Hitomi Kadoshima
Kadoshima Hitomi
General Information
Home PlanetAkibastar
Height162.56cm( 5'4)
Familial information
Idol information
Successor NameYokoyama Yui the 11.5th
Generation131st generation
AgencyMorning Star Entertainment
OshimenTakahashi Minami the 7th
Other information
SeiyuuNana Mizuki
Hitomi Kadoshima is a minor character.She was the previous successor of Yokoyama Yui (11.5th) during her time in Akibastar. She is a famous actor. She is affiliated with Morning Star Entertainment.


Hitomi is a gentle,kind,and calming person. She keeps her thoughts to her-self as it doesn't concern to some people,however if you're very close she'd tell you like an open book. She's very artistic. She takes charge when it's necessary and thinks about others instead of herself at times. She is very organized has she Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,when things are messy. She's a bookworm,if you go to her house there would be a library in one of her rooms.

Appearance : 

Hitomi has always prefer her hair to be short ( up to her to upper shoulders). Her hair color is Chocolate brown,while her eyes are Sunset orange.Her eyes are rather droopy.She has a rectangular figure.Her lips are blow shaped.Her nose is rather button. She prefers her clothing to be spring theme and modern woman to match her age. Her arms reach down to her upper legs.

History :


  • Hashimoto Ayumi - Former known as Miyasawa Sae the 14th . Best Friend. Hitomi till keeps in touch with Ayumi considering they're are best friends. She didn't seem surprise that Ayumi would be the dance coach of 00,because of her deep love for 00. However,Hitomi was indeed surprise that Ayumi was become a solo-artist. She's amazed how much her friend has grown up as a Mother of three,dance coach,and now a solo-artist.


Hitomi was in many dramas and other shows

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