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First steps is a reality group survival show that is created by NSN Network . Originally First step was suppose to be a one time show ,but after many years the network have decided to bring the show back ,but now with 40 contestants .The show is a large-scale project in which the public vote to see who shines the most ,and who gets their dreams crushed.The show picks the contestant who has no experience in idoling.entertainment .It has the second-largest budget of all shows .The winners get a two year contract from the selected Music industry.

On August 22nd SC0125 the network announced that the age limit has changed from 7-13 to 13-18 for season 2,only girls are permitted to audition for season 2 .


  • Broadcast : NSN Network
  • Release date: September 1st SC0117

Season 1

The group that was created is KIDZ . Their goal was to create a 5 co-ed members kids group .

  • September 1st SC0117. Cast :20
  • Selected industry : ACE PRO Entertainment
  • Opening song:
    • Choose sung by the cast Episode 1-10
    • Rising starsung by the cast Episode 10-15
  • Age limit :7-13
  • Ending :
    • 이게 진짜 야?/Is this real ? sung by the cast
  • Episodes : 15

Season 2

The group that they want to create is SHINE . Their goal was to create an 11 member girl group

  • (November 1st SC125) Cast : 40 (Teams of four )
  • Selected industry : World-G Entertainment
  • Finale: December 23rd
  • Opening song :
    • Glow sung by the cast (Opening trailer)
    • Pick me(cover) sung by the cast
  • Ending song
    • It is me
    • To the top ( top 20)
    • Finally (ending)
  • Age limit :10-16
  • Season 1 special reunion. Some have entered the entertainment business others didn't .

Top 20


  • Watanabe Kira (winner) (1st) (Team red)
  • Lee Chil-hyeon (2nd) ( Team Yellow)
  • Tanaka Shina (3rd) ( Team Yellow)
  • Chun Mi-kyung (4th) (Team Blue )
  • Kimura Nanami (5th) (Team Green)
  • Nakagawa Ye-seo (6th) (Team Orange)
  • Yi Lara (7th) (Team Blue )
  • Ryang Alluriana (8th)(Team Orange)
  • Ueno Utano (9th ) (Team Green)
  • Byeon Da-hee (10th )(Team red)
  • Mun Nana (11th) (Team Blue )


  • Yokoyama Asuna (12th) (Team Blue )
  • Gi Crystal (13th) (Team Green)
  • Shum Ga-in (14th)( Team Yellow)
  • Sugimoto Afu (15th) (Team Orange)
  • Arai Masu (16th) (Team Orange)
  • Kweon Hideyo ( 17th)(Team red)
  • Choy Nari ( 18th) (Team Green)
  • Hoang Chun-ja (19th)(Team red)
  • Nomura Demiyah ( 20th)( Team Yellow)


Competitors Age Places Planets Gender
Enami Rosetta (에나미 로제타) 12 1st Florastar F
Sunwoo Chung-Cha Zhang(장선선 선우) 13 2nd Shanstar F
Barahona Ryu (류 바라나) 10 3rd Spainstar M
Myou Min-sun (명민 선) 10 4th Koreastar F
Jungkook (정국) 10 5th Akibastar M
Kim Sung-Ki (김성기) 11 6th Koreastar F
MunMun Jiwon (문 먼 지원) 12 7th Koreastar M
Takahashi Bohai (다카하시 발해) 7 8th Maiamistar M
Bell Hisaya (벨 히사야) 10 9th Naniwastar F
Santiago Isabella (산티아고 이사벨라) 9 10th Spainstar F
Bac Konomi (바코로미) 12 D.E ( 11&12) Eurostar F
Cheon Byung-soo (천병수) 13 D.E ( 11&12) Summerstar M
Mun Ji ( 문 지) 7 13th Sebustar M
Ryang Mimi (리앙 미미) 10 14th Koreastar F
Azuma Chieko (아즈마 치에코) 12 15th Bananastar F
Hirota Jōkichi (히로타 조 코이치) 8 16th Okutamastar M
Yoshioka Ami (요시오카 아미) 8 17th Atamistar F
Uchiyama Hisao (우치야마 히사 오) 13 18th Koreastar M
Wakabayashi Akihiro (와카바 야시 아키히로.) 9 19th Uwarastar M
Carson Drake (카슨 드레이크) 7 20th Nikkoustar M

S1 episode summary


  • Choose
  • Is this real ?
  • Eenie Meenie
  • Open you're eyes
  • It has just begun
  • Clack boom
  • Bless You
  • TT
  • Mr.Mister
  • Rising star
  • Heavy Rotation - AKB48
  • River -AKB48
  • Run Run Run
  • TOP
  • Catallena-by Orange Caramel ( top 7)
  • Pick me -(Top 6)
  • Illuminate- Ryu
  • Dreams - Min-sun
  • Clouds - Chung-Cha Zhang
  • The one -Kim Sung-Ki
  • Move forward -Jungkook
  • Shake it ! -Rosetta
  • Miracles do come true (Top 5)

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