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Haruki Itou
Itō Haruki

Everyday, Katyuusha
General Information
Nickname(s) Luna
Age 19
Birthday July 3rd (SC0111)
Zodiac Cancer (♋︎)
Home Planet Sebustar
Blood Type O+
Com Alias Mermaid
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Hot-Magenta
Height 5'5 (154cm)
Familial information
Parents • Itou Eisuke (Father)
• Itou Junko (Step-Mother)
• Abe Minami (Mother)
Siblings • Itou Okimi ( Little Sister)
•Takahashi Maaya (Step Sister)
•Takahashi Ikuo (Step Brother)
Idol information
Team A
Generation 154th
Radiance Color Mint Green
Desired Name Kasai Tomomi the 14th
Social Media @Hari_chi93
Years Active SC0125-present
Other information
User Chemmiechum
Hex Code #123456
Seiyuu Yuka Kashino

"Hello my guppies, Haruki here"

𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐮𝐤𝐢 𝐈𝐭𝐨𝐮 (伊東春樹 Itou Haruki) is a member of AKB0048's Team A and part of 154th Generation. Aside from being an AKB0048 member, she is also a Youtuber.

Her current titles are Luna (ルナ) and Haru-chan (ルーは).



Haruki is 154cm tall. Her natural hair color is Hot Magenta. In the beginning of the audition, Haruki had her hair shoulder length and have it as a side ponytail. Her hair natural hairstyle is straight. As any member of AKB0048 , Haruki has a heart-shaped lining on her hair and eyes. Natural eye color is Yellow. The shape of her eye is roundish-almond. Her face structure is diamond shaped. Her nose structure is high bridged. Her eye brows are straight arched. Ears are rounded ear free lobe.

Before she had her braces on. Haruki had a one little fang tooth, but was taken out to give her " perfect teeth". She wears glasses.

Haruki's body structure is rectangular shape , her weight is that she likes to be kept is 121 pounds. Her shoe size is size 6 or 23.5cm.


After the conference meeting with the press. Haruki suddenly decided that she would like her hair to grow to her lower back and maybe change her hair style a little bit .

She also started being more fashionable with her looks ,and she really likes it.


People see her as a mermaid of 00,because of everything she likes about the sea .


Haruki is very opened about her private life as she has learned to open up rather than keeping everything( Life) all locked up inside ask her and she'll tell you. She doesn't like to things as it bothers, but if it's promised then she won't say anything about.

She an extremely polite and has solid common sense. She's rather a brain or bronze person. When there is a tough situation that needs to be handle she thinks about it first before doing any action.

She's an amicable person, meaning she loves to meet new people without serious disagreement or rancor. She loves attending any convention or Handshake events because she loves to see new faces and talk to them. She has a lovely smile. She's sweet. When introducing herself it's described as a warmly greeting.

When playing video games or any games really. She can be very competitive who hates to lose and has great inner strength. When there is a boss in the game and loses. She does not give up until she beat enemies in the game. She's more enthusiastic when it comes to video games. When she's a successor and has her own room. She'll likely do video game content on her channel.

When she performs on stage it's mostly described as very spunky and upbeat.

If someone asked Haruki what is the most important thing to her she'd reply about her family.



  • English- Mother Tongue/ Expert. Since English is part of Sebustar's culture. It was required for her to learn this language since the beginning of Kindergarten.
  • Filipino -Mother Tongue/ Expert. She began learning Filipino the moment she was able to speak.
  • Japanese - Mother Tongue/ Expert. Japanese is a galactic language. Learning this is a requirement.


Ever since she started making YouTube videos, Haruki started teaching herself how to make her edits to her videos. On SC0126, she's proficient at editing her videos.

Public Speaking

Since the start of her first panel speaking at VidCon. Haruki began to get better and better at public speaking taking her nerves down. Now on SC0126, she's calm.

Social Media Presence

She knows how to bring and get followers' attention by keeping up with the trends.


She began her combat lessons the moment 154th Generation had formed. She still not good at combat, but she is still improving. Having to use the LAS, it's a struggle for Haruki because she has never used it before. Combat is not her style as she began to learn combat fighting Haruki was very weak. SC0127, she has improved. She's learning new techniques.

Swimming/ Surf

Haruki began swimming when she was young. As of now, she's an incredible swimmer She's able to hold her breathe for 15 minutes under water. She began learning to read the oceans current a month after she began swimming.

After a year of swimming, she began learning to surf. She's able to maintain her stance on the board. She has huge endurance thanks to paddle constantly through whitewater, big waves and strong currents takes endurance. You have to be willing to push through pain and exhaustion if you want to keep riding waves all day. Haruki has a lot of upper body strength. she is to be quite flexible as she to get up on your feet every time takes quite some bending of your body.

Haruki is able to scuba dive. Also able to identify all kinds of fishes.


Haruki greatest strengths are Mathematics and Oceanography. She's able to solve a math equation in her head even if it's a complicated question. Learned by her stepmother. Since becoming a Marine Biologist is her dream job, she has studied all the creatures from every planet that has a sea and can quickly identify.

With her obsession with gems. Haruki had recently started learning Geology/Gemmology.


Pre-00 Life

Haruki lived in Sebustar along with her birth father, her little sister, her pets, and her stepfamily before arriving to Akibastar . Most of her life was spent in the ocean, not spending enough with her family,she even did YouTube which turned out to be a greater success in her future. Since she lived in Sebustar there was really no Entertainment Ban,so she was surrounded with music especially AKB, which made Haruki think that she could be an AKB0048 member without thinking of the consequences.

At the age of 11,she almost reached the end of her life due to almost drowning at the sea,the reason is that the waves were pulling her back during a heavy storm. A boy named Cuban Alex risked his own life to save Haruki's which she was grateful soonly enough they became friends (which later turned into a crush). From that day on, she went swimming with Alex.

When Haruki was about to turn 14 on her birthday.She finally wanted her dreams to come true by auditioning for 154th Generation of AKB0048. With the help of her family,she finally got her dreams to come true as she received an e-mail that she would be going to the second round .

Heading to the 00 Auditions/Audition.

As she was heading to the audition. Haruki decided that it would be best to vlog her adventures when heading to AKB0048's audition.She felt a little homesick,but she knew that she couldn't turn back as the doors were opening for her.She had met some girls who were heading to the auditions as well,they were"......interesting ?and weird ".She felt that something was going to stop her from going to the auditions though she thought it was nothing.

The dark feeling that was inside her chest was right. Things weren't exactly as planned for Haruki, in fact she was an jail and decided to post about it on her Twitter account .About a week or so,00 finally rescued and made a run for it to the nearest 00 pod that the members came in from. Haruki never expected that Joudan Aimi and Arashi Taeko would have non other than Otaku Sisters in disguise the whole time.

A week after they had escape from the DES holding cell. Motomiya Hikari announced that Haruki and a couple of other girls would be placed in 154th Generation though this didn't make sense for her until Hikari-san explained to them why they were chosen . Guess Haruki's birthday wish did come true after all.


  • Asahina Miru - Senpai

  • Aozora Kokone - Senpai
  • Honda Hibiki - Senpai
  • Tsubasa Diana -Senpai
  • Itano Tomoko -Senpai
  • Makori Ririka -Senpai

  • Ryuuzaki Miyoko -Senpai
  • Nakahara Monica - Senpai
  • Masaki Amarie - Senpai
  • Amaya Jia -Senpai
  • 153.5th Generation

  • Kasumi Yuuna - Fellow Kenkyuusei
  • Ayana Elise - Fellow Kenkyuusei
  • Kobayahi Griselda - Fellow Kenkyuusei
  • MoYoung Marian - Fellow Kenkyuusei
  • Tomone Kaoru- Fellow Kenkyuusei
  • 154.5th Generation

  • Tachibana Elisabeth: Kouhai. She teaches Ella about the ocean about every planet including their sea creatures.

  • Motomiya Hikari - AKB0048's manager and producer.
  • Kuroki Erika - AKB0048's presenter.
  • Hashimoto Ayumi - AKB0048's dance lesson trainer.
  • Akiyama Tamotsu - Dorm's Janitor

    • Itou Eisuke - Father of Haruki. Her father is mostly there in Haruki's life. He works as a professor at a University. He felt that Haruki made a poor choice in being an idol, but he wants to be supportive of his daughter's choices.
    • Itou Junko -Stepmother of Haruki. She works as a Mathematician reason for Haruki to love math. For being a stepmother, they have a great relationship. She sees her( Junko) as a mother more than her biological mother(Minami)
    • Takahashi Maaya -Stepsister. Haruki finds Maaya better then Ikou because Maaya knows how to be kind and act her age, unlike her stepbrother.
    • Takahashi Ikuo - Stepbrother. She finds Ikuo a bully due to how he acts at school. She also doesn't like him, due to the nickname he gave her " The ugly stepsister "( but he loves her)
    • Itou Okimi - Younger sister of Haruki. Okimi has spades in her eyes and hair indicating that she'll be a rising actress in the future.
    • Abe Minami - Biological mother of Haruki. She and Minami have an unmemorable relationship that Haruki would like to not talk about.
    • Chibi-chan - Haruki's dog ( Shibu ).Very barky. Chibi-chan has a lot of energy very different from an ordinary Shibu.
    • Kagandahan- Haruki's bird( Love Bird). She was a beautiful bird as what Haruki would describe and a very affectionate bird. Passed away two years ago from an illness"

    • Alex Cuban - Haruki's best friend/crush.Haruki and Alex met when Haruki was 5 years old, but Alex was 8 years old when they met. The two of them love the sea and love deep sea diving. At the age of 10, Haruki began to have feelings for Alex, but she wanted to just stay friends. Before Haruki left for the second round, a week before. Alex confessed his feeling for Haruki, but Haruki immediately rejected after she began to think that it would destroy their friendship, It was also against the rules of AKB0048 to date. Though, Alex still continues to be friends and a number one fan of Haruki.
    • Itano Tokemi - They met when it was Haruki's first day of school. After a while, they've had a connection. She is the fifth cousin of the Itano family. Like all Itano family, she looks like the Itano sisters. Tokemi wishes to have Haruki over to their house; Haruki gladly accepted. After the official release of 154th generation, Tokemi wasn't fully shocked that her good friend Haruki was in the group.
    • Vanessa Morgan- She is a fellow student at Infinity Academy.She was originally from Maiamistar. How they met was Vanessa is also a Youtube,so she decided that she'd wanted to collab with Haruki. After that, they've been great friends ever since. She's also friends with Tokemi. She aspires to be an actor.


    • SMART HABIT(video)-January 1st SC0125

  • NintendoCon SC0125
  • Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) SC0125
  • Sebustar Comic-Con SC0125
  • Gamescom SC0126
  • VidCon SC0126
  • Beautycon Festival SC0126.
  • Tokyo Game Show SC0127

  • Songs


    • " My fishy tail goes (Fans :Splash!Splash!) Happy mermaid,Luna,Itou Haruki here ! "


    • To me, the Senbatsu Sousenkyo isn't about the battle against members to gain top position. What's important to me is the journey from the SSK. I get to meet fans who are new or even look at my channel.- social media post


    Haruki - 晴 (haru) meaning "clear weather" or 陽 (haru) meaning "light, sun, male" combined with 輝 (ki) meaning "brightness" or 生 (ki) meaning "living". The name is considered masculine .


    • Itō (伊藤) Phonetically they are the same. Surnames with this sound can also be romanized as Itou or Itoh.
    • Ito (糸) is a Japanese noun meaning "thread; yarn; string".

    Luna ( Katakana:ルナ,Hiragana:るな)-瑠奈. 瑠 means Lapiz Lazuli and 奈 refers to Apple tree.

    Luna is her nickname due to her loving the moon.Which (gravitational pull)pulls the ocean water and causes bulges that create “high tide.



    • Character song :Ocean Sea
    • Audition song : Siren
    • Hobbies: YouTube,Swimming,Deep sea diving,long-distance running,and playing the violin(roller skates)
    • Charm point: Petite mouth
    • Favorite school subjects :Oceanography,Mathematics
    • Favorite character(s): Hermione Granger,Pucca
    • Favorite food : Crispy seaweed
    • Favorite Drink: Hot green tea.
    • Video game(s): Fashion Savvy, AKB48+Me ,Fire emblem series
      • She hopes she can be in the Fashion Savvy game
    • Favorite book: Harry potter series
    • Tv/Anime Shows: American Horror Story, Houseki no Kuni, and Fruits Basket
    • Songs
    • The first CD that she purchased was Bonfire Love Story.
    • She has her braces on for about 4 years now
    • She has a gem collection . She actually studies Geology or Gemmology.
    • Languages : Japanese ( Mother tongue ) ,Fillipino( Mother tongue ) ,English( Mother tongue ) , Italian (advance)
    • She is a license scuba diver.
    154th Generation
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