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14代目がため 目今泉いまいずみ 佑唯ゆい
Yui Imaizumi the 14th
14-daime Imaizumi Yui
Zelda Successor Uniform.png
General Information
Original Name Kobayashi Griselda
Nickname(s) Zuumin, Zelda
Age Joined:15
Birthday June 21, SC0110
Zodiac Gemini (♊︎)
Home Planet Spainstar
Blood Type O+
Com Alias Soprano
Eye Color Aqua Blue
Hair Color Mahogany Brown
Height 157cm
Familial information
Parents Kobayashi Jinpachi
Kobayashi Selena
Siblings Kobayashi Jessica
Idol information
Team Team K
Generation 154th Generation
Radiance Color Sunny-yellow
Agency Morning Star Entertainment
Oshimen Murashige Anna
Angelica Bianchi
Social Media Zelda_25
Years Active SC0125-present (1 year)
Other information
User Chemmiechum
Hex Code #585552
Seiyuu Kim Tae-yeon


Griselda Kobayashi(小林こばやし グセルダぐりぜるだ), is a member of AKB0048's Team K who is from the planet, Spainstar. She is one of AKB0048's current successors given the title as Imaizumi Yui the 14th(14代目がため 目今泉いまいずみ 佑唯ゆい)

Yui is commonly known as Zuumin (ずーみん). She was a former opera singer and a Galaxy Opera Cup winner of SC0124. She received vocal training at the age of 6. She is the first-ever opera singer ever to join 00. She's a rather gentle and calm person who wouldn't hurt anyone, but after an experience she will defend the fans and for her protection if necessary.



Griselda is 157cm tall. Her natural hair color is Mahogany Brown. Her hair is luscious straight that is brought down to the back below. She always has her bangs to the left side of her face never on the right. Her eye color is Aquamarine, the eye shape of her eyes upturned eyes. Her facial structure is heart shaped. Her nose shape structure is a low nose bridge. The eyebrows are thick shape as the ears pointed ears.

Unlike every girl who auditions and succeeds in being a member, Griselda got her hearts during AKB0048's concert on Akibastar.

Griselda's body structure is rectangular shaped. Her weight is at 123.0 lbs or under. The length of her arms slightly passes the torso (fingertip). Her feet size are always a size seven.

Her clothing style is always different because she doesn't have a preference for her clothing the only things she cares about if it's comfortable or even cute to wear. Her shoes are the same as her clothing options if they're comfortable then she'll wear them.


After her succession concert, Griselda decided to switch up her looks after her looked appearance was starting to become the past. She would now wear cute artsy style clothing or when she's feeling fancy she'll pick a cute chic style. Having her hairstyle on a hair bun resembling Imaizumi Yui (2016 - Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka?) photo.


Griselda is quiet and gentle when she's all by herself. People (who personally don't know her) will think of her as a sweet, cheerful angel who would not hurt a fly, but, she’s very dorky, goofy, and remarkably untroubled and lives life.

She is the adventure type who chooses to explore new things even if it means getting herself hurt. After being restrained by her father from anything" unholy," she grew into this. She finally feels free from her father. She now loves taking a risk.She's very open minded.

The only time she will get serious is when she's on stage performing. Her facial expressions do not show, but her body expression does. She doesn't want the audience to think that her performance is a joke or that she has not practiced at all. She wants the audience to feel amazed by the performance.

Griselda is more of a follower than a leader. She doesn't like to boss around people as she thinks it's best for the person to boss themselves. She's loyal when you earn her trust, but times she can be rebellious when she does not find it okay.

She's very silly at times revealed when she's doing variety shows and can very dorky

When she is extremely having fun, she lets out another personality. People would describe this as a beagle meaning she is extra hyper, noisy, very mischievous, and (of course) adorable. Fans love that about her.

She is a pacifist, meaning she doesn't like to use violence. With that, she is slightly cowardly when it comes to defending others, and she hates it.

Lovingness and Generosity are what she likes about herself because she cares about others rather than her own well being. She would even waste her own time to be with them.

She is a very determined girl wanting every Entertainment Ban Planet to hear the music from AKB0048. Having that first feeling when she listened to their music. She wants every planet to lift their Entertainment banned law. She doesn't see a reason to why a person isn't able to see AKB0048's entertainment. She was even determined to leave Spainstar and her family to go to another, brighter path knowing the risk of what's to come with her family and the DES.


Pre-00 Life: Birth-SC0125

Griselda grew up in the out outskirts of town in Huelva, Spainstar. Since Spainstar is Pro Entertainment, AKB0048 entertainment is all around in the city, except the countryside. She never really knew what AKB0048 was about or even their history behind the group. Her life was very restrictive as her father controlled most of her life without letting her choose what she wanted in life. The only thing she could is to obey and be the daughter he always wanted.

At the age of six, Griselda started to do opera at the beginning she really didn't want to do it, but she had no choice. Her life was miserable. Half of her life was spent on stage singing western classical songs, and the other half of her life was spent in school in Saint Maria Academy of Religious Education. With doing opera, she did competition most of them she won others she made it to top five. Since the beginning of when she asked about AKB0048 to her father, she always thought that AKB was unholy and sinful music and anyone who dare listen to it would suffer from then on she decided not to hear it.

One day, Griselda stumbled upon her friends listen to AKB. She informed them of what her father told about how AKB is the devil's music. Her friends had told her that her insane father was deeply wrong she quarreled with her friends how they were wrong and that her father would never lie to her. By that, her friends grabbed her and forced her to listen to their music she was about to scream for help, but suddenly changed she sat still hearing to AKB's tuneful music and "innocence.". She can even remember to this day that it was Rose No Hibi's Ashita he no Hansou. From then on she knew that her father had lied to since day one. She couldn't take it anymore of her father's crap. Griselda knew it was time to find her own destiny and not what her father wishes for her to be.

When her parent's had to lead Spainstar for some emergency. Her sister, Jessica, was in charge of the house, but Griselda knew that her sister didn't care what she did as long as it doesn't involve, but her big sister didn't know that Griselda knew about AKB (even though the planet is Pro Entertainment). So, Griselda took the advantage in doing research on what AKB0048 actually is about. The next music that she really started to listen was Hoshi no Ondo ( A song that was sung at AKB48's first concert). Hours later, she grew deeper learning more and more about AKB for the first time she desired something to join the group. When her parents her father noticed that someone was on his laptop. He checked on the history with what he saw made him aggravated after the family meeting. Griselda fessed up that it was her that looked upon AKB, but she didn't go down without a verbal fight with that she was even more punished. That night she couldn't take it anymore how her father was controlling everything with her life. She prayed and prayed for a miracle to happen to her how she wished to escape this home and her planet.

A week later after her verbal fight with her father. She was eavesdropping on some of the girls hearing about AKB is having a 154th Generation Audition. She took the opening. Was this the miracle she had sincerely prayed for or was this a random moment, but she didn't care at this point. She asked one of her fellow classmates/ friend if she could participate with them. Her friend agreed to know that Griselda didn't have a phone or anything to record for her audition. This is the first time that she, Griselda, rebelled and it felt amazing. The song that she sang wasHoshi no Mukougawa a song that she listened to while she was looking upon researching AKB. She described the song to be a well pleasant and calming song fitting Griselda's vocals. As she sang, she hit the vocals perfectly but with passion. A couple of weeks go back. Her classmate had urgent news to tell her what the report and it was that Griselda passed the first round of the audition. Her eyes widen and without even knowing she dropped her things ( school things) in excitement. Her friends felt honestly jealous about Griselda passing the first round, but they knew she is able to sing amazingly with all her years of vocal training. A week later she was ready to leave, but before she went. Her father was out of the house because of work. Griselda told her mother and sister because she trusted them that she auditioned for AKB and how she passed. Her mother was about to tell her off, but she knew that it was time for Zelda to find her own pathing seeing as her father forced her daughter to do things she hated. Her sister, again, didn't care but she happened that Griselda stood up for herself and rebelled at the end of their conversation they kept it a secret against her father.

The day came for her to leave her past behind. She had all her important things packed up in her backpack. Before she went to school, she said goodbye to her pet snake, her dog (Chiwawa), her sister and a big farewell to her mother who genuinely supported her journey and gave Griselda money in case anything were to happen. As the school day ended, she headed to where she looked back once to remember the view and her struggles, but she pushed it through and grew stronger.


As she arrives to the space shuttle, she met the other 154th girls during her audition. At some point staying at the space shuttle, they were captured by DES soldier and went with them by force. As weeks went by the girls were saved by AES later. Taeko and Aimi were revealed to be the Otaku Sisters. Griselda was shocked when she noticed who they really are.This was the first time she was in the presence of an AKB member. When they arrived at Akibastar, they were informed that they had missed their second audition she felt saddened. She didn't want to go home to face her father again. They only had one week left in Akibastar. Their final stay on Akibastar would possibly their last. The last thing they did was watch AKB0048's performance for Griselda it was her first. By that first moment as she really listens to the song something inside her made her feel different(Aka hearts), suddenly there was an announcement. It was revealed that Griselda alongside 154th girls automatically passed the audition as they faced and escaped the DES soldiers and also how the girls who were really at the audition failed miserably.

As a month went by Griselda went to a nonreligious public school for the first time. Honestly, she loved it better than her old school, because she is in a mixed-gender classroom instead of being on a girl side only. She loved it more because it was a new experience for her. The next day Griselda along with her fellow members were revealed to everyone to be the 154th Generation knowing that her father would find out where she is. She knew that this would enrage him and even see her as something horrific. On September 21st the girls of 154th generation had a slumber party to get to know one another, but that completely backfired with a massive mess in the living room, but it was fun for Griselda. She had experienced her first succession concert that was held for Aimi. She participated in Kinou no Teki wa Mirai no Nakama with the tack of Genzai wa Fantasy janai, coup d'état, and Melting.After that, another succession concert happened for Techi. On November 30th she spent the day with Akimoto Sayaka and Asami Mirai on dance practice this helped her gain more experience. Close to the end of the year and AKB0048's tour. Their final destination happened to be in Koreastar. She was amazed to see a new culture and their entertainment. She met a guy name Ryuu who also happen to be from Spainstar. By the end of the day, they had performed their last concert of the year.


After a new year had come to new girls (Karin and Aoi) had joined the 154th, but they are placed in 154.5th girls. Five days later, Masshiro na Mirai wo Irodzukeru was released she participates all the songs. The single was mostly focused on 154th girls. The AKB0048 572nd Single Jyanken Taikai is the first Jyanken Griselda participated but lost in the second round thanks to Itou Haruki. She participate in all the SC0126 singles. During the 574th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo,  Griselda final results came to nineteen place with having 7'994'326. She couldn't express how much gratitude she has with fellow fans of AKB0048. At the end of the speech she decide to aim for Center Nova status, but for any girl she may never reach it. When Ikuta Erika the 11th announce her graduation Griselda didn't know what to feel, but it mostly hurt her, because she was closest friend who understood about her past

On December 1,SC0126. Zuumin formed an idol unit with Yagami Kumi 5th and Akimoto Sayaka the 15th. The group named themselves as Poppy. The grouped catchphrase is "Hot summer bloom. We three girls perform for you. Hello,we are Poppy~🌺". Griselda became the Sub-Vocalist and Visual of the group. She worked hard on practicing the choreography and the lyrics to the song as she didn't want to be the reason for them to lose. Though the girls lost against TakaMiko. She felt sadden about their lost, but what was more important to her is brightening the hearts of the crowd.

She participated Iku's graduation single " Boku wa Natsukashii Piano".

Team history

154th Generation154th Generation & Team KTeam K


  • Motomiya Hikari - AKB0048's manager and producer.
  • Kuroki Erika - AKB0048's presenter.
  • Hashimoto Ayumi - AKB0048's trainer.
  • Akiyama Tamotsu - Dorm's Janitor.
  • Akamine Kazuto-Vocal Coach. Respects him deeply.
  • Shirokami Yuki- Designer.

  • Ikuta Erika the 11th - Senpai. She realized that Erika and herself have the same interest in music .She's being taught by Iku on how to play the piano.She feels very sad that Erika announced her graduation,but she promise that they'll continue seeing each other.
  • Takahashi Minami the 7th - Senpai. Captain of Team A (
  • Minegeshi Minami the 7th - Fellow Kouhai.Co-Captain of Team A. She finds her absolutely funny when her phone is down to 5% or lower. Zelda wishes that Miichan could enjoy the world without having her phone.
  • Eguchi Aimi the 4th- Senpai. Zelda could easily trick Aimi,because she knows that Aimi the 4th takes things very seriously.
  • Aozora Kokone- Senpai
  • Asahina Miru- Senpai
  • Eguchi Aimi the 4th- Senpai
  • Hikami Yumeko- Senpai
  • Ikeda Itsuki- Senpai
  • Itano Tomorin- Senpai
  • Itou Haruki- Fellow Kouhai. A month after joining AKB. Haruki almost dropped her camera on Griselda's head by accident. They're are very close as friends and sometimes would spend time with each other.
  • Makori Ririka- Senpai
  • Masaki Amarie- Senpai
  • MoYoung Marian-Fellow Kouhai.
  • Nakahara Monica- Senpai
  • Taiyamoto Akano- Senpai
  • Yagami Kumi the 5th- Same Generation.She formed a unit with her and Akimoto Sayaka the 15th calledPoppy

  • Akimoto Sayaka the 15th - Senpai. Team Captain. Respects her.She mentored her(Griselda) alongside Rikarin.She's actually pretty close to Sayaka-san at this point. They like to goof around at times. She loves the fact that she's really kind to her fans. She formed a unit with her and Yagami Kumi the 5th calledPoppy
  • Hirate Yurina the 7th - Senpai. Co-Captain. Griselda wishes to get to know Tecchi better.
  • Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th-Senpai. Zelda finds her very mysterious.
  • Sashihara Rino the 11th-Senpai. Sasshi was her mentor. She once insulted her during AKBing00 special.
  • Honda Hibiki-Senpai.
  • Hoshikawa Rei-Senpai.
  • Hoshimiya Aoi-Senpai.
  • Itano Tomoko-Senpai.
  • Ito Hotaru-Senpai.
  • Hatsune Hikari- Senpai.She pranked Hikarin so hard during her succession concert.
  • Ryuuzaki Miyoko-Senpai.
  • Samuikaze Ran-Senpai.
  • Takanashi Yukari-Senpai.
  • Tomone Kaoru- Fellow Kouhai. Zelda believes that Kaoru is very self adsorb and that everything is about her. She wishes that Kaoru could change that of her,but she(Zelda) can't force her to do that. She feels that she'll have a great future as a singer. Zelda bought Tomomo debut solo single;she loved it. She pranked Koaru so hard during her succession concert

  • Shimazaki Haruka the 11th-Senpai. Captain of Team B.She respects her.
  • Kodama Haruka the 8th - Senpai.Co-Captain of Team B. She respects her.
  • Kuramochi Asuka the 13th- Senpai.
  • Nakai Rika the 15th- Senpai.
  • Matsui Jurina the 8th- Senpai.
  • Watanabe Mayu Type 5- Senpai.
  • Miyabi Honoka- Senpai.
  • Akiba Airi- Senpai.
  • Amaya Jia- Senpai.
  • Ayana Elise- Fellow Kouhai.
  • Harune Diamond- Senpai.
  • Inoue Megumi- Senpai.
  • Kasumi Yuuna- Fellow Kouhai.
  • Tsubasa Diana - Senpai.
  • Iwata Karen the 15th- Same Generation.

  • Kobayashi Jinpachi: Father.Jinpachi despises idol entertainment. Her father continues to search for Griselda. He doesn't know that his little daughter joined 00 . Her father used to live in Sagittariusstar reason why he doesn't like 00 . Months later, he finds out that his daughter is in AKB0048. This 100% got him in rage. Griselda doesn't want her father to find her as he said so many negative things. They are very much disconnected and have stopped talking since the day Griselda joined 00.
    • Kobayashi Selena: Mother. Selena supports her daughter's decision 100% as her daughter wanted to become an AKB0048 member even if her husband despises that choice of becoming a member. Before becoming a wife to her husband. She used to be a jazz singer, but she left that behind to be with Jinpachi reason why Griselda loves Jazz Music.
    • Kobayashi Jessica:Big sister. Griselda is very pleased with her sister. She was always there for her during her time of need. Her sister is happy that Griselda is finally controlling her destiny and even doing her things. She is very connected with Jessica. Griselda was very surpise that her sister wants to become a lawyer.
    • Rivera Sofía Grandmother. She is a dance instructor. She is a Telenovela actor. Sofia is a devout Catholic and finds inspiration in the pope. She is what is said to be the heart of the family; she brings them together. Her favorite child is indeed Griselda but still loves her other grandchild. She deeply supported Griselda decision. She feels like this is her destiny that given.
    • Yam Yamz; Pet.Chiwawa. When she lived with YamYam, the dog was a very Yappy. Reason to why her name is called YamYamz. Wishes to cuddle with her and her pet snake.
    • Venenoz: - Pet. Kingsnake. Surprisingly he is very affectionate and loves to be cuddled. She had him since he was in an egg. She misses him and her pet Chiwawa wishing to hold them again.


    • Barahona Ryuu-Acquaintance. Griselda met Ryuu during her visit in Koreastar. They shared their experiences attending Saint Maria Academy and their life as an idol. She wishes to talk to him more, but their schedule is completely full.

  • Ashley Snow/Matsui Rena the 9th- Senpai. She seemed really nice.
  • Shino Hoshina/Maeda Atsuko the 19th- Senpai. She mostly didn't know personally. She wonders who she is doing.
  • Shinoda Mariko the 12th- Senpai

  • Appearances/Career


  • 1st Jaken Taikai
  • Chamber Opera Competition-#5
  • Vocal Competition SC0118-Runner up
  • Vocal Competition SC0119-#3
  • Collegiate Opera Scenes Competition- WINNER
  • Spainstar Opera Competitions SC0116-SC0123-WINNERS
  • Galaxy Opera Cup SC0124-WINNER

  • Songs



    • Spanish (Mother Tongue )- Griselda is advanced when it comes to Spanish. Her homeworld is mostly uses Spanish as their primary language.
    • Japanese (Advanced)- She began learning Japanese with the help of her father at the age of three. She continued learning Japanese when she entered Saint Maria Academy because Japanese is the secondary Language and necessary if you travel to another planet.
    • French (Beginner)- She began learning French when she started studying at Infinity Academy. She currently knows some words, but it troubles her at times.


    Vocal Skill: Light Lyric Soprano

    Griselda began singing when she was about 6 years old,but not her choice.Some say that she's naturally gifted. She always loved singing,but not the way she was taught rather than signing freely. She hopes that she can continue in her career of singing. She's able to break glass with her voice.


    She rather not that great at dancing,because singing(Opera) was the only thing she did before joining 00. She wants to improve on this skill for greater good for herself.

    After a couple of months she slightly she grew better on this skill, but she knows it needs to be better. During the Unit Takai, she improved her skill even greater. She felt proud that this skill grew than before.


    She not very skilled when it comes to combat. She's awful at hand to hand combat because she doesn't like to use violence even if she has to defend herself. . If you threw an apple at her she'd likely coward or get hit in the face with it. She mostly practice on using the LAS,because she's stopping the DES with no violence.


    She started camping outside when she was about 10 years old. She loved the outdoors. What made her love camping the most is seeing the star glimmer in the night sky. She knows all the necessary survivals skills and some hacks thanks to camping outside.

    Public Speaking

    Ever since she was six years old, she's been in front of the crowd and is used to people staring at her. She's able to communicate with millions of people at once as she speaks gracefully and powerfully.

    Leaf Whistle

    She learn to play the leaf whistle when she was ten from one of her friends. on SC0126, she has mastered the leaf whistle.


    • "Don't do something that you'll regret later".
    • "So let’s become best friends that don’t get ashamed of each other but cherish and have plenty of care for each other."
    • " I don't care what others say. Music is my passion"
    • " Sweet Memories"- Day Off
    • "But mines a rat fairy. Can you imagine a rat as a fairy?" - Day Off


    Griselda in Katakana is written as

    The name comes from the Germanic.Gris (“gray”)and hild (“battle”), meaning "gray battle-maid",or can be refereed to 'grey battle' or 'Christian battle'.

    Kobayashi in hiragana is written as こばやし
    The meaning of the name "small forest". (ko) meaning "small" and 林 (hayashi) meaning "forest".

    Zelda (ゼルダ)was the given name from Sasshi

    Her COM name is Soprano(ソプラノ) due to her high notes ability and being a former opera singer in her past.



    • "Both expand your horizons. Do you prefer to explore the galaxy digitally or in person?"

    Zelda: I'd prefer exploring the galaxy in person,it's not really fun looking at it digitally.You're not really experiencing it.You know what I mean ?

    • "What is your fondest childhood memory"

    Zelda: .....Next question

    • "If you were given the opportunity to become a solo artist.Would you take it ? "

    Zelda: Si. I mean,of course. If there is an opportunity given to you then take it.Don't say no,because you don't know where that opportunity is going to take you.

    • "Which famous person would you like to be bestfriends with ?"

    Zelda: Motomiya Hikari-san!

    • "What is home to you?"

    Zelda: "Home is being around people who can drive you absolutely crazy one moment and make you feel like a million dollars the next. It’s knowing that no matter how hard times get, someone is there for you."

    • " Why did you choose your profession?"

    Zelda: Can I speak to a lawyer?

    • " If you can change one law.What would it be? "

    Zelda: Take away the and I quote " No Entertainment" Ban

    • "What would you fight for ? Love or Money"

    Zelda: Love

    • "Are you a troublemaker?

    Zelda: Who me? I'm an innocent child. (00 terrorist/Yes)

    • . "In your whole life.What were you most excited about?"

    Zelda; When I got into 00. My whole world changed.

    • "What is your ideal type?"

    Zelda: " “Wouldn’t the most basic factor be the guy’s pretty smile? To make their smile shine, it would be nice to have a guy with a good personality and who's funny. That they would care about me just as how I would care about them. Guys with curly hair and I deeply wish their style would look natural no matter the location or time.”

    Voice actor


    Tae-yeon Kim (Born on March 9, 1989) is a South Korean singer who is signed under SM Entertainment.She is also part of a girl group called "Girls Generation"/SNSD. She once did voice acting for a character name Margo from "Despicable Me" and" Despicable Me 2". She is also a solo artist


    • Character song: Bouken
    • Audition song : Hoshi no Mukougawa
    • Charm Point: Vocals
    • Languages:
      • Spanish ( Mother Tongue,expert )
      • Japanese ( Mother Tongue)
      • French(Beginner)
    • Favorite songs: Ave Maria ", Hoshi no Ondo,Someone to watch over me )
    • Favorite Genres: Jazz,Pop,Pop Rock ,Soul, and R&B
    • Favorite Animal: Cobras
    • Favorite color: Purple, and Lapis
    • Hobbies: Camping, Puzzles,and Gardening
      • Back home she would camp outside during the weekends. She still does this when she's at the dorm on a Friday night.
    • Blood Type: AB+
    • Penlight Color: Green
    • Horoscope:Cancer
    • Born: Huelva ,Spainstar. Raised: Levante ,Spainstar
    • Education
    • As Tea-yeon voice acts as Griselda;her voice is gentle
      • Unlike Taeyeon, Griselda isn't able to speak Korean.
    • Her fans have named themselves "Grizzlies". She finds the name adorable, but yet vicious. Which would describe her fan base.
    • Half Japanese and half Spanish
    • She was known as an high class opera singer before joining AKB.
    • She's able to shatter a wine glass with the frequency of her voice.
    • Due to her father wishes. Griselda's almost became a permanent choir singer, and because of that she received classical vocal training as a soprano since late in primary school ( age 6 ). But due to exploring the world of idols behind her fathers back,she escaped from her home and became a member of 00 and is now an idol.
    • She's a morning person, but every time when she wakes up. She is a complete mess.She snores in her sleep as shown by Itou Haruki's vlog.
    • Griselda's vocal range;Soprano
      • Rating :Proficient Vocalist
      • D3 ~ C6 (2 octaves and 5 notes)
      • G3/G#3 ~ C#5/D5 (without head voice)
      • G3/G#3 – C#5/D5 ~ F5/F#5 (with head voice)
    • She is a 7 time winner Opera singer back in Spainstar
    • She enjoys watching Horror movies and isn't scared easily. With that,she loves Halloween.
    • She enjoys home decorating shows. She mostly enjoys "The Apartment"
    • Rumored by someone. She loves to help the staff members in anyway..
    • She was voted rank 18 as the 1000 Most Beautiful Faces of SC0126. Along with several AKB members.
    • She participated in AKB0048 1st Unit Takai along with Kuumin and Akimoto Sayaka the 15th. She became the sub-vocalist and the visual of the group.
    • Loves watching comedy shows and stand up. Reason why she joined ANL .
    154th Generation
    Current Members Itou Haruki, Tomone Kaoru
    Promoted to Successors Takaine Miyako, Kobayashi Griselda, Kasumi Yuuna
    154.5th Generation Chibana Miko, Aiwara Kurumi, Nagase Yuuri, Koizumi Ayaka, Shiratama Mayu, Natsuki Hotaru
    Graduates Ayana Elise, LaLa Rue, MoYoung Marian
    Current Staff Motomiya Hikari (Manager, Producer), Kuroki Erika (Presenter), Hashimoto Ayumi (Dance Instructor), Akiyama Tamotsu (Janitor), Akamine Kazuto (Vocal Instructor), Shirokami Yuki (Fashion Designer)
    Former Staff Shino Hoshina (Part time worker)
    Current Successors Takahashi Minami the 7th, Sashihara Rino the 11th, Shimazaki Haruka the 11th, Kodama Haruka the 8th, Eguchi Aimi the 4th, Hirate Yurina the 7th, Minegeshi Minami the 7th, Matsui Jurina the 8th, Watanabe Mayu Type 5, Imaizumi Yui the 14th, Maeda Atsuko the 20th
    Graduates Kagawa Sayuri (Sato Amina the 6th), Ashley Snow (Matsui Rena the 9th), Shino Hoshina (Maeda Atsuko the 19th), Shibuya Komari (Shinoda Mariko the 12th), Ooto Melody (Ikuta Erika the 11th), Takematsu Tomoka (Kuramochi Asuka the 13th), Zoey Bright (Akimoto Sayaka the 15th), Akagi Yahiru (Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th), Asami Mirai (Nakai Rika the 15th)
    150th Generation
    Current Members Inoue Megumi, Takanashi Yukari, Hoshimiya Aoi, Hoshikawa Rei, Itano Tomorin, Hikami Yumeko, Ito Hotaru, Samuikaze Ran, Harune Diamond , Taiyamoto Akano
    Promoted to Successors Shibuya Komari, Kagawa Sayuri, Takayama Ai
    Graduates Yomohiro Haruko, Yomohiro Kirara, Suzuno Natsuki, Suzuno Sakura
    151st Generation
    Current Members Asahina Miru
    Promoted to Successors Zoey Bright, Ashley Snow, Masuda Akari, Miyabi Honoka, Kashita Miyagi
    Graduates None
    152nd Generation
    Current Members Aozora Kokone, Honda Hibiki, Tsubasa Diana, Itano Tomoko, Makori Ririka
    Promoted to Successors Kashita Akane, Shino Hoshina, Shiraki Chiyo, Kimura Mei, Matsuto Nami
    Graduates Kaido Mio (Graduated before her debut), Tomoe Yuki
    153rd Generation
    Current Members Ryuuzaki Miyoko, Nakahara Monica, Masaki Amarie, Amaya Jia
    Promoted to Successors Takematsu Tomoka, Ooto Melody, Murasaki Alisa, Asami Mirai
    153.5th Generation Akiba Airi, Hatsune Hikari
    Graduates Ikeda Itsuki
    154th Generation
    Current Members Itou Haruki, Tomone Kaoru
    Promoted to Successors Takaine Miyako, Kobayashi Griselda, Kasumi Yuuna
    154.5th Generation Chibana Miko, Aiwara Kurumi, Nagase Yuuri, Koizumi Ayaka, Shiratama Mayu, Natsuki Hotaru
    Graduates Ayana Elise, LaLa Rue, MoYoung Marian
    155th Generation
    Current Members Amuro Yuhane, Arisugawa Mikoto, Chiba Miku, Kamiyama Mako, Kaname Reina, Kawano Namia, Kumotani Julie, Mizu Kaguya, Ogawa Norah, Sengawa Kagome, Tachibana Elisabeth, Tobina Riko, Utau Ruby, Yozora Yoko, Yukino Hajime, Yutaka Binatsu
    Promoted to Successors None
    Graduates Lee Hana, Yokoyama Asuna, Angelica Bianchi, Hoshizora Himawari, Chizu Snow, Mana Kotoko
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