Tomoi Itano
Itano Tomoi
General Information
Home PlanetAkibastar
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Successor NameItano Tomomi the 14th
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 Itano Tomoi is a former member of AKB00048. Her successor name was Itano Tomomi the 14th. She is also Itano Tomorin's mother and Itano Tomoko's aunt.


Tomoi has curly light brown hair and brown eyes. When she was still member she had heart shaped shine in hair and eyes, now she has diamond shaped shine because she already graduated.


Tomoi is much like other Tomochin's as she went thorugh training like all others. However  while she helds big respect for Itano family's tradition she believes the training for becoming Itano Tomomi shouldn't be too strict and took that in account when she trained her daughters. Tomoi is very kind and caring towards those she loves. 


Before 00

Tomoi was trained her whole life to become Itano Tomomi like every girl in Itano family. She loved the training and her family's traditions however she soon got opinion that the Itano training was perhaps to strict and decided she didn't want to be a copy of original Tomochin despite her dream of getting her name. She couldn't wait to finally be old enough to attend auditions for AKB0048.


She took audition for 121st generation when she was 12 years old. She was very excited when she found out that she passed to second round. Before she left, her younger sister Tomona told her that she will follow her soon. Tomoi passed audition and became part of 121st generation.

00 Member - understudy

00 Member - successor

Tomoi got fewer of succession about year after she joined AKB0048. As everyone expected she succed Itano Tomomi and became 14th person to succed that name. Five years later her sister Tomona passed audition and became understudy.


Seven years after becoming successor (at age of 20) Tomomi decided to graduate from 00.

Life after graduation

About a year after her graduation concert Tomoi met boy named Kiyama Yumeta and as they get to know each other better she slowly started to fall in love with him. Even though his appearance wasn't close enough to the man she was supposed to marry to keep the tradition Tomoi decided to do it anyway. While her mother reluctantly agreed she was worried that their kid would look too different and many family members, especially her sister Tomona, were against it. When Tomoi gave birth to Tomorin who ended up being like all other Tomochin's the only diffrence were her green eyes the family calmed down a little even though Tomona still disliked what she saw as her sister turning back to rules of Itano family. Her second daughter Tomo was born seven years later and she ended up having brown eyes.

As the girls got old enough Tomoi taught them how to be like Itano Tomomi and about their family history, however she wasn't as strict as the training in the family usually was and made it clear to the girls that she would be alright with it if they decided to take another path. Tomona believed this was the wrong way of doing this and two sisters are often at odds because of that.




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