Aoi Hoshimiya

Hoshimiya Aoi
Aoi Shoujotachi yo
Radiance ColourGold with Rainbow
Birthday Date12/28
Home PlanetLancastar
Height156 cm
Eye ColourPink
Hair ColourDark Brown
Favourite songAitakatta
Iiwake Maybe
Desired NameMaeda Atsuko
SeiyuuNagi Yanagi
"I just want to shine as myself, even if I'm not as good my fellow members of 00, I will do my best and do what I love to make others smile and be happy again!"

Aoi Hoshimiya is a 14 year old girl, who is not that confident in herself and only wants to be herself, dreams of joining AKB0048 and becoming the next successor of Maeda Atsuko. Inspired by AKB, Aoi wants to live her dream and make other smile and happy. She is currently an Understudy from the 150th generation of AKB0048 and is part of Team K. She is also known as Acchan (あっちゃん) and Aoichan (葵ちゃん). She has a solo career.


Aoi has short, medium length soft curled dark brown hair with a heart-shaped linings and some of it tied in to a side ponytail with a pink ribbon, given to her by her best friend from her homeworld, Asahina Miru, but she doesn't wear it all the time. She has pink eyes with two heart-shaped linings in it and fair skin.

Her causal outfit is a light pink sweater and wears it off shoulder, wearing a dark brown undershirt, showing the straps. She also wears a dark pink, a bit peach colored skirt, white thigh socks and brown boots.

She wears the official Understudy outfit. Aoi usually wears comfortable, yet fashionable clothes, skirts and dresses. She likes wearing simple clothing, if at home or the dorm, the colors black and white, and at times colorful clothes.


Aoi is a bit shy and does not have a lot of confidence in herself, but supports her fellow teammates very much. Although she says that she doesn't have any talents, Aoi does love performing and seeing people happy. Hard-working and determined, she doesn't quit so easily and keeps trying, even though she fails, she gets up and contiues. Despite her presence is not quite strong offstage, onstage Aoi has a very strong radiance and stage presences, but is not that comfortable if she will be center. If she will become center nova, she feels that she will fail and says that there are many other girls that are better than her and deserves the spot more than her. She believes that everyone is beautiful and has kindness in their hearts no matter who they are, even DES. Even though she wants to succeed Maeda Atsuko, Aoi just wants to shine as herself.

As her life in 00 continues, Aoi feels more and more comfortable on stage and her radiance grows. She also becomes more confident and cheerful little by little, yet still doubts herself at times. She can also bit awkward, nervous and clumsy at times.


Aoi has lived on Lancastar her whole life, a planet where entertainment is almost completly banned, and she dreams of being in AKB0048. She was inspired by 00 and wants to bring music and happiness to other people. Due to the entertainment ban, Aoi has a very hard time practicing her singing, dancing and listening to 00. Her parents don't really support her and tell her to stop listening to AKB, but her older sister does support her.

When Aoi was younger, her sister took her one day to see a secret concert on Lancastar and they performed the song Aitakatta first. Aoi loved the song ever since and she was very happy and wanted to make other people happy doing what she loves, performing like AKB. After a long time that 00 hasn't been around, she almost lost hope with the entertainment ban. But once Aoi's sister saw that there will be an audition, she saw that there is still hope, so she encouraged Aoi to join AKB and live her dream.

After she auditioned for AKB, Aoi's best friend, Asahina Miru, gave her a pink ribbion that she made herself and tied it into Aoi's hair. Aoi was overwhelmed with joy and hugged Miru and thanked her for her support and kindness.

Joining AKB0048Edit

Aoi finally auditioned for 00 in secret with Miru. Aoi does the song Aitakatta and even though she was nervous and thought that she wouldn't be able to do it, Aoi shines and passes the audition, but was sad when Miru did not pass. During the second round of the auditions they were on the Flying Get, Aoi and the rest if the auditioners are getting ready to train to protect the Flying Get. Once she passed the audition, Aoi became an Understudy and works very hard to become a successor.

Life in 00Edit

First ConcertEdit

Their first concert as Understudies was coming up and everyone has a chance to be center, but Aoi doen't feel so comfortable and confident in herself to be center. Although, Aoi knew she had to do it and agrees so she wont let anyone down and she wants to make others smile again.

Komari's SuccessionEdit

During her close friend, Komari, was going to have her Succession Concert, Aoi was the center of her favorite song, Aitakatta. After the performance, she felt less nervous and

After the concert, Aoi was a bit worried that her and Komari's friendship will be affected by Komari becoming a Successor. Komari then promised to Aoi that they will still be friends no matter what happens. The two of them promised and hugged.

River SelectionEdit

Once the 151st generation auditions were going on, Aoi meet some of the auditioners, and did not recognize Miru at first and neither did Miru, due to how much the two of them have changed.

Senbatsu Sousenkyo 0123Edit

Aoi ranked 9th in the early results, but became 10th place in the final results. She was a bit sad that she had gotten 10th place, although saw this as a challenge and told herself that she will do a lot better, not just for her, but all her fans that voted for her and everyone else.

After the Sousenkyo, Aoi was pushed to debut as a solo artist after what had happened, but was also happy, cause she had more ways to bring smiles to people.


Aoi meet Komari during the auditions to join 00 and they become close friends since then. When Komari become a Successor, Aoi was very happy for her and the two promised that they will still be friends even if Komari is a Successor and Aoi is still an Understudy.

Akano and Aoi meet when they were training against the robots. Akano asked Aoi if they could be best friends and they did. They are also roommates.
Fellow Kenkyuusei; Aoi also admires Ai and would like to be friends with her. They are also roommates, along with Akano.
Fellow Kenkyuusei
Fellow Kenkyuusei

Miru and Aoi are both from the same planet, Lancastar, and went to the same school together. Despite Miru being one year younger than Aoi, the two of them are best friends. Aoi was surprised, yet happy to hear that Miru auditioned and passed the 151st generation auditions. Miru was the one who made and gave Aoi her pink ribbon that she always wears.

  • Older Sister
Her sister is very supportive and helped Aoi audition for AKB. She is also the one who showed Aoi AKB.
  • Mother
Aoi's mother does not really approve Aoi's decision to join AKB and is very worried about her.
  • Father
Aoi's father works for DES, and disaproved Aoi singing and of her joining AKB.


Hoshimiya (星宮) Hoshi (星) means "star" and miya (宮) means "shrine".

Aoi (葵) means "blue".

So her name means, "Blue Star Shrine".


  • "Good evening. I'm Hoshimiya Aoi, an Understudy of the 150th Generation." - Aoi's usual catchphrase.
  • "I just want to shine as myself, even if I'm not as good my fellow members of 00, I will do my best and do what I love to make others smile and be happy again!" - Aoi's catchphrase.
  • "Love and happiness, two things we can't live without." - Aoi's motto.


Early Result: 9th (599'298 votes)
Placement: 10th (650'923 votes)

  • SC0125 #13



Cover ImagesEdit


  • Members and fans of 00 call Aoi "Acchan", because of her wanting to become the successor of Maeda Atsuko.
    • They also call her "Acchan" due to her radiance that is very similar and is as strong as the original Maeda Atsuko.
      • Before auditioning for 00, Aoi's radience and presence was so small, she was hardly even noticeable at times.
  • Aoi's voice actor is Nagi Yanagi, who was also a guest singer for the J-Pop band, supercell.
  • She has her own Kirara.
  • Her audition song was Aitakatta.
  • She love to eat tomatoes and strawberries, but dislikes eating bell peppers.
    • She also loves to drink maple and green tea.
  • She knows and likes to cook.
  • Her favorite color is cherry blossom pink, and likes to see cherry blossom trees.
  • Most people say that Aoi's charm point is her eyes.
    • Aoi's eyes also has two heart shines inside, rather than only one, and her hair also as more heart linings than other members of 0048.
  • Her favorite season is spring.
  • She doesn't like to wear make up.
  • She plays the role of Mai in Majisuka Gakuen.
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