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Himawari Hoshizora
Hoshizora Himawari
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General Information
Nickname(s) Hima, Hiwari
Age 16
Birthday September 15th
Zodiac Virgo
Home Planet Akibastar
Eye Colour Canary Yellow
Hair Colour Light Brown
Height 169cm
Familial information
Idol information
Generation 155th Generation
Radiance Colour Pure Yellow
Oshimen Itano Tomomi
Years Active SC0126-SC0127
(1 year)
Other information
User Tomochin
Hex Code #FFCC00
Seiyuu Tomochin
" I know I'm new here and may not stand out a lot, but I'll do my best"

– Himawari, at her first commercial

Hoshizora Himawari is a new member of the 155th generation of AKB0048. She's a really talented baker and does whatever she can to help her friends.


She is a medium sized girl, fair skinned with multiple freckles across her body; long wavy light brown hair that reaches her hips, she always wears a white checkered ribbon in the right side of her hair; she has big round canary yellow eyes and thick eyebrows.


She is a very gentle and kind person, always caring for her friends and teammates, she usually bakes them sweets as a reward for their well done job.

It might be very easy to get under her skin though, depending on whatever topic they bring up she may not be able to hold herself. As she lacks a way with words its rather easy to win against her in an argument, she also has problem expressing her feeling, which she does through cooking.

She is very observant, to a level that people especulate that she may be psychic, due to the fact that she can read people with certain ease.

She is constantly afraid of hearing that she failed and that she isn't enough, after trying hard for years and not being able to become sucessful.


Himawari is a very good singer, but singing alone can't take you anywhere in Idol world, her dancing abilities are not the best and she can be overshadowed by others who are better than her on it. She is also a very skilled bakes as mentioned before.

Himawari herself often says that she has a super power, "A power to never give up", it's what she would say, instead of looking down at your mistakes look up at your success; and that exact power to never give up is what keeps her going and growing, day by day she works hard and try to learn something new.


Since her childhood Himawari fell in love with the idol world, her grandma used to talk about how idols were important for the whole universe, as they bring joy and smiles to the audience and whoever listens to their music; growing up in Akibastar couldn't prove anything different from the stories she heard as a kid, the whole planet was resolved around Idols and it was the point of the show biz.

In her early teen years Himawari decided to become an idol in her own, she trained, learned singing and dancing, but was still declined at many agencies, people didn't stick to her open concerts and sometimes not even her family would come; she was already used to hearing the same thing, "you lack a special something", she didn't knew that something, it couldn't be singing she was pretty good at that, it couldn't be her dancing as it was something okay even if she couldn't dance that much, and she didn't even stop to consider her smile as she knew it was one of the most important lessons of the idol world, "always smile", it's what her grandma would say. Her grandmother herself was an idol in her golden ages, and the difference felt as deep as a canyon, she was radiant, as bright as a star even...it felt so surreal, so distant, Himawari felt as if she would never be able to reach that level in her life, she was not that, simply wasn't.

During her reflections about all her trouble she decided to quit being an idol, brushing everyone off and saying it was a childish dream, something that was too distant to reach, she went back to the normal life of a 15 years old; yes that age, the time which she was supposed to dream, supposed to try, supposed to challenge herself, yet there she was mourning over not being able to complete something she always wanted, she felt as a loser, an error of the whole life like she didn't belong nowhere, maybe she didn't..."yeah it is probably that".

And that's where everything changed, without receiving an explanation she was meet by her grandmother, Ume, that hugged her and listened to her cry and grieve a bit more, Ume told her all about how being an idol was difficult, you went through such hard times and it was so competitive that there was barely any place for new idols, you truly had to stand out in someway, while realizing the reason her granddaughter was that sad Ume started singing a lullaby as a consolation, she said it was a song that always helped when she was feeling lost, Boku Dake no Value, that was the song, and damn it, wasn't that the right song? it hit right where she needed to heal, and said exactly what she needed to hear.

Himawari knew she couldn't give up that easily, after all she was still young and could afford to fail as long as she recovered right after, life was like that, it was supposed to be hard, but everything hard would be rewarded with great achievements, that's what she set in her mind and decided to not give up, and to never, never, lament anymore, from now on she would face her path with a sincere smile and hopes of achieving her dreams.

That was when she was accepted in AKB, she knew she was home, where she was supposed to be, she didn't shine on her own, not yet, she needed to shine with others, that was when she shines as bright as a star.


  • She auditioned with Boku Dake no Value
  • Her name was inspired by the song Himawari from AKB48
  • Her kirara usually wanders around her at night
  • Favorite color: Warm yellow
  • Penlight color: Pure yellow