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Honda Hibiki
Honda Hibiki
General Information
Age 17 (SC0123)

20 (Currently)

Birthday October 6th SC0106
Zodiac Libra
Home Planet Tiarastar
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Height 173 cm
Familial information
Idol information
Team Team K
Generation 152nd Generation
Radiance Color Dark Purple
Desired Name Miyazawa Sae
Social Media @HondaNotTheCar
Years Active SC0123-present
(3 years)
Other information
User YuukaKanata
Hex Code #347346

Honda Hibiki is one of 152nd generation understudies.


Hibiki has short black hair and green eyes. She prefers to wear boy's clothes and can rarely be seen in skirts or dresses if she isn't on stage. She prefer to wear clothes in darker colours (dark blue, dark green, brown, black...). Due to her hairstyle and clothes she was often mistaken for boy especially because her name can be used for both boy and girl. She has heart shaped shine in her hair and eyes.


Hibiki loves all sports and was often playing something with her borthers and other kids in her street. With people she only met she seems like very cold person but that's because she always want to make sure if she can trust them before getting closer. When people know her better they find out abot her enrgetic and talkative side and she cares for her close friends and family very much. She is actually quite shy but tries to hide this part of her personallity. Despite her always saying that she doesn't have any interest in skirts or dresses she actually kind of likes cute things but is too embarrassed to wear them. 


Early life

Hibiki was born on Tiarastar to big family as youngest child and only daughter. She had four older brother and because of that ended up growing up more like a boy herself. She always ennoyed sports and spent most of her time playing any kind of sport.

Encountering AKB0048

Since Tiarastar isn't under entertainment ban music of 00 was something Hibiki heard all of the time since young age. She always admired that group who were so great singer and dancers and were so brave to sing even on planets under entertainment ban. She always practiced singing in secret because she was to shy to sing when anyone was listening. When auditions for 150th and 151st generation were opened Hibiki consindered trying out but she always thought that she wouldn't be able to fit in the group. She almost ended up not taking 152nd generation audition but one of her brothers heard her singing once and told her that she shouldn't run away from her dream. She decided to take the audition and ended up passing it.




Tsubasa Diana - Hibiki met her on auditions for 152nd generation and ended up being good friends despite Diana being 5 years younger. They ended up having younger and older sister like type of relationship.


  • SC0125 - #34

  • Songs


    You are taking auditions to become part of 00. Don't you think it's normal that you'll meet them? - Hibiki to Diana at auitions for 152nd generation. 

    Seriously you two. I love both 0048 and anime but still I love food too. I have to eat something if I want to survive. - Hibiki to Diana and Chiyo at auditions for 152nd generation. 

    The main reason she took the role of overprotective sister for Diana and Ririka was because she was aware that they've been through much more then she was despite her being 5 years older than them. - Hibiki's thoughts about her friendship with Ririka and Diana.

    We are an amazing team. The Knights might be great. But we are just going to have to show them that the bond of Sisters can defeat the strength of the Knights. It doesn't matter whether we win or not. We'll do our best. And we can do it. With this team I feel like I could fly anywhere." - Hibiki to the rest of SisterWings members before their performance at first round of the Unit Taikai.


    • Hibiki is the second eldest member of the current AKB0048.
      • She is the oldest currently active one.

    152nd Generation
    Current Members Aozora Kokone, Honda Hibiki, Tsubasa Diana, Itano Tomoko, Makori Ririka
    Promoted to Successors Kashita Akane, Shino Hoshina, Shiraki Chiyo, Kimura Mei, Matsuto Nami
    Graduates Kaido Mio (Graduated before her debut), Tomoe Yuki