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Distraught (取り乱した, Torimidashita) is the first episode of Koi no Kensaku.


  • Chigusa Hanami
  • Okada Ayaka
  • Hayate


Episode 01 - Distraught

“It was a bright sunny day. Cold, however. I couldn't bare getting up. That’d take too much energy out of me. Winter break is over for me, so it’s a bit unusual for me to wake up early. My break was… interesting. I had… a “breakdown”. Well, my legs did. One day, I was walking to the kitchen to get something to drink, and that was when I lost feeling in my legs. I collapsed on the floor and I couldn’t get up. I didn’t know if I was going to lose my legs or not.” “My mom ended up rushing me to the hospital. Wasn’t a bad ride; I’d love to ride with my mom to places. Although, I couldn’t enjoy it because I was pretty much paranoid. I guess you could say that I was rambling like when people rant about a game, except worse. I can’t even recall what was happening because it all went by so fast. Then I woke up in a hospital bed, the same way I woke up this morning.” “Okay, I’m going to be honest and straightforward. I have Anemia, or I lack blood (cells). If it was just another case of my anemia kicking in, why was it so bad? And why did the hospital take more tests than usual?” “Oh, I’m sorry. I haven’t even introduced myself. However, you’ll figure it out. Soon, you’ll know my name.”

“Hanami! Come down here and get some homemade pancakes! Hanami!” A woman called the girl who was in the bed. “Hanami!” “Alright!” The sorrowful girl cried. She let her pillow consume her before she got up to run downstairs. “There you are, Hanami. How are you feeling?” The woman who once called on Hanami, now doing the dishes, asked. “Fine, I guess?” Hanami replied. She stabbed her pancakes with a fork, holding the cakes to cut with a knife. “Ready for school?” “Ugh, school? That’s why I was so happy we left early on wednesday. I didn’t have to see that annoying little brat-” “Woah, woah, woah, missy, calm yourself.” Her mother told her. Hanami exhaled a couple of times, then responded. “It’s just… life is just rough for me. I mean, I rarely see Dad-” “I wonder why…” Her mother pretended to be blunt. Hanami glared at her mother, a bit triggered. “Mom, I’m sure Dad-” “Look, can we just stop talking about the topic?” She asked vigorously. “Well, look who's triggered.” Her mother smirked. “Hey, don’t you talk about me. Worry about yourself.” “”Worry about yourself~”” She repeated her Mom's words as she headed for the staircase. Her pancakes were have cut. “Hey, eat these pancakes!” It was too late, the girl had already rushed into the bathroom. But before that, she exclaimed, “Yeah, gonna be late, byeee~” Her mother sighed. She went back to do dishes.

A few minutes later, Hanami was out the door. She wore her winter clothing, hoping it wasn’t that cold. It was indeed, and she was bumed. “Aw man.” The girl prayed on a hot day. Winter wasn’t her favorite season, though, Summer wasn’t either. Her mother shouted muffled words. “Don’t forget, I’m picking you up for your Doctor’s-” Hanami knew what she was going to say. “Yeah, yeah, Mom.”

A few blocks later, the girl was at her school. Hanami examined the building, hearing the late bell ring. She was alarmed and was heading towards the doors. She thought to herself “I’m going to be late! Heck, I’m already late!” Once she reached her homeroom, Hanami fell onto the hard wooden floor by the foot of Okada Ayaka. “Oh, sorry about that!” She acted like that wasn’t the first time. “When will you ever stop being such a jerk?” Hanami struggles to get up. “Oh, me, a jerk? Please! I’m basically the queen of this school, so peasant.” Nagisa thought to herself. “I swear…” Nagisa thought of her point of view of her “story”. “The teacher walked in and soon everyone went into their seats, including the most dreamiest guy of this entire planet! Well, maybe there’s a few men that are worthy to hold that title, but the point is, he’s hot!”

“And the fact that I have to sit next to him, pretending that I have no feelings for him is utterly the worst feeling of my life! I mean, I guess it’s alright. This is one of my only classes with him, so I can’t complain. I’m glad. When our teachers put us in partners, somehow that’s suppose to help us think, we talk. Of course, no one talks about the subject. He actually, I think, understands me. He is, excluding my imaginary friends, the only one who knows me, however, he doesn’t know me; the real me. I just..”

“Chigusa, for the last time! OPEN YOUR BOOK!” “AH!” She fell out of her chair. As she looked up to find her teacher growling, Nagisa smiled. Everyone laughed at her. Yes, everyone. The boy of her dreams, her enemy, her enemies group, and everyone in the class. “How many times do I have to tell you, everyday, to open your book?” “Yamaguchi-sensei, I’m sorry. I must’ve-” “Yeah, yeah, you must’ve daydreamed that I, Yamaguchi-sensei, was a Dragon Ball Z-Fighter. I don’t know why, but you keep falling asleep in my class. Why??” “It’s not the only one.” Ayaka added in the back. Everyone laughed at her comment. “WELL SHE’S NOT THE ONE!” Nagisa growled at Ayaka. The brunette jumped. “Wow, mad much?” “Chigusa, get in your seat, and open your book.” Yamaguchi walked back to his desk. “Haai…” Hanami mumbled.

“Hey,” A male voice mumbled. “You okay?” A boy directed his gentle voice to the humiliated girl. “Me? Oh please, I have yet to claim my revenge on that red devil… little..” Hanami got louder, as well as almost breathless. “Hey! Ssssh. Let’s not get loud, you hear?” He chuckled.

Hanami began to think about the soft voice that once spoke to her. She began to pretend that she was narrating a story. “Shirabe Hayate: A 2nd Year who’s the most coolest, hottest, and of course, the most popularest guy at this school. I have him for two classes. Ayaka has him for 6. Isn’t this school rigged? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, their both popular. It should be official: their dating, even though Hayate denies. Ayaka… she’s a strong girl, but acts blunt just for Hayate to help her. Ugh, I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same. However, I just can’t stand that bully! She has everything in her hands.”

Later in that same day, Hanami headed for lunch, and then her Manga club. Although, she has no friends to sit by or talk to, she enjoyed her lunch in the warmest time of the day. She had a homemade sushi plate. The sushi had multicolored seaweed.

Moving onto her Manga Club, Hanami was reading “Himawari Warriors”. She was in the corner while everyone else in the room were chatting. Sometimes they talked about the book they were reading, but other times they would gossip. Hanami didn’t know why they were here. Maybe to skip class? Of course, if you took the Manga Class; or any club or other curricular, you would be able to skip Literacy.

Now, on to gym, where Hanami has Hayate, and his group of friends, one last time before her other boring classes. However, she also has the brown headed monster, Ayaka and her group. The class was beginning to play dodgeball, and Hanami knew who would target her first. That’s right, the witch herself. “Come here, flower child! Let me hit your with my best shot!” Ayaka announced. “Um, n-no. No thanks. I’d rather stay here.” Hanami replied back. Hayate sighs. “Come on, Ayaka. Lay off.” “What? I’m just trash talking.” She looked back at Hanami, and with one shot, the ball directly hit Hanami in her thigh. Even from a far away distance, Ayaka managed to make Hanami feel even more pain. Hanami growled. She wanted to attack Ayaka with a rapid launcher that launched balls at her. But she was out.

It didn’t matter, as the whistle blew. It blew everyone’s ears. “Hey!” The female coach exclaimed. “Chigusa, come on down here. Your going home.” Hanami knew that if the coach said that she’d be leaving for the doctor, when she steps out of that gym, everyone will forget dodgeball and gossip about her. It wasn’t something new, however. “I wonder why is she going.” Whispered a short black haired girl who was seemingly friends with the monster. “Oh please, Hanami is just getting off earlier from school 'cause of her anemia." She teased. The other girls giggled. Hanami heard them, but pretended like she didn’t hear them.

Hanami found her mother’s car running, waiting for herself to come out of the school. As she entered it, her mother asked a simple, yet stupid question. “Are you ready for your appointment?” “Why would I be prepared for that? Look, I-I just want to get this over with.” Her mother looked down at the floor of the car, and then put the car into drive in order to move on to the medical center.

The girls were both in the Doctor’s room, waiting for the doctor to come in. "Miss Chigusa, Hanami, the results of the examinations have arrived." Doctor Hamada spoke as he entered the room. "And the result are?” Her mother asked, quite nervous about what would be his answer. "Well, Hanami has ALS.." "What's that?" Hanami regret asking. "A disease which causes the death of neurons controlling voluntary muscles. This is why Hanami has been feeling stiff, her muscles twitching, and constantly becoming even worse due to muscles becoming smaller in size. You have also stated that it’s hard for you to speak, breath, and swallow your food.” He directed his voice to Hanami. "Wait, b-but that means-!!" "Yes, I am terribly sorry, but the disease is terminal." The room became quiet. All you could hear was the trembling words that were spoken by Hanami’s mother. She looked down and began to cry. Dr. Hamada looked away from the females. Hanami just looked at the wall, pretending like this all was a dream, but it wasn’t. This could be; this is the most devastating moments in her life. Her mother stood up from trying to compose herself by letting all the anger and sadness come out first. "Is there any way to help her?" "At the current state of medical developments, no." "H-how long?" "It's not certain. We can only estimate it. Maybe in a few months." Dr. Hamada looked over to Hanami who was stiff as a bored and was totally silent that you could hear a paper clip falling onto the ground. “I am deeply sorry to tell you both this. I understand that this is something that you must need time to think about. I’ll be outside if you need me.” And soon as he left, both Hanami and her mother looked at each other. Her mother couldn’t look at her daughter for long without thinking that she could die. She was stuttering, trying to mouth words. But it was no use; it couldn’t be bothered.

Hanami was at the edge about to cry. One single tear fell from her face.

The ending plays

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