Native Name Hikaristar
English Name Hikaristar
Japanese Name 光スター
Official Languages Japanese
Alignment DGTO
Population 7 280 000

Hikaristar is a planet which was formerly part of the AEPS but is currently part of the DGTO. It is Hoshikawa Rei's home planet. 


AEPS era

Hikaristar used to be one of planets that were part of AEPS and entertainment wasn't only allowed but also a big part of inhabitants' lives. There were a lot of concerts, music schools and stages. Almost every inhabitant knew how to play a music instrument. Music was huge part of everyone's lives since the beginning of planet's existence and no one could imagine life without it. 

DGTO era

At the end of SC0113 DGTO supporters who were against entertainment were starting to spread their influence  and got to power in March of SC0114. On 29th of July SC0114 they announced that Hikaristar will become part of DGTO starting with 1st of August and therefore the entertainment will be banned. There were many protests against that due to importance the music has always had on the planets but they were all unsuccessful and people had to stop doing them as the punishments for doing that were severe. After that all music schools and stages closed down and concerts were forbbiden to be held.

However even after being put under entertainment ban people still listened to music in secret. Hikaristar is one of planets under entertainment ban with biggest number of WOTA and there are many secret hideouts where people can watch concerts live and learn to play musical instruments. Those hideouts are often very full when big events such as succession lives or sousenkyou are being held. 

There is a hidden political group called Old Hikaristar that gathers supporters and hopes to free Hikaristar from entertainment ban and return it to the way it used to be. In SC0118 a suspicious fire accident in which many members and supporters of the group were killed happened however no one could prove that it wasn't an accident. Despite that Old Hikaristar still continued to work as strong as they could.

Important Citizens


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