoi:

Helps her with fighting. She really likes Aoi due to her friendly persona.

Ayaka in March SC0126

Zoey Bright:

Zoey motivated her when she was injured during the succession concert, and Ayaka couldn't help but smile. Her happiness has returned from Zoey's motivation.

Miyabi Honoka:

Really jealous of her because she was Matsui Jurina before her.

Kashita Miyagi

Strongly hated her for her cold personality.

Koizumi Ayumi:

Her only parent. She didn’t have a father for a unknown reason. Ayumi is often seen at the hospital, due to her endless cancer. Ayumi is the only person who trusts Ayaka. Knowing she will die in the future, Ayumi will always try her best to ignore the fact that Ayaka has not join DES like her brother. Ayumi really hopes all her children followed their dreams. 

Koizumi Atsuhiro:

Eldest brother. Was suggested to join DES after a teacher’s suggestion. His dream is to protect the land of Diamondstar and not let anything affect them. Ayaka couldn’t help but isolate him. Atsuhiro still remembers Ayaka, but believes that he is with their mother, safe and sound. Atsuhiro is 14 years older than Ayaka. 

Koizumi Akiro:

Second eldest brother. Does care a lot for Ayaka when Ayaka was a baby, and when Atsuhiro was in DES. During SC0126, Akiro was the one who shot Ayaka, and then became paralysed as he found out who he shot. Not telling anyone, even his brother, Akiro tries to apologise to Ayaka but with AKB0048 moving around the DES areas, he finds it way difficult. Akiro is 8 years older than Ayaka. 


 Group Songs:





  • Her future dream is to be the Center Nova.
  • Penlight Color: Emerald green
  • Hates when people graduate from AKB0048. 
  • Her brothers are part of DES. 
154th Generation
Current Members Itou Haruki, Tomone Kaoru
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