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型目がため 渡辺わたなべ 麻友まゆ
Mayu Watanabe Type 5
5-gatame watanabe mayu

SC0125 - Rose no Hibi
General Information
Original Name Kashita Miyagi
Nickname(s) Mayuyu, Gun-Girl
Age 18 (June SC0126)
Birthday January 28th SC0108
Zodiac Aquarius
Home Planet Tekistar
Com Alias Gun-Girl
Height 158cm
Familial information
Idol information
Team Team B
Generation 151st Generation
Agency Morning Star Entertainment
Oshimen Jurina the 8th
Other information
"The Gun-Girl's gonna shoot your heart! I am Watanabe Mayu Type 5, also known as Mayuyu~"

– Mayuyu's Stage Introduction Catchphrase

Miyagi Kashita (河岸田かした 宮城みやぎ) is a member of AKB0048's Team B. She is one of AKB0048's current successors, holding the name of Mayu Watanabe Type 5 (5型目がため 渡辺わたなべ 麻友まゆ).

Also known as Mayuyu (まゆゆ) and Gun-Girl, she is recognised as cute, innocent girl whose combat skills are among the best in 0048's history which earned her her nickname. Off-stage however, she is rather cold and cares little about other members - except Matsui Jurina the 8th who is her best friend.



Mayuyu has dark blue/black, smooth hair that naturally reaches her waist if worn down. Usually, she wears part of her hair in two twintails from the high back of her head. She has a fringe. Her eyes are dark blue and she has fair skin. Similar to other members of AKB0048, she has got a heart-shaped light reflection in her eyes and on her hair. In her eyes are three further blurry dots.

After joining 0048 up to June SC0125, Mayuyu wore pigtails tied with ribbons inspired by Mayuyu Type 2. Worn down, it was about shoulder lenght, but grew as time went on. From June SC0125 onwards up to her succession, she tied her hair into pigtails from the high back of her head and sometimes wore her hair a bit wavy. Worn down, it was about the lenght of the lower end of her shoulder blades. Originally, this change was only for the promotion of Rose no Hibi, but she grew to like the style and decided to continue using it for a while. Prior joining 0048, she cut her hair to show her determination to join 0048 to her family who did not support her intentions.

Mayuyu is very careful with her hair and spends an average of an hour everyday with hair care. She has never dyed it in her life and doens't intend to do so ever. Only very few people are even allowed to touch her hair. From times to times, Mayuyu wears Jurina's ribbons.

Mayuyu's fashion style can be considered as a mixture of the Japanese yume-kawaii style and pop punk style which she started wearing during the promotions of her first solo album which worked with that fashion style. She enjoys cute and girly clothes, but casually doesn't tend to wear clothes that resemble idol uniforms. She likes to wear pastel colours, but doesn't have a preffered colour per se. Her make-up is usually kept rather natural. She loves jewelry and often wears various bracelets and earrings. Nearly always, she wears a necklace she was given at birth by her family; a small dualium crystal. While she doesn't keep the necklace a secret, she doesn't always wear it visibly. She has lots of clothes because she loves shopping a lot.

She nearly always wears boots - no matter the weather - and it's been often implied that she has a hand gun with her that is hidden in her shoes. She tends to use beanies and glasses to disguise herself in public among other things. Normally, she doesn't need glasses her visual acuity rating is 2.0 - it's very good, but she likes to wear them for the sake of her style too.


Mayuyu is, between the members, known for using an 'on-stage' and 'off-stage' persona between she switches at will. She is aware of the difference between both and indirectly created them on her own. She is aware of the fact that her on-stage self is an act, but considers her off-stage self as true self.

Her on-stage persona is a naive, slightly fragile and a bit shy girl who wouldn't hurt a fly and just wants everyone to be happy. Innocent, she lacks of understanding in some situation but cares a lot for her fellow members - especially Jurina. She is always seen together with Jurina, and leaves the talking to her, but also gets along with various other members. She usually has a gentle smile on her face and gives her best; she is an altruistic person.

People close to her eventually meet her 'off-stage self'. Cold and disinteressted, Mayuyu often almost appears sarcastic and a bit sadistic. She is arrogant and over-confident, beliving that her own abilities are better than anyone elses. Her pride is very strong and difficult to be broken; she thinks herself superior. She only listens to people if she thinks that their plans agree with her opinion. She seldomly likes people unless they compliment her. Mayuyu is very spoiled and used to being handed things on a plate. She is a sore and bad looser and stubborn. She takes insulsts to her lack of education personal.

Her actual self; the one she does not acknowledge and hides behind the other two, is a girl who for a long time believed that the world wasp erfect and had no worries. After her mother had a near-death experience, she realised that her life wasn't as perfect as expected. Ignorant to her many flaws, she does have the sincere intention to improve the world, but selfish motivations. Following the attack onto the Flying Get and her injury, Mayuyu developed a somewhat strange lack of self-confidence. She boasts herself a lot and is aware of her strenghts, but often shows worries that she might misjudge herself.

Mayuyu is a member of a family that came from basic backgrounds but grew into a major influencial power in the whole galaxy. She grew up thinking that if she wanted to do something, she would absolutely be able to do that; no one could prevent her. She also grew up with the hierarchy in her family in her mind. On this hierarchy, she is far from the top and inheriting the empire, hence she holds a great respect for the people above her in the hierarchy. She was taught that she could do whatever she wanted and that other people had to respect her as long as she'd remain in the favour of the head of the Kashita family. Until she left Tekistar, that was a common occourance for her - when people learned that her surname was Kashita, she was respected.

Of course she likes people - she likes her grandmother, her little brother and Jurina for example. She has a strange relationship with her mother and father who worked a lot in the family empire and weren't a great presence in her life; if it hadn't been for her grandmother interfering, she would have been closer to her governess than to anyone in her family. Her grandmother interfered because anybody with Kashita DNA had to be bound to the family psychologically. She was always close to her younger brother, a young sickish boy and her grandmother, a warm woman who has done dark things as previous head of the family until retiring. It's common knowledge that she cares a lot for Jurina - for various reasons. It started with a normal friendship; she used to have many of them in her past on Tekistar, but though living with Honoka and the training as well as danger, they grew as close as Mayuyu had been with her best friend back on Tekistar, Kawaishi Itsuki and even closer.

The distance to her family and their rather displeased and unaccepting attitude to Mayuyu's choice to join 0048 lead to her bounds to her family growing weaker and over the time allowed her to grow closer to other members; in particulary Sayaka, Ashy, Techi, Takamina and Hoshiko, later on Yuihan and other members. While she doesn't always show her feelings and often falls into the behaviour of pride and coldness, she certainly likes them and cares for them; she simply doesn't show it. She is aware of the fact that i.e. Sasshi is more intelligent than her and that i.e. Techi and Takamina are better in using micsabers than she is. She also respects their abilities, but wouldn't ever admit that.


When Mayuyu joined AKB0048, she was often critized for her lack of vocal skills despite later on having a solo debut. At first, Mayuyu reacted with ignorance, but over the course of the year started taking singing lessons outside 0048's training to improve more because she really enjoyed singing. Having taken professional lessons since November SC0123, she has grown quite proficient. She is able to read sheet music quickly and has aquired various skills by then. She has no problems with singing live.

Despite being physically fit, Mayuyu doesn't excel in dancing at all. Her skill is average for 0048; mainly because she focuses more on her appearance and charm during a performance than the actual movements. However, having appeared in various rather dance heavy songs (such as To Say), she has shown that with enough dedicated practise, she is a fine dancer. She is far from the best though, and not very keen on improving.

Coming up with stories and lying was never difficult for Mayuyu due to her upbringing, and her acting skills grew during the time, she spent in 0048. Having done a few solo acting work from early time on, she received a bit extra training through her agency and now is a rather skilled actress. To her dismay, she is often more considered as a skilled actress even though she would prefer to focus onto singing.

Mayuyu's MC skills are average; she usually remains rather calm and is by far not the most interesting MC. She knows how to direct a MC, but isn't very interessted in doing so. Since she is often seen alongside Jurina, this isn't very visible though since Jurina often gets the attention.

Out of all her skills, combat is what Mayuyu is infamous for. From a young on age, Mayuyu participated in various combat sports because she liked it and is an avid paintball lover. She can be considered as a prodigy when it comes to shooting and easily hits moving targets. She also knows surprisingly much about various types of rifles. She prefers gun combat over hand-to-hand but would manage on her own as well. She knows how to use a micsaber, but doesn't like using them. She is a horrible LAS pilot, but notably fit and capable of performing basic acrobatics that are useful in combat. She also has a good balance which is neccessary for performing on rizzers.

Having dropped out of school very early, Mayuyu is barely able to read all hiragana and katakana; she only knows a very few kanji and can't write any of them. She barely can read and not write at all. Her lack of education becomes very strongly visible when it's noted that she believes in many unrealistic concepts and denies physics. Fortunately, she is able to memorise things via audio quickly, hence she has little problems with lyrics if she can listen to them. She is surprisingly good in hiding her Japanese accent though.

Mayuyu is one of these people who can eat whatever and how much they want, and don't gain weight. Presumably, this is because of her personal training for combat, but ever since the attack, Mayuyu's been generally eating more, and people wonder why.


Early Life

Miyagi grew up on Tekistar as daughter of the most influencial family on the planet. Despite the fact that she wasn't close to inheriting the tech empire Meteor, she never lacked of anything in her life and was surrounded by luxury. As young girl, she befriended with a local kid from the suburbs by accident who introduced her to the suburbs. Pretending to be interessted in self-defense, she started taking lessons in various combat sports and even won a few local competitins. She also started playing paintball; influenced by said boy.

As a child, Miyagi didn't understand why her family didn't mind her strange hobbies; while she still behaved like a daughter of the Kashita family should, her freetime was far from playing piano or dancing ballet. Unknown to her, her aunt was aware of turmoils in the suburbs and when Miyagi grew older, as a young teenager, she fullfilled the secret ambition of her aunt; to take back a certain amount of control in them. Having grown adept to the ways of the suburbs and the black market, Miyagi had also gained respect among the people present - having become known as a very talented fighter and person, while being unknown to be part of the Kashita family. While she dropped out of school early - it bored her - Miyagi had therefore already become an influencial person in her family; something she would only realise in AKB0048. Her life was directed by what she considered as fun and joy.


In early SC0123, her mother had a horrible car accident which lead to lots of turmoil in Miyagi's family - her mother was the sister of the CEO of Meteor and lived a very secure life. At first, it seemed like Miyagi's life in the suburbs was suddenly over, but Miyagi's grandmother Shirako interrupted and convinced her daughters - Miyagi's mother and aunt - to leave her in peace. Her aunt had taken a liking in Miyagi who, unlike her cousins, was comparably down-to-Earth, if even in a strange way.

The accident lead to Miyagi's perfect little fun world being destroyed; her mother forever scared by it, Miyagi was reminded of the accident everyday. The accident lead to her best friend learning of her identity as Kashita, who fortunately accepted it. However, she remained restless; through said friend, she discovered other things that lead to her dislike to her current life.

When AKB0048 opened the auditions for the 151st Generation, she took the chance - at first with the intention to simply change something in her life, but soon came to realise that 0048 was holding things for her that she wouldn't miss for anything; to her, 0048 had given her a chance for a new life. Alongside Honoka, her soon-to-be best friend, Miru, Ashley, Zoey and Akarin, she joined AKB0048 and immediately was part of the front of 0048. She soon discovered a dislike for the DES that she had grown up to see as weak and lazy. A selected member for Kono atarashii hi ni and Bonfire Love Story, she was at the front of 0048 the whole time.

During the first election, she participated in, she placed #1 in the prelims - something bough up her strong confidence. Her election poster showed her in the stand-in uniform; declaring that no matter where she was, she was going to give her best. She also released her first single, Toshi no Melody and participated in the pilot project Yousei no Mori. While her fans were happy to buy her single, the general public critised her singing ability - something that she, at first, wouldn't acknowledge. In the final elections, she placed #3 - much to her dismay. She was therefore part of Kibou no Chronicle. During the period of the election, Miyagi's family gained a new member in form of Akane. Miyagi head an immediate dislike to her because she 'occupied' the people she was closest to. Much to her dismay, she managed to join AKB0048.

In the period after the election, she was part of KISEKI's senbatsu and acted in Majisuka Gakuen 00; he second acting experience. She co-centred Kyuuseishu with Ai. During the Halloween Shuffle Concert, she was announced to become Team A's new ace; while she considered herself as quite fit for the position, leaning that she wasn't in the same team as Honoka made her quite sad.


For Miyagi, SC0124 started slowly. She participated in the Janken Taikai where she unfortunately lost to Ai and placed #2, therefore being in Himitsu no Challenge. Takamina and Ashley both succeeding lead to her complaining that she, in her opinion, was totally worth succeeding as well, but she didn't get close to the spot she wanted. During the 153rd Generation audition, she once again lead the combat training alongside Honoka where Chiyo turned into the paintball target.

During the promotions of Reality, she was also occupied with the production of Futari no Ashiato, her second solo single. By then, her singing skills had notably improved, and she was complimented for the ballad. The maxi single allowed her to try out various music styles, leading to a curiosity for new styles, she hadn't even considered before. During the election, her votes increased a lot; for more than half a million, but she only saw the large drop in her ranking. Much to her happiness, Honoka won the election, and she happily participated in Infinity no Moyou alongside her.

At some point in the year, she started learning how to use a synthesizer for Orchestra of AKB0048's newest album, Setsuzoku no Chain wa sudeni Koko ni Aru which debuted during the SC0124 AKB0048 Kouhaku Utagassen. She also performed Yin & Yang with Honoka, their second original duet which, by the duo's fans, is often considered as new version of Omoide no Hontondo.


In this year's Janken Taikai, she once again lost to the winner; this time Rairin. She managed to secure a senbatsu spot of Castle of Glass though, and finally was given her first solo center on an AKB0048 in Requiem. She had previously centred a track on Futari no Ashiato, her second solo single, alone. Sadly, Rena graduated from AKB0048 in the early part of the year though. She was part of Rose no Hibi, and showed clear dislike to the fact that Rena was leaving AKB0048.

She was offered to perform the opening of an anime, and immediately accepted; the music style was one of the styles, she wanted to try out a bit more, resulting in her third solo single, Ashita wa Kitto Kuru which is generally considered as her strongest single and also became the image of this year's campain. In the following election, she once again gained votes - and ranked up, but lost to Takamina; something that gave her confidence a blow. She was part of Asphodel no Sekai.

When the new generation's audition process came close, she started to give Miyo extra training which basically was beating her up for the majority of time because she was to accompany Sasshi in the auditions. When the 154th Generation joined AKB0048, Miyagi found herself much more involved with the girls than she thought that she would be. She and Elise got along surprisingly well, despite Miyagi once again practically beating them up in combat training due to their family's similar background, being a major political power on their home planet and unaffected by the ban despite being a DES planet. She got along with Marian as well who asked her for acting tips which she was glad to give (albeit a bit annoyed that people still looked at her acting skills rather than her singing skills). She didn't get along with Kaoru at all though.

Finally, Yuihan's actual identity was revealed; she had grown close to Yuihan by then, but still was glad that the mystery around her identity was resolved to some degree. Around that time, she also came to the decision that she wanted to focus on singing more than on acting which lead to the start of the production of her first solo album whose songs were recorded over November. She still was around when Akarin succeeded though; another reminder that she was still missing something.

When 0048 was about to finish their tour in December, she met Ashley and her new friends on Koreastar, including Ryuu who somewhat tried to help her with getting in terms with certain stuff; something that Miyagi didn't actually need. The time, they spent on the planet also lead to her attacking Justin because he was flirting with Honoka again; a video of that was uploaded on YouTube and became some sort of meme. On the final day, she was able to announce her new album Kakkoii & Kawaii, but also mentioned that she intended to spend a bit time of January on Koreastar, curious about their idol culture.


Miyagi's January was focused onto the production of her new album, but she still was part of Masshiro na Mirai wo Irodzukeru. She returned for the Janken Taikai and final promotions of her album; she lost to Yuuna but still was part of Kaetai Mirai. In the following shuffle, she was put into Team B; fortunately with Honoka which made her quite happy this time. She didn't mind switching to the new team. During the time where the new stages were in progress, she also started working on her next solo single, 1/2 which put emphasis onto her desire to become a singer on her own right. The single was well-received, albeit her album and Ashita wa Kitto Kuru remained favourites.

During the beginning of the year, Miyagi also found the anime Himawari Warriors by coincidence and grew a little bit of a fan for the anime. She was offered the possibility to perform the ending theme for the upcoming season and accepted; the song was set to be released on her next single. She enjoyed the beginning of April; April Fools Days was always her favourite day due to the joy it brought to Honoka, but the ghost house recording of 0048 scared her lot.

AKB0048, including Miyagi, performed a series of guerilla concerts which ended on Baltistar, before returning home. On the way home, the group was ambushed by the DGTO and a single soldier managed to enter the Flying Get. While Miyagi managed to defeat him (or rather, his own weapon backfired), she was seriously hurt while trying to protect Honoka. 0048 rushed back to Akibastar where she was in surgery for several days before the members were finally allowed to visit. During the visit (which put a lot of toll on Honoka who gave herself the fault). During this visit, she flatlined; a video surfacing online lead the members (who were left in the dark of the truth) and the public believing that Miyagi died. She didn't though; leaving the other members in the dark of what actually happened between the five days between the flatlining and WMiya's succession concert where she suddenly appeared, announcing that she was also succeeding; becoming Watanabe Mayu Type 5. She was part of Sekiranun no Geijutsu. Following the attack, her self confidence dropped a lot; leading to her putting down people a lot more than usually and emphasing her own strenghts in order to return to her old state of mind. Notably, she started eating a lot more but kept her normal weight miraculously.

Following her succession, Mayuyu finally opened her own social media account, @Gun-Girl. She also announced her next solo single, Brave New World which would compete with Hikarin's new single for better sales. She won. Mayuyu, despite ranking high in the prelims, decided to not participate in the election in order to focus on further recovery; not participating in the promotions of Kagami no Paladin helped her a lot and later on in the year, she came back much healthier.

In december, during the unit taikai, she teamed up with Miyoko, Jurina and Techi to form The Knights to fans surprise who expected a WMiya unit. In the unit, Mayuyu's theme colour is white, and their first performance was Memento Mori. Duing the following MC, it became evident that they were acting. Her character seemed to be attached to Jurina's character, and affecting lightning. The group won the second round against Angelica was well, performing the song Beware (39P Remix), and the third round against Chiba Miku, performing Gunzou. In the fourth round, they performed Kono Sekai versus Team Nerds.

Team History

151st Generation151st Generation & Team 00151st Generation & Team A151st Generation & Team B
Team B

Joined the 151st Generation of Trainees (SC0123.03.15)
Promoted to Team 00 (Formation) (SC0123.06.17)
Transfered to Team A (Formation) (Halloween Shuffle) (SC0123.10.31)
Transfered to Team B (Formation) (SC0126 Janken Taikai) (SC0126.01.25)
Succeeded and promoted from the 151st Generation (Succession Concert) (SC0126.04.25)


  • Aozora Kokone - Kouhai. They were together in SC0123 Team A.
  • Asahina Miru - Member of the same generation. They were together in SC0123 Team A. She is rather indifferent to her, and hasn't really worked with her in ages.
  • Eguchi Aimi the 4th - Kouhai. They were together in SC0123 Team A. Having noticed the certian amount of respect, Aimi has, Mayuyu also seems to respect her to some degree. The two work together as front members of AKB0048, but otherwise don't talk a lot.
  • Hikami Yumeko - Senpai. They were together in SC0123 Team A.
  • Ikeda Itsuki - Kouhai.
  • Itano Tomorin - Senpai.
  • Itou Haruki - Kouhai.
  • Makori Ririka - Kouhai. In Mayuyu's opinion, her 'I will be the best' character is silly.
  • Masaki Amarie - Kouhai.
  • Minegeshi Minami the 7th - Kouhai.
  • MoYoung Marian - Kouhai. Mayuyu likes her, and sometimes gives her tips and tricks to work with.
  • Nakahara Monica - Kouhai. She doesn't understand why Monica likes violence that much.
  • Taiyamoto Akano - They were together in SC0123 Team A.
  • Takahashi Minami the 7th - Senpai. They were together in SC0123 Team A of which she was the captain. Snce Takamina often wins over her, Mayuyu has developed a dislike to her. She acknowledges her popularity rarely and often is seen looking for reason why she is better than Takamina; Mayuyu is jealeous of her.

  • Hatsune Hikari - Kouhai. She has shown surprising sympathy to her.
  • Hirate Yurina the 7th - Member of the same generation. When Techi and Mayuyu joined AKB0048, both had little idea of idols and the entertainment business; having joined 0048 more because of the political aspects. They share similar motivations and often worked together to help each other cope in the beginning. Over the time, this help wasn't as neccessary as before, but they still get along well. There is a strong mutual respect between them. They were together in the unit The Knights.
  • Honda Hibiki - Kouhai.
  • Hoshikawa Rei - Senpai. They were together in Team 00.
  • Hoshimiya Aoi - Senpai. They were together in Team 00.
  • Itano Tomoko - Kouhai.
  • Ito Hotaru - Senpai. They were together in Team 00.
  • Kobayashi Griselda - Kouhai.
  • Ryuuzaki Miyoko - Kouhai. Mayuyu gave Miyoko extra lessons in combat in SC0125. They were together in The Knights. She seems to like her.
  • Sashihara Rino the 11th - Kouhai. Sasshi is Mayuyu's favourite practise target for combat when training with others.
  • Takanashi Yukari - Senpai.
  • Tomone Kaoru - Kouhai.
  • Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th - Kouhai. When she first heard of Yui, she quickly came to dislike her because Mayuyu felt like she had taken her place in her family. After Yui joined AKB, she warmed up with her over time and they grew closer.

  • Akiba Airi - Kouhai.
  • Amaya Jia - Kouhai.
  • Asami Mirai - Kouhai.
  • Ayana Elise - Kouhai.
  • Harune Diamond - Senpai.
  • Kodama Haruka the 8th - Kouhai.
  • Maeda Atsuko the 20th - Kouhai.
  • Matsui Jurina the 8th - See MiyaMiya. They also were together in the unit The Knights.
  • Shimazaki Haruka the 11th - Kouhai.

  • Nagase Yuuri - Kouhai.
  • Koizumi Ayaka - Kouhai.
  • Shiratama Mayu - Kouhai.
  • Natsuki Hotaru - Kouhai.

  • Kumotani Julie - Kouhai.
  • Tobina Riko - Kouhai.
  • Chiba Miku - Kouhai.
  • Mizu Kaguya - Kouhai.
  • Lee Hana - Kouhai.
  • Chizu Snow - Kouhai.
  • Yokoyama Asuna - Kouhai.
  • Ogawa Norah - Kouhai.
  • Kanayama Mako - Kouhai.
  • Sengawa Kagome - Kouhai.
  • Kaname Reina - Kouhai.
  • Kawano Namia - Kouhai.
  • Tachibana Elisabeth - Kouhai.
  • Yozora Yoko - Kouhai.
  • Arisugawa Mikoto - Kouhai.
  • Amuro Yuhane - Kouhai.

    • Kagawa Sayuri / Sato Amina the 8th - Senpai. Although they were never particulary close, Sayuri and Mayuyu got along well.
    • Ashley Snow / Matsui Rena the 9th - Being a member of her generation and a fellow SC0123 Team A member, Ashley and Mayuyu spend a lot of time together. Although she wouldn't admit it for most of the time, Mayuyu does care for her and likes her. They are still in contact.
    • Shino Hoshina / Maeda Atsuko the 19th - Mayuyu and Hoshina get along very well; for no particular reason, a mutual respect existed between them. They are still in contact. They were together in Team A.
    • Shibuya Komari / Shinoda Mariko the 12th - Senpai. Despite being together in Team 00 and SC0125 Team A, they were never particulary close.
    • Ooto Melody / Ikuta Erika the 11th - Kouhai. They were together in SC0123 Team A. Albeit she doesn't admit it, Mayuyu admires her piano skills.
    • Kuramochi Asuka the 13th - Kouhai.
    • Akimoto Sayaka the 15th - Member of the same generation. Mayuyu often things that she behaves childish despite the fact that Sayaka is older than her. Nonetheless, she cares for Sayaka. They sometimes work on teasing Sasshi together; Sayaka through dance practise and Mayuyu through combat training.
    • LaLa Rue - Kouhai.

  • Motomiya Hikari - 0048's manager. Mayuyu fortunately has a bit of a brain and is polite to her; sometimes.

  • Ooto Louis - Louis and Mayuyu first met during a movie project where they became friends. Louis only then took a look at AKB0048 and started to follow the girls, in particular Honoka. While the two have a professional work friendship, there isn't much else they share in comon.
  • Barahona Ryuu - Mayuyu and Ryuu first met in late SC0125 on Koreastar. Despite a slightly rocky start, they eventually got along.

  • Kashita Shiraki - Her grandmother. Mayuyu likes her a lot, but recently has come to the realisation that some of her actions might had been to prevent Mayuyu from reaching her full potential. Currently, their relationship is tensed.
  • Kashita Shouta - Her younger brother who is five years younger. Mayuyu loves him a lot and is very close to him; Shouta adores his sister and admires her. They have little contact but both would like more.
  • Kashita Rina - Her aunt and current family head. Over the time, Mayuyu has come to dislike her due to the way, she seems to manipulate people around her, including Mayuyu's own mother.
  • Kashita Minako - Her mother. Mayuyu and her mother were never particulary close but liked eachother. In SC0122, she has a terrible accident that demolished her position in the Kashita family a lot, leading to Mayuyu realising that she wanted more than her life on Tekistar.
  • Kashita Ichisuke - Her father. They were never close and Mayuyu is aware of various affairs he has had.

  • Career

  • Janken Taikai SC0123 - 2nd Place (Lost to Takayama Ai)
  • Janken Taikai SC0125 - 6th Place (Lost to Asami Mirai)
  • Janken Taikai SC0126 - 13th Place (Lost to Kasumi Yuuna)

  • SC0125 - #42

  • Meteor's Asteroid phone CMs

  • Ethymology

    Kashita is written as 河岸田かした.
    河岸かし can be translated as river bank and as field.

    Miyagi is written as 宮城みやぎ.
    みや can be translated as shrine or palace while can be translated as castle or fortress. Miyagi has confirmed that her mother gave her the name because she hoped that Miyagi would grow into a strong woman with a pure heart.

    Prior her succession, she was often called Miyaya (みやや), Miya (みや) and Miyachan (みやちゃん). Due to her combat skills, she has earned the infamous title Gun-Girl which for a long time was thought to be an insider joke; most fans believed that her abilities were more of the opposite - until a video of her taking out Ooto Justin who had been flirting with Jurina was uploaded online. After her succession, she inherited the nickname Mayuyu (まゆゆ) which is now mostly used. Jurina still calls her Miya (みや). Her com name is Gun-Girl.


    • "Everyone is Shining~! I am AKB's Gun-Girl Kashita Miyagi known as Miyaya~ It's a pleasure~" - Miyagi's Catchphrase in SC0123 to SC0125
    • "The Gun-Girl will shoot your heart! I am Kashita Miyagi known as Miyaya~ It's a pleasure~" - Miyagi's Catchphrase January SC0126 to April SC0126.
    • "The Gun-Girl will shoot your heart! I am Watanabe Mayu Type 5. It's nice to meet you~" - Mayuyu's catchphrase


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    Galaxy Cinderella



    • Blood Type: A+
    • Favourite Song in the New Era: Requiem
    • Audition Song: Kibou ni Tsuite
    • Favourite Animal: Llama, Unicorn
    • Favourite Colour: Pink, rainbow
    • Penlight Colour: Pink
    • Hobbies: Paintball, spending time with friends, shopping, baking cupcakes
    • Charm Point: Hair
    • Special Skill: Paintball
    • The original name intended for Miyagi was Kashida Miyagi. Kashida became the surname of her character in Protocol Magi :ORIGIN. The name of her character is generally heavily based on her actual name.
    • In each Janken Taikai, she has participated in, she lost to the winner.
    • She calls her kirara Shellu (シェルー). The reason for the name is unknown.