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A list of common terms relating to the series and roleplay can be found on this page. It will keep being updated as time moves on, and feel free to suggest other words.

AKB0048 Terms


AKB0048 Theater

The original AKB48 has a theater in Akibahara, Tokyo, Japan. AKB0048's theater that is often called Crystal Tower, is also located central of the downtown of Akibastar. It includes a stage and lots of space for the audience. It is big enough to be able to use rizers inside. Almost every day, AKB0048 performs here in teams.


Sensei-Sensei (先聖センセイ) is an entity who is a collective unconscious of every living being across the universe. They are the producer/lyricist and CEO of AKB0048. Other names include "The Great One" or "S-Quadruple / S4"

Center Nova

Center Novae

Center Nova is a role held by the AKB0048 member that is deemed to be the group's star, with that extra unique idol glow, making the kiraras crowd around them when performing; they stand out from the rest. Their position is known as Position Zero. The Center Novas will be sent to Galaxy Stage to illuminate the shadow in the heart of every being when the idol hits 'absolute radiance.' The newer songs that are later performed by AKB0048 are performed by these members in the 'other world.' There is a requirement to become a true Center Nova, but if they are not met, and the idol disappears, they will be stuck in the world of limbo, unable to move on. The previous member to hold this position was Ichikawa Miori the 9th.



Kirara (キララ) are a genus of hyperspace-appearing luminescent creatures. Not much is known about them, but they can take on various forms and are drawn to the radiance of the human soul. The more radiant a soul is, the stronger it will shine around the member. These creatures can duplicate, such as Sono Chieri's and Motomiya Nagisa's Kiraras. It is said that these creatures can change into a humanoid form, visible only to the Center Nova at her height of radiance. Their glow, when at it's peak, can unleash the ability to transcend space and time.


Orine is holding a Dualium crystal.

Dualium (デュアリウム) is an exceptionally rare material that is primarily used for space travels, though other applications are being studied. The usable Dualium is primarily in crystalline form, though the vast majority of the material is in the form of dust that cannot be used. Dualium was originally discovered through the use of particle acceleration at the dawn of the 21st century, and allowed humanity to begin theorizing and developing hyperspace technology. This led to the colonization of space and interstellar travel. Dualium also seems to have some form or resonance with kiraras, as not only do Kirara tend to glow brighter in the presence of vast amounts of the material, but the material's already potent properties also seem to get enhanced in the presence of glowing kirara.

Underground Temple


Underground Temple (地下寺院) is a sacred place that only a limited number of people can enter such as Motomiya Hikari. AKB0048 members or citizens are not permitted unless authorized by the higher-ups (Sensei Sensei). New successors like Shinoda Mariko the 8th are brought to the Temple.

Underground Cave

Deeper into the Underground Temple resides the Underground Cave (地下洞窟) located beneath Akibastar. A unique Kirara collection found exclusively in the cave. These Kiraras show who has the soul to name the original member, shown on Season 1 Episode 7. However, they only determine the nature of the "soul of an idol" is close to while Management (Sensei Sensei) decides on the final name determined by abilities, relationships of trust, timing, etc.

Guerilla Live

Guerilla Live-0.jpg

Guerilla Live are concerts held on DGTO planets. During these concerts, DES also tries to stop AKB0048 from continuing with their performance and capture them on sight.


Center (センター) is a position taken by a member in the formation as the center position or main focus of the song. More than one member can be center for a song. WCenter is the term used for two centers, TriCenter is used for three, and QuadCenter is used for four centers.


Captain (キャプテン) is the leader or representative of their team ( A, K, and B). The Co-Captain (副キャプテン) holds a similar responsibility as the captain, but often acts as support for the Captain in her duties. Captains and Co-Captains work closer to the management than their team mates, and often acts as a representative for their team mates in cases concerning the teams. An example would be Takahashi Minami the 7th (Captain) and Minegeshi Minami the 7th (Co-Captain) of Team A.

Zenza Girls

Zenza Girls

Zenza Girls (前座ガールズ) describes the opening performers before a stage performance in AKB's theater. Zenza Girls change every day. Kanata and Sonata performed as Zenza Girls during the fourth episode of the anime.

Kami 7

Original Kami 7

The top 7 ranking members in the Senbatsu Sousenkyo is referred to as the Kami 7. It may also refer to members who have, at one point been in Kami7, even if they at current have dropped out of said ranking - particularly if they ranked top 7 several times.



Senbatsu (選抜) refers to the group selected for that certain situation, song, single, performance, and so on. Most commonly, it refers to the group selected for the A-sides of the singles.


Stages are regular performances with predetermined setlists performed in the theater. Most commonly they are performed team-wise, though at times special stages are prepared with other member compositions. 

Senbatsu Sousenkyo


Senbatsu Sousenkyo (選抜総選挙, lit. General Election) is an annual tradition for fans to vote for their favorite member for an upcoming single. The winner of said election stands as center for the upcoming single. Voting ballots are commonly distributed with the previous single. Traditionally, the Senbatsu consists of rank 1-16, and following that comes Undergirls, Next Girls, Future Girls and Upcoming Girls. The sizes for these groups varies as well, but most commonly, it's 16 members per group, and they perform B-sides on the upcoming single. So far, only Senbatsu, Undergirls and Next Girls have been used.

Janken Taikai

Janken Taikai (じゃんけん大会) is a Rock Paper Scissors tournament that, much like the Senbatsu Sousenkyo, decides the Senbatsu and Center for the upcoming single.

Handshake Events

Chieri at Handshake event.

Handshake Event (握手会 ) are events held for every AKB48 group single release, where fans get to meet the members, shake their hand and hold a short conversation with them.

Team Shuffle

Team Shuffle is an event where members from the current teams get shuffled around to other teams. Members from the Kenkyuusei group may also be added to teams during this event. Sometimes, new teams are also formed on these events.


Oshimen (推しメン) refers to someone's favorite member. Oshi (推し) roughly means "fan", and Men (メン) is an abbreviation of Member. DD and MD also come into play, Daredemo Daisuki refers to someone who likes many members in the group and Minna Daisuki refers someone who loves all the members in the group. Hako-oshi (箱推し) refers to a fan who supports an entire group rather than a single oshimen from that group. An example of Oshi and Oshimen is Ogawa Norah, whose Oshimen is Shimazaki Haruka the 11th.



Successors (襲名メンバー) are one of the staples of AKB0048. They are kenkyuusei that, through the system of succession, have taken on the name of one of the original members of AKB48 and its sister and rival groups. The most important factor for this event to take place, is that the Kirara of Succession chooses that kenkyuusei as someone with a soul that is very similar to the original member. However, the system also considers a variety of other aspects before bestowing a kenkyuusei with a name. Among others, these aspects may be things like timing and performance ability, but the nature of the soul is most important. Many successors-to-be also gain something called the Fever of Succession, which is the culmination of the later stages of successions and the body falls ill due to the soul of the member accepting that of the original member's. This phenomenon is unknown and unrecognized by the public. As a group, AKB0048 strives for a full resurgence of all representatives through succession, as impossible as it may be. Which position in the line of successors for that original member the successor has is appended to their name, such as Hirate Yurina the 7th being the 7th to bear that name.



Kenkyuusei (チーム研究生) are trainees for AKB0048. They fill in for absent members in the theater or Guerilla concerts until they are promoted to successor status or team. While they are commonly still referred to as a kenkyuusei when they're in a team, they are promoted from being full trainees. Kenkyuusei are considered members of AKB0048, and this is the group a newly accepted member of the group gets appointed to. The Kenkyuusei group is also divided by generations, which are determined by when the member joins the group.



WOTA / Whole Over Technology Association (総合全技術協会) is an organized group of AKB0048 supporters. They often act in support of the group in whatever way they can, be it maintaining fansites, surveying their home planets in order to help 00 hold concerts there or even fighting side by side with the group during guerilla lives to assist and allow the group to finish their performance there.


Light Sticks (サイリウム) also known as Penlights are sticks used by fans during concerts. Usually, these lightsticks are used to show support for a member or the whole idol group.

00 Psyllium

00 Psyllium (00サイリウム ) is a chemical light that generates light by a chemical reaction, however the psyllium devoted to AKB0048 is in the shape of "00. It takes form as a lightstick.



Deep Galactic Trade Organization (深銀河貿易機構) is a large interplanetar organization and the main opponent of the AEPS. Their main goal in relation to AKB0048 (who is considered a terrorist organization by them) is the enforcement and spread of the entertainment ban across the galaxy as a means to aquire political power. A subsection of the DGTO is the DES. 


DES / Destroy Entertainment Soldiersare soldiers who serve under the DGTO with the explicit goal of ridding the universe of AKB0048, similar acts and enforcing the laws of the DGTO. They are not afraid of radical measures befitting of the terrorist status they've attributed to AKB0048, but so far, rarely use.



Graduation (卒業) is when a member officially departs from the group. This term is also used in other idol groups. Usually, they host a concert to bid farewell to the individual who is leaving. View more info.

Stellar Calendar

The Stellar Calendar (SC) is the new calendar used within the AKB0048 universe, the starting point of which is the year that humanity left Earth. The calendar follows the Gregorian calendar with the same 12 months and amount of days, though the reason for this is mainly due to tradition, even if it doesn't necessarily entirely align with all the planets' day cycles. The format is SC followed by four numerals representing the year. As an example, SC0126 - which is the 126th year of the stellar calendar.

AKB0048 Weapons

A list of weapons used against the DES


Takamina Itoshisa no Accel.png

Micsaber, one of the tools used by the idols of AKB0048, and function both as microphones and lightsabers. These weapons are regularly used in normal performances as well, but AKB0048 members are trained in using them for defense during guerilla lives. Certain members are able to dualwield them, but this practise is strictly regulated by the management and requires a lot more practise to use safely. Micsabers are generally set to their stunning mode, though they also have an emergency higher-voltage output mode that is capable of cutting steel.



Missilumes (ミサイリウム) are known as a long range weapon that they can defend themselves with. It takes form as a lightstick.

Bulletproof Skin Cream

Bulletproof Skin Cream (防弾スキンクリーム) is a cream applied to your skin to protect it against bullets and other weapons use to eliminate the members. It is advised that you apply the cream an hour before a performance to take full effect.



LAS are humanoid combat weapon that battles against the DES army. During a live performance, all AKB0048 members are taught to use these flying weapons to protect the selected members. Some of them are customized by the members, such as Kodoma Haruka the 8th. It is also known WOTA members use previous old modeled LAS to defend members as seen on Season 1 Episode 6 and can transform them into cars as a disguise.

Takamina's Hair Bow

Takamina's Hair Bow is a known signature accessory used by all successors of the original Takahashi Minami. It has been adapted to electrocute when in touch, and the electrocution does not activate unless Takamina pulls the string attached to the bow. This weapon is only exclusive to Takahashi Minami successors.

Shimazaki Haruka the 11th's Weapon

Shimazaki Haruka the 11th's Weapons are akin to folding shurikens that, during performances, are in general hid underneath her skirt (usually any long range weapons are hidden under the skirt). They are color coded to what charge the shurikens have; white for flash-like smoke bomb, yellow for stun, red for explosion, and blue for one-time use emp charge.

The Funny Shutdown

The Funny Shutdown, invented by Kodoma Haruka the 8th, is a weapon used to shut down any machine permanently (a virus). It takes form as a magnet allowing it to stick, then transmits an electrical circuit. On-screen, it shows a cartoon face of Harrupi the 8th making a hilarious face or her dancing, and words under her cartoon image says, "Better luck next time!". The virus quickly deletes its trace from the machine, and the magnet is destroyed like a time bomb. These are usually placed on DES tanks.


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