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Megumi Inoue
Inoue Megumi
General Information
Nickname(s) Mimi, Gumi, Megu
Age 19
Birthday May 16th SC0107
Zodiac Taurus
Home Planet Hapikastar
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Pink
Height 161 cm
Weight 49 kg
Familial information
Siblings Inoue Kenji (brother)
Idol information
Team Team B
Generation 150th Generation
Radiance Color Pink
Oshimen Maeda Atsuko the 18th
Desired Name Maeda Atsuko
Years Active SC0122-present
(4 years)
Other information
User Cure Faith
Hex Code #F299E3
Seiyuu Mimori Suzuko

"Everyone has the power to sing! Even if they think they cannot do it. All they have to do is get up and try."


Megumi is the average height for girls and her skin is quite tanned. She has waist length pink hair that she ties into two low ponytails with yellow bows. Her eyes green and she has heart lining in them. Her casual outfit consists of a white long sleeved dress shirt with a dark pink overall like dress with two pockets on the front. She wears thigh length pink and white striped socks and dark pink shoes with straps.


Megumi is a 16 year old girl who believes anyone can do anything if they try. She likes to try new things and has a habit of singing whenever she becomes bored and sometimes she ends up doing a mini concert for the children of HapikaStar. She has been a fan of AKB0048 ever since she was a child and was always teased by her older brother, Kenji about her become a member AKB0048. Megumi is quite wise and is loved by everyone.


Encountering AKB0048

When Megumi was younger, she had been walking past a stadium when she saw colourful lights coming out of the stadium and she ventured over with her brother close behind. She saw a lot of girls flying around on flying platforms and her brother, Kenji had told her that they were the popular idols, AKB0048. Ever since then, Megumi has always been a fan of the idols and has been going to every concert since then.

Auditioning to become an Understudy