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Namia Kawano
Kawano Namia
General Information
Nickname(s) Namiachan
Age 17 (as of SC0127)
Birthday July 8th SC0110
Zodiac Cancer
Home Planet Sakaestar
Eye Color Lime
Hair Color Fluorescent yellow
Height 160.7 cm
Familial information
Parents Kawano Kana
Kawano Tatsuya
Siblings Kawano Itsuki (older twin brother)
Idol information
Generation 155th Generation
Radiance Color Fluorescent yellow
Oshimen Sashihara Riho the 11th
Desired Name Akimoto Sayaka the 16th
Social Media @KawanoN113
Years Active SC0126-present
(1 year)
Other information
User Eurovisionprecurefan
Hex Code #299E09
Seiyuu Sato Amina

Kawano Namia is a 155th Generation member of AKB0048.



Namia was born in Sakaestar, and audition for SKE☆48 twice when she was 10 or 11, but she was too young, but ended up being part of the 99th Genertation the next year. She then moved to Akibastar, making her graduate, and that's when she saw the AKB0048 members and wanted to join them.


She has a older twin brother and her parents alongside her. Her mother didn't care on what she thinked whilst she was watching AKB0048, she always thought that she will have a happy life, and other people considered her as weird. Her father was strongly disgusted by DES and formed a company called Star Soliders School for young males. He thought it will be a good idea for Namia to be a idol so the Star Soliders School can shoot DES. Currently, Star Soliders School is one of the most popular boarding schools in the AEPS.


Kawano Kana:

Her mother. She is currently working in a orphanage near Sakaestar. Kana really hopes Namia, like her husband and son, will meet her in the future.

Kawano Tatsuya:

Her father. He is the headmaster of. Tatsuya is seen protective of her, and Namia admires him for what he has done. Tatsuya often sees Namia during AKB0048 practices

Kawano Itsuki:

Twin brother. Namia and Itsuki have been best friends and are always seen together during their young age. Now they are working on two different jobs, and they really miss each other. Hopefully, they will work together in the future. Now, Namia is protective over him as Itsuki's been dreaming to meet and date the next Acchan.

Shimada Sombra:

A penpal of hers, who she became close friends with during their time in SKE☆48. The two are known for having a really strong couple-like relationship. Sombra is 1 year older than her, and is in the 98th Generation of SKE☆48.

Tachibana Elisabeth:

Namia feels like she wants to protect Elisabeth after hearing her story. The two are from way different backgrounds, but Namia really hopes she and Elisabeth become close. She calls Elisabeth by Ella, like the other members.

Chiba Miku:

Miku and Namia first met at the MiyaMiya Succession Concert. Namia really hoped for the best for both of them, but Miku was confused in reply.

Amuro Yuhane:

The two are often having conversations, but Yuhane is annoyed by Namia's overpowering energy.

Maeda Atsuko the 20th:

Although everyone was mad or upset that another member chose their dream successor, Namia on the other hand, was happy for Yuuna to be Maeda Atsuko. After the succession concert, Namia found a new rival in Yuuna, even though Yuuna was a generation above her.

Yagami Kumi the 5th:

The two often have a hatrid relationship, starting after Yuuna's succession, and often fight each other. Namia hates Kumi for her lack of smartness.


  • She auditioned with Oogoe Diamond
  • Penlight Color: Neon yellow
  • She met fellow 155th Generation member Chiba Miku during the MiyaMiya Sucession Debut concert, and hoped they both become aces together.
  • Her brother is part of Star Soliders School, as part of the Akibastar Division.
  • Used to have lime green hair but she dyed it during her time in Akibastar. In SC0127, she dyed it lime again
  • Was seen to have a Hoshii Miki (IDOLM@STER character)-typed persona, but that all faded away within a few months.
  • She came out as bisexual during the end of New Year's Eve, in SC0126


Namia's Kirara

155th Generation
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