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" Nice to meet you. Please just call me Reina. I already hope that we can get along in the future. "

– Reina's self-introduction catchphrase

鹿目 怜梛かなめ れいな
Reina Kaname
Kaname Reina
General Information
Nickname(s) Rena
Age 16 (SC0126)
Birthday June 20th SC0110
Zodiac Gemini
Home Planet Tekistar
Blood Type A
Com Alias Mom
Eye Color Tea
Hair Color Coral pink
Height 163 cm
Familial information
Parents Kaname Kouga
Kaname Himari
Siblings Kaname Ayano
Kaname Yuma (and many others)
Idol information
Generation 155th Generation
Radiance Color Tawny
Oshimen Iwata Karen the 14th
Hirate Yurina the 7th
Desired Name Iwata Karen
Other information
User Fukouda-san
Hex Code #c40000
Seiyuu Kubota Miyu

Kaname Reina (鹿目 怜梛かなめ れいな) is one of the current candidates for AKB0048's 155th generation draft.

She is also affectionately nicknamed Rena (れな). She is a well-mannered and mature teenager who holds a great sense of Justice. Mature to the point that she was know as The adult trapped in a teenage girl's body (乙女の体に閉じ込められた大人 Otome no karada ni tojikome rareta otona) in her highschool.

Reina comes from a poor family in an extremely precarious situation, which is why she hesitates to become an idol, despite her love for 00s and Entertainment in general.



Reina has waist-length, soft, a bit wavy, coral pink hair, as well as two strands one on the other framing her face, facing her cheeks and chin while two other longer strands fall on her chest. Her forehead is fully exposed even if there is sometimes a small strand of hair touching almost her nose. Reina also generally wears a small headband crown of artificial flowers on her head, which is a present from her mother.

In order to correct her slight short-sightedness, she wears thin circular transparent glasses covering her slanted tea-coloured eyes. However, she does not wear them all the time, for example, she doesn't wear onstage and uses lens instead. Similarly to every 00s members, heart-shaped reflections are visible in Reina's eyes and hair. Reina also has a diamond-shape in her eyes (distinct from those of graduated members), which is probably a reference to her address for card games. She has a small mole on the right side of her nose. Her appearance is fairly trim and her complexion is rosy fair.

Her dress style is plain, comfortable, ordinary and very "adult-like". Indeed, Reina has a clothing range quite limited because of her family's poverty, since she cannot afford a high budget for clothes when her family is already struggling to pay rent and bills. Many of her clothes belonged to her mother. Reina cares little about current fashion trends, and often values the practical side of her clothes.

She rarely wears makeup, and when she does, its quite light and understated.


Reina is a trustworthy, but still modest young girl characterized by her strong sense of Justice because her family suffered a heavy injustice. Having a large family (and an ill father) that she has to constantly looking after, she always tries hard to be resourceful and responsible, and has an honorable sense of duty.

She is friendly, composed, diligent, understanding, devoted and polite in nature, yet she can show a very sensitive, indecisive behavior when it comes to matters concerning the family. It's because her family means everything to her. She did not have the opportunity to have many friends because she had to take care of her family all the time. As a result, she usually calls to people with their full name, not out of contempt or anything but it's just a habit she has since she was very young, because she's not accustomed to being close to other people than her family.

She often takes a level-headed approach to situations and she tries to never lose her cool and act as the mediator, even though she is facing a difficult, tense one. Unbeknownst to most, Reina also has a more competitive and calculating, even scheming side, especially when it comes to card or arcade games. At times, she can even acts as a bit of a tease. Because of her appearing like a mature person, people tend to forget that she is still a teenager who has a secret interest in cute things.

Furthermore, Reina is a resolute person, patient, helpful, accepting and generally pacifist; albeit she is almost never afraid to speak of her mind. She get easily upset around people she deems to be too rude. That's why she often lectures others if she feels it's necessary, striving to bring some balance to the group. She is caring and particularly attentive to the feelings and needs of those around her. She does have a strong sense of right and wrong, trying to treat everyone fairly at any time.

Currently, she is nervous about her family, but she manages to hide it pretty well.


Reina's skills, coming mainly from her social background, are more like those of a stereotypical mother/housewife than a girl teenager.

Due to having to take care of her large family, Reina excels in all kinds of household chores. Her culinary skills are exemplary, and she can clean any place very effectively in a blink.

She is also very comfortable taking care of children and enjoys it. She is good at handling and saving money and expenses. Reina can manage many things at once and has no problem organizing her time and planning what to do next by non-stop using a mental schedule which changes every day.

Thanks to her composure and her somewhat strategic mind, Reina is exceptionally gifted at playing card games. She can easily defeat other talented adult players by thinking "outside the box".

Additionally, she has made many trips to arcades to relax. It is thanks to these short escapades that Reina discovered her innate talent for Danmaku and Dance Dance Revolution.


Reina was born and grew on Tekistar. She is the eldest child of a huge, very poor family. Its consists of her grandmother, her ill father, her mother almost always at work, her younger siblings, her aunt, her uncle and her cousins. Whereas Tekistar is a low-tax planet, the Kaname family is struggling with many debts because of the high cost of the children's private schooling and the recurrent care they have to buy for the father. Despite its poverty, her family has a rule: Everyone must be around the table at the time of the meal. Her life was not easy but her family were very much tight-knit, always supporting each others even during the toughest months.

Reina's family has not always been so poor. Her father was once a respected laborer who worked very hard to provide for his family, and her mother was a housewife. Unfortunately, one day, he was diagnosed with a chronic illness. He warned his employer of his illness, but the latter told him that if he stopped working, he would refuse to grant him ill leave. Her father continued to work because he was the only source of income in the family; he didn't have a choice. But he was more and more weakened by his illness, and ended up getting dangerously hurt while working. After this accident, he was bounded to his bed and his employer immediately licensed him after learning that.

The business where her uncle worked went bankrupt, and he was forced to move to his brother's home to avoid being homeless with his wife and children. Reina's mother eventually managed to find a job, but it was a full-time one and forced her to be away from home most of the time. With her grandmother being too old, her aunt being unable to find a job and the stress of the whole situation having made her uncle depressed, Reina more or less took the role of the head of the family. She was in charge of the children, the family budget, the administrative papers, to get the groceries, to do the shopping, to maintain the house etc... Her missing classes in order to attend to family-related matters was a pretty common occurrence. She loved her family more than anything in the world, of course, and therefore fulfilled this role without any complaint, but this put a lot of pressure on her. She was still only a 10-years-old young girl after all.

Reina discovered the 00s while surfing on the Internet, and began to listen to their songs more and more often as it allowed her to escape from her difficult everyday life, if only for an instant. She could not help but yearn for another life filled with dreams and new exciting experiences, before mentally beating herself for having such selfish thoughts.

She tried to participate in the 154th generation auditions under the encouragement of her family as her father seemed to be getting better, but on her way to the auditions, she had received a message saying that her father's health had worsened and that he was in the hospital. She immediately left the auditions to return at home.

Since this event, although Reina desperately wants to be part of the 00s, she is too scared that daring to leave, something happens to her family. She doesn't know if she must fulfill her dream and leave, or stay repressing her own desires for the benefit of her family as she has always done. She doesn't know if she should be selfish or selfless. Reina is the victim of a cruel dilemma, choosing between the two things that matter the most to her: her family or Entertainment.

Her family does not want her to continue put her live on hold for them. For this reason, without her knowledge, her grandmother created the "Help Reina" plan that consists of finding a way to make sure that Reina participate in the auditions without her having the choice. Therefore, her siblings secretly filmed her singing a random 00s song and sent it to the 00s.


  • Asahina Miru - Senpai.

  • Aozora Kokone - Senpai.
  • Honda Hibiki - Senpai.
  • Tsubasa Diana - Senpai.
  • Itano Tomoko - Senpai.
  • Makori Ririka - Senpai.

  • Ryuuzaki Miyoko - Senpai.
  • Nakahara Monica - Senpai.
  • Masaki Amarie - Senpai.
  • Amaya Jia - Senpai.
  • Akiba Airi - Senpai.
  • Hatsune Hikari - Senpai. They were together in the unit Pentagram.
  • Ikeda Itsuki - Senpai.

  • Kasumi Yuuna - Senpai.
  • Ayana Elise - Senpai. They were together in the unit Pentagram.
  • Kobayashi Griselda - Senpai.
  • MoYoung Marian - Senpai.
  • Itou Haruki - Senpai.
  • Tomone Kaoru - Senpai.
  • Nagase Yuuri - Senpai.
  • Koizumi Ayaka - Senpai.
  • Shiratama Mayu - Senpai.

  • Lee Hana - Fellow trainee. Because of their somewhat similar personality, the two get along well. Reina thinks Hana is very interesting and would like to know more about her. They were also together in the unit Pentagram.
  • Arisugawa Mikoto - Fellow trainee. They were also together in the unit Pentagram.

  • Motomiya Hikari - Although she fully loves and supports AKB (and Entertainment) as a whole, Reina does have a lot of admiration for Hikari and aspires to grew up into a adult as respectable and wise as she. She has always been her main Oshimen, even though she graduated even before Reina discovered 00s. She even managed to save enough money to buy merchandise of her. Reina hopes she will have the opportunity to meet her in person someday.

    • Kaname Kouga - Her father. Reina looks a lot after him.
    • Kaname Himari - Her mother. They get along well but they did not have much opportunity to often see each other (since Himari is nearly never at home even for the holidays), and Reina is sad of that even tough she doesn't voice it often.
    • Kaname Homare - Her grandmother and confidante. Reina is very close with her grandmother and trusts her a lot, always listening to her wise advices. She respects her a lot.
    • Kaname Ayano - One of her younger sisters. She cares about her.
    • Kaname Yuma - One of her younger brothers. She cares about him.
    • Kaname Shiki - Her uncle.
    • Kaname Rinka - Her aunt.
    • Kaname Tomoya - One of her cousins. She cares about him.
    Reina is generally very close with her family and texts them as soon as she can.

  • Matsuhara Takeshi - Her previous boyfriend. Although they sincerely loved each other, they decided to break up in a mutual agreement because Takeshi could not stand constantly feeling like Reina put him after her family.

  • Etymology

    "Kaname" is written as 鹿目. 鹿 ("Kana") can be translated as deer and 目 ("Me") can be translated as eye.

    "Reina" is written as 怜梛. 怜 ("Rei") can be translated as wise, clever befitting Reina's mature, sensible personality. 梛 ("Na") is an archaic Kanji that refers to a kind of tree similar to the willow with pink flowers. Her parents chose it because they hoped she and her siblings would someday be able to live in a place with a luxuriant nature, including wondrous trees adorned with beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, this is a wish that could only become reality thanks to a miracle, considering Tekistar's ruined environment and her family's poverty that makes the option of leaving Tekistar impossible. Moreover, Reina can be translated as queen in Spanish.

    "Rena" (れな) her nickname; is directly derived from her first name. Her younger siblings and her cousins gave her this nickname.


    • "Nice to meet you. Please just call me Reina. I already hope that we can get along in the future." - Reina's self-introduction catchphrase.





    • Old Era Favourite Songs : Kaze wa Fuiteru, Shonichi
    • Audition Song : Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai
    • Charm Points : Forehead and mole
    • Favourite Colour: Fuchsia
    • Penlight Colour : Peach
    • Favourite Flower: Moonflower
    • Favourite Foods: Vongole Bianco, meatloaf, cherries, Sandwich
    • Favourite Drinks: Iced coffee, Chamomile and red berries-flavoured tea
    • Hobbies: Looking after her beloved family, cooking, cleaning, listening to music, playing card games, Danmaku and DDR.
    • Her kirara is shaped and coloured like a cherry chip with black eyes.
    • Currently, Reina doesn't have a social media, simply because she has never had time for that kind of things and she honestly does not see the point for her to have one.
    • She secretly loves cute things and her room is stuffed with cheap stuffed animals. She has even more than all her sisters and brothers together.
      • She is also crazy about Hello Kitty. It's her guilty pleasure.
      • Is a closet fan of Pon Pon Pon.
    • Reina once had a boyfriend in middle school but they broke up because he thought she was taking care of her family far too much.
    • Her audition number was #3012.
    • Her voice actress has been chosen because she voiced Hojo Sophie, another idol from the anime PriPara.