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20代目だいめ 前田まえだ 敦子あつこ
Atsuko Maeda the 20th
20-daime Maeda Atsuko
General Information
Original Name Kasumi Yuuna
Nickname(s) Acchan
Age 16
Birthday April 1st SC0111
Zodiac Aries
Home Planet Sebustar
Blood Type A
Com Alias Bookworm
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Purple-Pink
Familial information
Parents Kasumi Masuo
Kasumi Mina
Siblings Katsuki Momoka
Idol information
Team Team B
Generation 154th Generation
Radiance Color Lavender
Oshimen Sasshihara Rino the 11th
Kodama Haruka the 8th
Social Media @Bookworm
Other information
User OmegaPri
Hex Code #C9A1D2
Seiyuu Mizuki Nana

Kasumi Yuuna (花澄 優奈かすみ ゆうな) is a current successor from Team B, holding the name of Maeda Atsuko the 20th (20代目だいめ前田まえだ敦子あつこ). Despite her dislike for nicknames, she allows others to call her Acchan.


The 16-year-old's prominent features include porcelain skin, emphasized by violet-colored eyes and hair—growing into a pink ombré to her midriff. While wearing her hair at such length is a rarity, finding oversized coats and sweaters practically engulfing her figure should come as no surprise.


During any encounter, Acchan can come off aloof, howbeit a habit she's had trouble shaking off for the past three years. She entered the idol group with a defeatist mentality driven by her own insecurities, inadvertently gaining approval from fans who merely denoted her primitive behavior as quick-witted. As of now, Acchan can recognize the line between mordancy and cruelty while also feeding the hearts of fans with snarky remarks.


Acchan had developed an insight of coming up with comebacks at the very moment. She can also read fast. On account of idol-like qualities, she exceeds well in singing, but dancing isn't her forte.


Life before the Auditions

While Momoka was still pregnant with Yuuna, her "beloved" husband Kuro was having affairs with one of her friends. Some said it was because of his newly developed drinking habits, or because of his eldest daughter's death, that he wanted to build a new family. This news wasn't spoken of until Yuuna's birth, and when Momoka heard the news, she was outraged and hurt. She filed for a divorce.

Even though Yuuna was just an infant, she knew that her father had left her and her mother to fend for themselves with no money. It was evident he didn't care. It was evident he didn't love her. Momoka, who was a housewife beforehand, tried to find jobs that would accept her, but because of her history, her applications weren't qualified. She would also need a babysitter for her daughter who she'd have to pay. Finally, a food place migrated into her area, and Momoka took the opportunity to apply there. That's where she met Takuya.

Takuya became the father Yuuna had wanted, and although she knew this wasn't her biological father, her mother "lied" and said otherwise. The couple fell in love and eventually got married. Years had past, and Yuuna's mother was pregnant with another girl who'd share the same name as her, however; the family nicknamed her Momo. Around the age of 5, Yuuna and her new family were on there way to a carnival nearby. However, they never made it to the destination because of the tragic accident. A truck driver crashed into their car, resulting in her joyful parents' death. There was no "official" funeral, but the two children had a private burial before leaving to an orphanage.

It took time for them to be adopted together. The oldest had to take care of Momo herself due to the lack of aid the selfish orphanage mother gave. When they were adopted by a newly-wedded couple, they all moved to Sebustar where Yuuna's depression would finally take a toll. People started to bully Yuuna, calling her a joke or a mistake when they had no idea of her background. Although these type of events also happened at her home planet, the problems that occurred here were worse. The bullying became physical, where Yuuna would come home with a bruised-up face or a bloody nose. Her mental state began to lower, alongside her grades and reputation. The only things that kept her sane were books. They were her friends.

Around the age of 12, AKB0048 became relevant to her. Yuu, however, ignored the auditions because of her thoughts regarding the cruel universe. She never hated their music nor did she hate their cause, but she was more focused on her books than the occurrences around her. One day, her parents and sister were watching a 00 concert. When the bookworm got home, she instantly saw the miraculous colors people had been talking about. The music fruited hearts in her eyes.


After procrastinating on whether or not she would audition for 00's next generation, Yuu tried out singing "Everyday, Katyuusha" and passed both rounds. She later became a trainee of the 154th generation and debuted with "Genzai wa Fantasy janai". The following months passed and Yuuna was announced as one of the centers for next year's upcoming single, "Masshiro na Mirai wo Irodzukeru". On the single, she would hold her first solo center position for her favorite new era song.


She was one of the few to be chosen to star in the new drama, "Koi no Kensaku." Yuuna was actually chosen to be the central protagonist, having a on-screen affair with Masuda Satoshi. Since then, the two have become very close to one another.

Yuuna participated in her first Jyanken Taikai and surprisingly won. This event would establish her as the center for the upcoming single. A Team Shuffle followed and a new team - Team B - was announced. Some of her fans were pleased when she made her way to the uncharted group's sign. Only a few days before the release of Kaetai, and one of her generation mates succeeded Miichan, and subsequently left the rest of the girls. Another Single Senbatsu selection was held, and Yuu was once again at the front; a place she dreads. When MiyaMiya was hurt really bad, Team Nerds acted cold and tried to change the mood. Although the atmosphere did intensify, all ended well when the inseparable duo achieved succession.

Around the end of May, Yuuna opened her own SNS account, where she rarely post anything. When the Preliminary Round occurred, Yuuna, to her surprise, ranked 9th. In all honesty, she thought she would rank lower. However, considering the amount of votes each member had, Yuu thought there was no way she was going to be placed.

At this year's General Elections, Yuuna entered the Kami 7 as 5th. Overwhelmed, Yuuna confessed how 00 changed her in a positive way. She also made a 'mistake' in the last few lines, though it became an iconic phrase. She said "Please don't hate books!" when she meant "Please don't hate AKB0048!" Nevertheless, she participated in "Kagami no Paladin".

Yuuna found herself in Undergirls in "Boku wa Natsukashii Piano," which she didn't mind at all. She was glad for her break from being in Senbatsu. The Unit Takai came around and Yuu worked with the other Team Nerds' to perform "MOON PRIDE" for the first round and "Let it go" for the second. She wanted to dress up as a snowflake in their second round but was forced to dress up as Elsa.

Due to filming purposes, 00 went to Sebustar, where Yuu's family so happened to live on. When visiting, she talked with her adoptive mother, Mina, and expressed her true feelings. This lead to Yuu having a fever, which was later found out to be a succession fever. She then announced that she was the 20th Maeda Atsuko.

For the third round in the Unit Takai the Nerds performed "A Million Dreams", while in the final round they did 3 different version of "IF ~Hitori Omou~". Acchan performed the light version. The group barely won and had a single as their reward.

Team History

154th Generation154th Generation & Team BTeam B

Joining the 154th Generation of Trainees (SC0125.04.25)
Promoted to Team B (SC0126.01.26)
Succeeded and subsequently left the 154th Generation (SC0125.12.15)


  • Hatsune Hikari - Senpai. Hikarin is afraid of Yuuna's "illness" and wonders whether she'll get better. She says with all of the 'wins' Yuuna has scored, her fans will support her.
  • Hirate Yurina the 7th - Senpai. Similar to Hikarin, Techi seems worried about Yuuna's "illness".
  • Honda Hibiki - Senpai.
  • Hoshikawa Rei - Senpai and fellow Bookworm.
  • Hoshimiya Aoi - Senpai.
  • Itano Tomoko - Senpai.
  • Ito Hotaru - Senpai.
  • Kobayashi Griselda - Fellow Kenkyuusei.
  • Ryuuzaki Miyoko - Senpai.
  • Sashihara Rino the 11th - Senpai. See Team Nerds.
  • Takanashi Yukari - Senpai.
  • Tomone Kaoru - Fellow Kenkyuusei. Kaoru nicknamed her "Pinku no Kami", which Acchan disliked.
  • Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th - Senpai.

  • Akiba Airi - Senpai and fellow Team Member.
  • Amaya Jia - Senpai and fellow Team Member.
  • Asami Mirai - Senpai and fellow Team Member.
  • Ayana Elise - Fellow Kenkyuusei and fellow Team Member. Both were "brutally" attacked by an Anti 154th Genration Mayuyu Wannabe.
  • Harune Diamond - Senpai and fellow Team Member.
  • Kodama Haruka the 8th - Senpai and fellow Team Member. See Team Nerds.
  • Matsui Jurina the 8th - Senpai and Fellow Team Member. Acchan had become immune to Jurina disruptance in her comfort zone. Even 'Yuuyyuchin' had become bearable, or at least Maeda doesn't appear cringing at it. She likes Jurina.
  • Shimazaki Haruka the 11th - Senpai and fellow Team Member.
  • Watanabe Mayu Type 5 - Senpai and Fellow Team Member. The two seem to be on good terms.

  • Nagase Yuuri - Kouhai.
  • Koizumi Ayaka - Kouhai.
  • Shiratama Mayu - Kouhai.
  • Natsuki Hotaru - Kouhai.

  • Kumotani Julie - Kouhai.
  • Tobina Riko - Kouhai.
  • Chiba Miku - Kouhai.
  • Mizu Kaguya - Kouhai.
  • Lee Hana - Kouhai.
  • Chizu Snow - Kouhai.
  • Yokoyama Asuna - Kouhai.
  • Ogawa Norah - Kouhai.
  • Kanayama Mako - Kouhai.
  • Sengawa Kagome - Kouhai.
  • Kaname Reina - Kouhai.
  • Kawano Namia - Kouhai.
  • Tachibana Elisabeth - Kouhai.
  • Yozora Yoko - Kouhai.
  • Arisugawa Mikoto - Kouhai.
  • Amuro Yuhane - Kouhai.

  • Katsuki Momoka - Acchan's sister. When the two were orphans, Acchan had to take care of her because no one was willing to.
  • Masuda Satoshi - A fellow co-worker on Koi no Kensaku. The two seem to have a connection.

  • Etymology

    Kasumi is written as 花澄かすみ, the meaning flower or blossom and すみ which means clear/pure.

    Yuuna is written as 優奈ゆうな. ゆう means gentleness (lithe) or superior, while is a phonetic character.

    Acchan was often refereed to as Yuuchan (ゆうちゃん) against her preferences. Then there was Honoka's 'crazy' nickname, Yuuyyuchin (ゆうっゆちん). Upon succession, she received the nickname Acchan (あっちゃん), a name now very dear to her. The other is Maeda (まえだ). Her com name is the same as her SNS; Bookworm, referring to her love of books.


    • "Maybe I am in love... but I will never tell~♡ I'm Maeda Atsuko the 20th." - One of Acchan's many introductions.
    • "Even if you hate me... please don't hate books! A-And by books, I mean AKB0048." - Acchan's at the SC0126 General Elections.


    • Amane Cooking - Meru (worker/customer)
    • Koi no Kensaku - Chigusa Hanami (lead role)





    • Favourite New Era Song: Ima wa Shinjiru
    • Audition Song: Everyday, Katyuusha
    • Hobbies: Reading, writing, practicing alone, watching anime
    • Favourite Food: Chicken and/or Shrimp Fried Rice
    • Favourite Animal: Cats
    • Charm Point: Fast Wit; Sarcasm
    • Unlike her sister, she bares her adopted parents' surname.
    • Regarding her birthplace, she'll state that she's from Sebustar since the planet is much more memorable.
    • Against her preference, she was frequently called Yuuchan.
    • She developed hemophobia; a phobia in which a person is afraid of blood.
    • Initially, she was supposed to join Team A, but due to high demand, her and Miichan were switched.
    • She dislikes bikinis.
    • When creating "Yuuna", Pri wanted her to succeed Maeda Atsuko; however, there was already one at the time. Thus, the user often went back and forth between Kashiwagi Yuki - in which someone else, though teasingly, wanted their former character to succeed - and a few Keyakizaka46 members, notably Ishimori Nijika. Once the 19th Acchan graduated and the name appeared on the Name List, Pri immediately applied for her, something he regrets now.
      • Nowadays, he comments about how he wants Yuuna to succeed Kosaka Nao from Hinatazaka46.
    Current Successors Takahashi Minami the 7th, Sashihara Rino the 11th, Shimazaki Haruka the 11th, Kodama Haruka the 8th, Eguchi Aimi the 4th, Hirate Yurina the 7th, Minegeshi Minami the 7th, Matsui Jurina the 8th, Watanabe Mayu Type 5, Imaizumi Yui the 14th, Maeda Atsuko the 20th
    Graduates Kagawa Sayuri (Sato Amina the 6th), Ashley Snow (Matsui Rena the 9th), Shino Hoshina (Maeda Atsuko the 19th), Shibuya Komari (Shinoda Mariko the 12th), Ooto Melody (Ikuta Erika the 11th), Takematsu Tomoka (Kuramochi Asuka the 13th), Zoey Bright (Akimoto Sayaka the 15th), Akagi Yahiru (Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th), Asami Mirai (Nakai Rika the 15th)