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Hoshikawa Rei
Hoshikawa Rei
General Information
Age 14 (SC0123)

17 (currently)

Birthday 28th July SC0109
Home Planet Hikaristar
Eye Color Blue-Grey
Hair Color Blonde
Height 168cm
Familial information
Idol information
Team Team K
Generation 150th
Radiance Color Light blue
Oshimen Maeda Atsuko the 18th
Other information

Hoshikawa Rei is one of the understudies of 150th Generation.


Rei has blue eyes with slight shade of grey and long blonde hair which she wears in various hairstyles. Like all AKB0048 members she has heart shaped sparkles in her hair and eyes. She always wears necklace she got from her sister before she left home to take AKB0048 audition. She likes to wear comfortable clothes and rarely wears skirts or dresses outside her idol work.


It is hard to get to know Rei's personality as she is a person who is very closed in herself and it takes her long time to start trusting someone. She is a shy girl who is unsure on how to start conversation with others. In her early years as AKB0048 member she was not very talkative around others; however, she eventually become more confident and nowadays tells her opinion more often (although she is still one of the quiter ones).

Rei isn't very confident and often doubts in herself which can often be seen from the way she talks. She is very likely to add words "I think" or "if I understood correctly" in a sentence even if she is sure that what she is saying is correct as she is worried that she would accidentaly misinform someone about something.

She enjoys spending time with her fellow members but is quite introverted person so she always needs some time alone (preferably with a good book) after being in company for a long time. Despite usually seeming distant from others Rei is actually very kind and cares for fellow members a lot even though she is not sure how to express it. She always wants to help those in trouble but is unsure in her ability to do so. She is also determined to always keep the promises she makes and to never betray someone's trust.

She usually gives impression of being a calm person but in reality she can get angry easily and can be very impatient especially when she is nervous or tired. This is a side of herself she highly dislikes and she puts a lot of effort in her attempts to control her anger, especially when she is around people she is not very close to. While she gets angry easily she also calms down quickly and never holds a grudge for too long which makes a lot of people comment that she is too forgiving. It is quite possible for her to be arguing with someone and half an hour later acting as if nothing happened.

She also likes working with others and prefers teamwork over competition. She likes to consider herself as someone who isn't competitive but is aware that's not really the case. She is very competitive; however she considers herself to be competitive with herself not with other people - she wants to achieve the best possible results not to beat others but to prove her abilities to herself.

Rei is very emotional and emphatetic person who quickly changes her mood. She puts herself in other people's shoes in all situations which often results in her feeling sad, mad and embarrased for other people and is very likely to defend them if she feels like they are in uncomfortable position. Books and movies often make her very emotional and she empathizes with characters in them very much. She thinks she controls her emotions successfully but that's not always the case. One of the times when her emotions are obviously shown is when she has to play volleyball or dodgeball as it is very obvious how nervous and scared she is and she makes no effort to hide that. During those games Rei acts very out of character in general. She is usually the one who would always try to protect others but it's very likely that she'll hide behind someone when she plays dodgeball to avoid being hit. The main reason for her strange behaviour during those games are bad experiences she had in school with them before joining 00.

Rei often gives impression of being too serious but in fact that is far from the truth. She loves to laugh and is big fan of comedies. However, many mistakenly believe she has no sense of humour because she does not see putting someone in uncomfrtable or embarassing position as funny.

Rei has tendency to overthink things. Due to this one of her well know traits is that she is terrible when it comes to making decisions. Her favorite colours and songs change all the time and she struggles to choose what to eat for breakfast (and other meals) almost every day.

Rei generally has (or at least tries to have) optimistic outlook on life. However, from time to time she gets in a very negative mood and it can take her quite long to cheer up and look at situations in her life from the bright side.


Rei has loved music since she was little, which was the reason she decided to join AKB0048. She really enjoys singing and dancing although she is better at the former. She was also taught how to play piano since young age and while she does not play it as often as she used to she still enjoys playing it.

Rei is also a huge bookworm. She likes all genres but is especially obssesed with fantasy, mystery and crime novels. She knows a lot about books she read and cares deeply for characters that she reads about. It's not far from the truth, if someone jokes that she knows her favorite books by heart. To her a story is more than just a story; it always feels real to her and she feels like she actually knows the characters. She considers books to be a world that she can escape into. Her favorite book series is Passageways of Secrets and Truth as she feels that it combines her favorite genres perfectly. She loves those books so much that she references them and writes about them on her social media all of the time. Rei is not only a big fan of books but also fictional worlds in general so she also loves movies, tv shows and anime.

Rei also loves writing her own stories and dreams of publishing her own book one day. She has a lot of ideas in her head and writes many stories but is not confident enough to show them to anyone.

Rei isn't very athletic person but there are some sports that she likes. Those include badminton (which she actually trained for two years before leaving her home planet), swimming, ice-skating and table tennis.

Rei also likes to cook, bake and make sandwiches. She ofen brings a lot of them with her when 00 has a concert on a different planet usually enough to also offer some to the other members.


Rei is quite good singer as she practised singing from a young age however she is not a very atheltic person so she is not as good at dancing. Because of that she spends a lot of time practising and has improved a lot since joining AKB0048.

Rei was taught how to play piano since she was little and she is good at it although as she says she is nowhere near professional level and only plays it for hobby.

Rei learned to read at a very young age and is very fast reader.

Another one of her skills is writing. She has a huge imagination and writes a lot of stories, however she is not very confident in her writing abilites and doesn't show them to anyone not even her closest friends.

Rei is a good student who cares a lot for her education and gets good grades. She is quite intelligent and has good memory and logic skills. She likes learning foreign languages and is very good at English. Another one of her favorite subjects is Maths.

Rei is also quite observant and quickly notices differences or if someone is hiding something. She also seems to be very good at understanding other people's emotions.

Rei is not very athletic and isn't good at most of sports. Exceptions to that are badminton which she trained for 2 years), swimming, ice-skating and table tenis. She is however terrible at most of team sports like football, basketball, dodgeball or volleyball and really dislikes playing them. She especially hates volleyball and dodgeball as her primary school classmates always got mad at her that she didn't do well enough when they played them at school. Those games often make her act very out of character.


Life Before 00

Rei was born on 28th July SC0109 on planet Hikaristar as second and youngest child in her family. As a young kid she was very curious and loved investigating new things. She got excited about everything and was very confident. She learned to read at a very young age and quickly developed a huge love for books like everyone else in her family. Rei also immediately loved music as she sang with her family and was taught how to play a piano from a very young age. She also known about AKB0048 her whole life. Her older sister Aimi was a huge fan of them and listened to their music with her a lot. Rei enjoyed playing with other kids and always had a lot of fun.

Life on Hikaristar changed drastically few days after her 5th birthday. It joined DGTO which resulted in Entertainment ban on the planet. While Rei hated the fact that she couldn't sing outside her home and underground music clubs anymore she still had a lot of contact with music. Her family was one of strong music supporters and her parents even joined the group Old Hikaristar that worked hidden from Hikaristar's government to bring music back. Music was still very common thing in her home and her family spent a lot of time in underground music clubs. Despite lack of music and other entertainment, life on Hikaristar seemed to go as normal and change didn't affect Rei that much even though she hated that she couldn't sing outside her home and music clubs anymore.

About a year after Hikaristar was put under entertainment ban Aimi decided to take auditions for AKB0048 and passed them. While Rei was sad that she won't get to see her sister as much anymore she was very excited by possiblitly that she might become an idol. Before Aimi left Rei (with help of her grandmother) made a ribbon for her. As she was very young the ribbon wasn't very well made but Aimi loved it and wore it all the time. Rei was even more excited about 00 after that and started to wish of joining the group as well when she is older and one day performing alongside her sister. She was excited when her sister became a successor and her family was even able to get from Hikaristar and watch the succession live on Akibastar. That was the first time that Rei visited another planet and she loved it. She felt like she could never be happier.

However everything changed about a year later. Rei and grandmother were home alone as Rei's parents were doing some Old Hikaristar related work when they were suddenly visited and got a message that Rei's parents died in a fire accident (which was very suspisious as many Old Hikaristar members died in it). Rei was completely crushed by that and she was much less excitable after that. Aimi decided to graduate 00 after their parents death not wanting to leave her sister and grandmother alone.

After that Rei became much more closed in herself even though she hadn't realised it immediately. Her parents death wasn't the only reason, she also started to feel like she was completely different from her classmates. After they truned 9-10 they all became obssesed with how grown up they should be and often said that Rei was childish because she still enjoyed playing with her dolls and watching cartoons which they didn't do anymore believing they were too grown up for that. Rei on the other hand felt that the way they acted - making fun of others and purpously tickling her when they knew she was very ticklish - was much more childish thing to do. She started to feel the gap between her and her classmates growing and growing and felt like they though she was weird because she was different from them. Eventually she even had huge arguments with her friends and was suddenly left completely alone and unsure how to get close to anyone. She felt very lonely. As much as she loved spending time with her sister and grandmother she really hated the fact that she had no friends her own age. It was around that time that Rei started reading The Passageways of Secrets and Truth and became a huge fan of them. She fell in love with fictional worlds even more than before believing that's where true friendship exists while her disbelief in possiblity of finding it in real life grew. Once very confident girl became very shy and scared of communicating with other people always in fear that she would say something wrong and scared of what everyone would think of her. Soon after that 00 activities stopped. Even though Rei still listened to their songs she felt like she lost another thing she loved a lot.

For years Rei spent most of her time either alone with her books, music and computer or with her sister and grandmother. She was lonely but started to give up hope of ever having friends. While her grandmother and sister tried to help her get confidence Rei despite trying never succeeded in gaining more confidence in herself even after she went to middle school. However despite that Rei considered herself to be happy. She had a lot of fun with her sister and grandmother as well as with all the fictional worlds she read or watched about.

Audition and joining AKB0048

When Rei was 14 auditon for new generation of AKB0048 was announced and she was very excited about it. She wanted to apply but felt it would be unfair to Aimi who wanted to be a member for long time but quit early to help her and her grandmother. Aimi realised her sister had those worries and told her to take auditon if that's what she wanted to do. Rei passed the first round and left Hikaristar to take the second part of auditions. Before she left Aimi gave her a necklace which Rei still wears all of the time.

Rei attended audition and was one of those who passed and became members of 150th Generation. Even though she was too shy to get close to the rest of members at first (and also scared that they won't accept her) she eventually started to open up especially to her roommates Hikami Yumeko, Ito Hotaru and Itano Tomorin who eventually all became her very close friends and made her realise that true friendship existed outside fiction.


Rei sang duo version of Itoshisa no Accel together with Akano at live on Atamistar which made her slightly nervous but also happy.

At 152nd generation auditions Rei was teaching girls hand to hand combat along with Sayaka and Akano. During the practise she noticed Chiyo, Nami and Tomoko and was sure that they'll pass audition and become part of 152nd generation. When she and Sayaka realised they are taking they training too far they made them take rest and decided to bring robots for training so they wouldn't hurt each other too much. At lunch she sat next to auditioneers Hibiki and Diana and was later joined by Hotaru, Yumeko, Tomorin, Chiyo and some other members and auditioneers. When she noticed Tomoko leaving dinning room she went after her and talked to her.

SC0124 - SC0125

Despite trying to not show it Rei became quite frustrated that she and most of her fellow 150th generation understudies were never elected in sousenkyou and seemed to interest fans much less than later generations. She kept wondering what she was doing wrong and felt very inferior to her sister who became Maeda Atsuko the 18th only a year and a half after joining the group. Despite those feelings Rei continued to act as normal and was kind towards other members as she really didn't want anyone to know she felt that way.


Rei was like other members shocked when Miyagi "died" completely in disbelief that they lost one of the members. During Honoka's succession live one of the members said this might be just a prank to which Rei responded that a prank like that would be way to cruel. Understandably she was very shocked and angry to learn that this was exactly what it was. Due to experiencing a death of a loved one herself she believed that joking about death should never be done, however at the same time she felt very relieved that Miyagi was still alive and got to become a successor alongside her best friend. At cupcake after party following MiyaMiya's succession Rei revealed that some classmates in primary school called her Ticklekawa Reichiko during a truth and dare game which led to Ririka correctly guessing that she was very ticklish. When she had to take a break from the party she met Ran outside and two talked to each other a bit which made Rei realise that she would like to get to know her fellow understudy who never got close to anyone better.

During the announcment of Sousenkyo early results Rei was sure that she won't rank especially when only 8 members haven't been announced yet but to her big surprise she was announced to be in 8th place and felt very happy about it, even happier because Ran and Hotaru got into senbatsu as well and Yumeko into undergirls missing senbatsu only by two spots. Before that her goal was to get as high result as possible but after the announcment of early result she started to hope that she'll get into Kami 7 or at least not fall from her number 8 rank. She however did not tell anyone about her goal (not even Yumeko, Hotaru or Rin) as she didn't want anyone to know in case she failed to reach it. Rei ended up ranking on 4th place which made her very happy as she knew she'd probably reach her goal even if members that had to drop out of election participated. She was even happier that she wasn't the only member who got into senbatsu for the first time after being a member for a long time.

In December Rei participated in the Unit Taikai alongside Yumeko, Hotaru, Ran and Rin as unit RisingQ. In the first round they won against Pentagram. In second round they lost against Team Nerds.


Team History

150th Generation150th Generation & Team 00 150th Generation & Team K

Joined the 150th Generation of Trainees (SC0122.11.18)
Promoted to Team 00 (SC0123.06.17)
Transferred to Team K (SC0123.10.31)


Inoue Megumi - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Takanashi Yukari - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Hoshimiya Aoi - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Ito Hotaru - Fellow Kenkyuusei, one of her roommates and best friends even though Rei sometimes finds her slightly overwhelming to deal with and is often annoyed by her behaviour.

Hikami Yumeko - Fellow Kenkyuusei, one of her roommates and best friends. They are similar in many ways and get along very well.

Itano Tomorin - Fellow Kenkyuusei and former roommate. She is also one of her best friends.

Samuikaze Ran - Fellow Kenkyuusei. Two of them weren't very close at first as Ran is very distant to other members however it seems like she is slowly warming up to Rei. Rei finds Ran interesting and would like to know her better. They've had a lot of small conversations lately and they seem to be becoming closer. Eventually even Ran seemed to admit it. (AnEi)

Harune Diamond - Fellow Kenkyuusei.

Taiyamoto Akano - Fellow Kenkyuusei. She was teaching hand to hand combat at 152nd generation auditions along with Rei and Sayaka.

Asahina Miru - Kouhai.

Itano Tomoko - Kouhai, she met her at auditions when she was training hand to hand combat with Nami and Chiyo. Two of them eventually became quite close and Rei was one of the first people to know that Tomoko doesn't want to succeed Itano Tomomi. She is aware of Tomoko's frustrations with tradition and often tries to calm her down when she gets annoyed about it.

Aozora Kokone - Kouhai.

Honda Hibiki - Kouhai, she met her at auditions.

Tsubasa Diana - Kouhai, she met her at auditions.

Makori Ririka - Kouhai, she met her at auditions. Rei sometimess finds her funny and sometimes slightly annoying but they get along well. She believes there is something more to her than meets the eye especially since she seems to always avoid the topic of her past.

Ryuuzaki Miyoko - Kouhai.

Nakahara Monica - Kouhai.

Masaki Amarie - Kouhai.

Amaya Jia - Kouhai.

Akiba Airi - Kouhai.

Hatsune Hikari - Kouhai.

Ikeda Itsuki - Kouhai.

Ayana Elise - Kouhai.

MoYoung Marian - Kouhai.

Itou Haruki - Kouhai.

Tomone Kaoru - Kouhai.

Nagase Yuuri - Kouhai.

Koizumi Ayaka - Kouhai.

Shiratama Mayu - Kouhai.

Natsuki Hotaru - Kouhai.

LaLa Rue - Kouhai.

Tobina Riko - Kouhai.

Kumotani Julie - Kouhai.

Chiba Miku - Kouhai.

Mizu Kaguya - Kouhai.

Lee Hana - Kouhai.

Chizu Snow - Kouhai.

Yokoyama Asuna - Kouhai.

Ogawa Norah - Kouhai.

Kamiyama Mako - Kouhai.

Sengawa Kagome - Kouhai. Rei has a soft spot for Kagome as her love for magic and fantasy things reminds her of herself because she is a huge fan of fantasy novels and especially when she was younger often wished magic was real. She often plays along with Kagome's magic ideas and talks as if she believes in them because in a way she does.

Kaname Reina - Kouhai.

Kawano Namia - Kouhai.

Tachibana Elisabeth - Kouhai. Rei is quite fond of her and likes to help her in her quest of learning as many new things as possible.

Yozora Yoko - Kouhai.

Arisugawa Mikoto - Kouhai.

Amuro Yuhane - Kouhai.

Angelica Bianchi - Kouhai.

Hoshizora Himawari - Kouhai.

Akimoto Sayaka the 15th - Captain of team K. She was her kouhai when she was kenkyuusei from 151st generation. She was teaching hand to hand combat at 152nd generation audition along with Rei and Akano.

Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th - Kouhai.

Takahashi Minami the 7th - One of her fellow understudies before she became a successor. Rei respects her leadership skills and believes she really fits the name that she succeeded.

Kuramochi Asuka the 13th - Kouhai.

Sashihara Rino the 11th - Kouhai, she met her at auditions when she was training hand to hand combat with Tomoko and Nami. Rei doesn't really understand her phone and social media obsession but she is sometimes slightly amused by it.

Shimazaki Haruka the 11th - Kouhai.

Kodama Haruka the 8th - Kouhai, she met her at auditions when she was training hand to hand combat with Chiyo and Tomoko.

Ikuta Erika the 11th - Kouhai.

Eguchi Aimi the 4th - Kouhai.

Hirate Yurina the 7th - Co-Captain of team K and her kouhai.

Nakai Rika the 15th - Kouhai.

Minegishi Minami the 7th - Kouhai.

Matsui Jurina the 8th - Kouhai. Rei likes her cheerful and energetic personality but thinks that her pranks sometimes go too far.

Watanabe Mayu Type 5 - Kouhai. Rei doesn't know her well but she finds her interesting and believes there is more to her than meets the eye. Despite not being very close to her she felt very sad when she thought Miyagi died and was very relieved when she learned that wasn't the truth even though she hated the prank.

Iwata Karen the 15th - Kouhai.

Yagami Kumi the 5th - Kouhai.

Imaizumi Yui the 14th - Kouhai.

Maeda Atsuko the 20th - Kouhai. Rei likes her as they both love books.

Yomohiro Haruko - Fellow Kenkyuusei until she graduated.

Yomohiro Kirara - Fellow Kenkyuusei until she graduated.

Kagawa Sayuri - She was one of her fellow kenkyuusei before she became a successor.

Shibuya Komari - She was one of her fellow kenkyuusei before she became a successor.

Shino Hoshina - Kouhai.

Ashley Snow - Kouhai.

Suzuno Natsuki - Fellow Kenkyuusei until she graduated.

Suzuno Sakura - Fellow Kenkyuusei until she graduated.

Motomiya Hikari - AKB0048 manager and producer.

Kuroki Erika - AKB0048 presenter.

Hashimoto Ayumi - AKB0048 dance teacher.

Akiyama Tamotsu - AKB0048 dorms' janitor.

Akamine Kazuto - AKB0048's vocal instructor.

Shirokami Yuki - AKB00480's designer.

Hoshikawa Aimi - Her older sister. Rei loves and admires her very much but sometimes feels very inferior to her, since she believes that Aimi was much more successful when she was 00 member than she is. On truth and dare game Rei revealed that the person she trusts the most is Aimi.

Hoshikawa Kasumi - Rei's grandmother with whom she is very close. She was the one who taught Rei how to cook since young age and who raised her after her parents' death.

Hoshikawa Mikuru -

Hoshikawa Kei -


"I'm not the type of person who judges someone on their first meeting". - to Chiyo in Stage one 3.0: Kenkyuusei Dreams 3rd launch.

"Just because I enjoy company it doesn't mean I don't need some time alone." - to Ran in Cupcake After Party.

"Seriously if I didn't know better I'd think you were a book character and author decided to make you miraculously unharmed without explanation!" - to Monica in AKBing00! Muchaburi Dodgeball.

It was as if the author stopped writing the story because he lost ideas or didn't have time and due to that the characters were stuck in the same scene until he continued writing. - Rei's thoughts in Oct/Nov '18 Day off.

"Real life is much more like novels than people tend to realise." - Rei in Oct/Nov '18 Day off.

"If it's usual for us to talk about unusual topics can we still consider those topics unusual?" - Rei at Round 2 of Unit Taikai.

"To be honest... I used to think like that too. When I was around 10 I got in big argument with all my friends and started wondering if there was anyone besides my family I could trust. But since joining 00 I learned that trusting is risk worth taking. Of course that doesn't mean I don't always need some time alone with my book. I am an Introvert Bookworm after all." - Rei to Ran.

"I'm glad I'm an idol. It keeps me busy while I have to wait for releases of new books from my favorite series or authors." - Rei in one of her posts on social media.



  • SC0125 - #23

  • Songs



    • Audition song: Kibou ni Tsuite
    • Character song: Between Fantasy and Reality
    • Favorite Book Series: Passageways of Secrets and Truth
    • Rei's kirara is in shape of four-leaf clover.
    • Rei dislikes being asked about her favorite song or colour as she can never decide just for one.
      • When she was younger her favorite colour was red.
    • Rei is very ticklish.
      • In elementary school some classmates called her Ticklekawa Reichiko because of that.
    • Rei's zodiac sign is Leo.
    • If something strange that seems to make no sense happens, Rei is very likely to make a comment that compares situation to a novel.
    • According to Ito Hotaru, Rei's books take so much place in their room that the empty bed where Tomorin used to sleep is filled with them. However it's unknown if that's true or only exaggeration.
    • Rei considers number 28 her lucky number.
    • Rei used to often get sick in the car when she was younger and it still happens to her from time to time, especially if she looks out of the window or reads something while she is in it.
    • Rei has very sensitive taste and isn't fond of spicy and bitter food.
    • Rei shares her birthday with the user who created her.
    • According to 16 Personalities Test Rei's personality type is INFP-T.
    Current Staff Motomiya Hikari (Manager, Producer), Kuroki Erika (Presenter), Hashimoto Ayumi (Dance Instructor), Akiyama Tamotsu (Janitor), Akamine Kazuto (Vocal Instructor), Shirokami Yuki (Fashion Designer)
    Former Staff Shino Hoshina (Part time worker)
    Current Successors Takahashi Minami the 7th, Sashihara Rino the 11th, Shimazaki Haruka the 11th, Kodama Haruka the 8th, Eguchi Aimi the 4th, Hirate Yurina the 7th, Minegeshi Minami the 7th, Matsui Jurina the 8th, Watanabe Mayu Type 5, Imaizumi Yui the 14th, Maeda Atsuko the 20th
    Graduates Kagawa Sayuri (Sato Amina the 6th), Ashley Snow (Matsui Rena the 9th), Shino Hoshina (Maeda Atsuko the 19th), Shibuya Komari (Shinoda Mariko the 12th), Ooto Melody (Ikuta Erika the 11th), Takematsu Tomoka (Kuramochi Asuka the 13th), Zoey Bright (Akimoto Sayaka the 15th), Akagi Yahiru (Yokoyama Yui the 13.5th), Asami Mirai (Nakai Rika the 15th)
    150th Generation
    Current Members Inoue Megumi, Takanashi Yukari, Hoshimiya Aoi, Hoshikawa Rei, Itano Tomorin, Hikami Yumeko, Ito Hotaru, Samuikaze Ran, Harune Diamond , Taiyamoto Akano
    Promoted to Successors Shibuya Komari, Kagawa Sayuri, Takayama Ai
    Graduates Yomohiro Haruko, Yomohiro Kirara, Suzuno Natsuki, Suzuno Sakura
    151st Generation
    Current Members Asahina Miru
    Promoted to Successors Zoey Bright, Ashley Snow, Masuda Akari, Miyabi Honoka, Kashita Miyagi
    Graduates None
    152nd Generation
    Current Members Aozora Kokone, Honda Hibiki, Tsubasa Diana, Itano Tomoko, Makori Ririka
    Promoted to Successors Kashita Akane, Shino Hoshina, Shiraki Chiyo, Kimura Mei, Matsuto Nami
    Graduates Kaido Mio (Graduated before her debut), Tomoe Yuki
    153rd Generation
    Current Members Ryuuzaki Miyoko, Nakahara Monica, Masaki Amarie, Amaya Jia
    Promoted to Successors Takematsu Tomoka, Ooto Melody, Murasaki Alisa, Asami Mirai
    153.5th Generation Akiba Airi, Hatsune Hikari
    Graduates Ikeda Itsuki
    154th Generation
    Current Members Itou Haruki, Tomone Kaoru
    Promoted to Successors Takaine Miyako, Kobayashi Griselda, Kasumi Yuuna
    154.5th Generation Chibana Miko, Aiwara Kurumi, Nagase Yuuri, Koizumi Ayaka, Shiratama Mayu, Natsuki Hotaru
    Graduates Ayana Elise, LaLa Rue, MoYoung Marian
    155th Generation
    Current Members Amuro Yuhane, Arisugawa Mikoto, Chiba Miku, Kamiyama Mako, Kaname Reina, Kawano Namia, Kumotani Julie, Mizu Kaguya, Ogawa Norah, Sengawa Kagome, Tachibana Elisabeth, Tobina Riko, Utau Ruby, Yozora Yoko, Yukino Hajime, Yutaka Binatsu
    Promoted to Successors None
    Graduates Lee Hana, Yokoyama Asuna, Angelica Bianchi, Hoshizora Himawari, Chizu Snow, Mana Kotoko
    150th Generation
    Current Members Inoue Megumi, Takanashi Yukari, Hoshimiya Aoi, Hoshikawa Rei, Itano Tomorin, Hikami Yumeko, Ito Hotaru, Samuikaze Ran, Harune Diamond , Taiyamoto Akano
    Promoted to Successors Shibuya Komari, Kagawa Sayuri, Takayama Ai
    Graduates Yomohiro Haruko, Yomohiro Kirara, Suzuno Natsuki, Suzuno Sakura